Thursday, June 30, 2011

Khaled Said Follow Up : This could be good

Today was supposedly the last day in Khaled Said’s trial , today was supposedly the sentence hearing but unsurprisingly it is adjourned to next 24 September 2011.

Officially it is adjourned to September 2011 because the court has ordered a new autopsy report instead of the old based on Sabai’s shameless report by the request of Khaled’s attorney. A new committee made of professors from Cairo university and Ain Shams university will put the new autopsy report. Also the charges will be changed according to evidence that are inconsistent with old case. You must bear in mind according to the current charges the two agents are facing their maximum penalty will be 3 years in jail while if the new autopsy report proved that he was beaten to death then those two agents will face first degree murder and death penalty as maximum penalty.

It will in next September because the judges have their summer vacation in Egypt in the month of August , the cases are adjourned according to vacancies in the cases roll or what ever it is called in English.

Needless to see people are extremely angry for this adjournment especially it is not the first adjournment in an important trial lately , also it comes in less than 72 hours after Tahrir clashes and the return of sit in. I believe this is a lot of time in a very cortical timing. Many believe that this is a political move and that the police agents were going to be acquitted but what happened so far this week made whoever runs the show to rethink the charges.

Many of the activists who waited for the sentence outside the court house actually came from Cairo , from Tahrir angry enough to feel furious.

My personal view that this is not a bad thing because again the maximum penalty these two police agents were facing according to the old report was 3 years only. I am sure if the sentence was 3 years only , the activists will be madder . I understand their frustration though considering what we have been though but we have to think with our minds.

The question now is how that the upcoming autopsy committee will check the body of late Khaled after a whole year. Of course now I remember that the family of Khaled Said had an autopsy report prepared by famous British Dr. John Clark and that it was not documented officially by the Egyptian embassy last year. We need this report now.

This is the 9th adjournment in this important case and honestly I do not mind it to be adjourned if Khaled Said’s full rights will be restored based on justice and not based on public’s opinion. Insh Allah Khaled Said’s rights will be restored by justice.


  1. Tariq A.Fattah6/30/2011 11:58:00 AM

    Respected Zeinobia
    Thanks so much for this wise analysis, i hope u can translate to arabic so i can share with all my friends.

  2. There is already 2 reports, a dubious one made by ElSebaey, and one made by Dr. Ayman Fouda and foreing and domestic specialists.
    The court was supposed to compare the two of them. but it couldn't!
    So this troika committee from Alexandria, Cairo and Ein shams university! will compare both the reports and "may" order new autopsy or may not!
    it's subject to their findings.

    Anyway I've been trying to tell everyone that protesting in the name of Khaled Said is inconsistent as what happened to day is actually in his good and also as you said it was by the request of Khaled Said's attorneys.

    rabena yestor

  3. Great analysis for the whole thing and i know for sure i as an average citizen would have been mad as hell if those killers got only 3 years!!!! I just hope they could use the autopsy report cause i was wondering the whole morning what would an autopsy show after a whole year..............

  4. Actually the maximum penalty they would have gotten is 7 years not 3.

  5. Khaled's own brother Ahmed welcomed the postponement because now finally the court shows interest in the real cause of death and not in the faked evidence presented by police and Mubarak crooks. That indeed gives hope that finally justice will be served for Khaled. If his brother is with this, so am I and so should we all. Yes, the court should have made this decision much earlier, true - but the times were not ready for such courage and thank God it did at all. Let's hope this will finally give the family the peace it deserves. I pray that those two killers will be convicted for murder and for nothing less.

  6. Isn't Mubarak's trial set for August 3rd? How convenient that it was scheduled during Ramadan & also, as you say, when "the judges have their summer vacation in Egypt in the month of August."

    I know we Egyptians are notorious for being late or for postponing everyting "bokora bokora" but this is getting ridiculous. Kefaya.

  7. @Zeinobia "the cases are adjourned according to vacancies in the cases roll or what ever it is called in English. " The docket.

  8. Exhumations after years in the grave often are able to give lots of evidence on cause of death.

    His mandible is clearly broken from the photos. They will be able to tell if this was traumatic or post mortem.
    His lip is split and they will be able to tell if this was an incision by the autopsy team or by trauma.
    They can even check the bruises and tell if they were made during life or after life expired.

    They should get an International reputable coroner from London or the US or Europe to perform it. Not some 'professors' from Egyptian Universities.
    I worked with Egyptian surgeons for years doing surgery. I don't remember one of them being even average never mind good surgeons. Sorry to say that but their training is awful.

  9. What would we do without Zeinobia. Egyptian Chronicles is the best source of news about Egypt we have in the Anglophone world. It's better than the BBC, and light years ahead of CNN.

  10. "I don't remember one of them being even average never mind good surgeons. Sorry to say that but their training is awful"

    hmm..That must be why in every major hospital in the UK there's at least one Egyptian surgeon if not several graduates of Egyptian medicine schools.


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