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Do not read her Book “Just in case”

Suzanne Thabet on
It turns out Suzanne Mubarak was preparing to publish a book this year but what you know , God is merciful !! The former first lady wrote a book called “Read me a  book : The story of Egypt’s first lady and her grandson” that the AUC press was going to publish supposedly this fall.
That book was supposedly to be a semi-biography of Suzanne Mubarak and her late grandson , she would speak how she used to read to him books and how that developed his personality.The AUC press decided to delay indefinitely the publication of that book by the request of Suzanne Mubarak herself despite it seems that foreign publishers are interested in her book.
Interesting enough the book's entry in is there and it dated back to March 2011
I think that book was just another pathetic attempt to win popularity in the Egyptian society using late Mohamed's name and also to revive her "Reading for all"
On the cover of every book !!
The signature photo
on reading for all book 
To be fair the “Reading for all project was great but only for those were capable to read and to buy books in Egypt. I will not deny that I read too many books because of this project including masterpieces but again I am from a lucky class. There are millions of Egyptians who live under the poverty line , who can’t read or write nor they can afford a glass of milk or even have access to clean water. Children used to die in Abu El-Rish children hospital in front of their parents who could not buy medicine while millions were spent on that project and God knows how corruption was there !!
Again history will mention “Reading for all” project as one of the only cultural achievements in the Mubarak era. Needless to say now millions of Egyptians got books with her pictures reminding us with her first lady’s cult besides her husband’s presidential cult.
You must know that I am trying to feel sympathy with her because of her grandchild’s loss but for reason I just can’t unlike Alaa Mubarak or Heidi or even Hosni Mubarak himself. May be because I always considered her a cold woman pretending to be important living in ivory tower. This is a personal side note.
Another thing : Why did she write a book in English and not in Arabic !?
Despite she was set free after giving her assets to the state , Suzanne Thabet is still facing corruption charges currently.
I am sure that Suzanne may work on her memories soon if she is not working right now , after all many Egyptians believe that Suzanne Mubarak was jealous from Jihan Sadat's popularity in the West. Former first lady Jihan Sadat wrote two books "A woman of Egypt" and " My hope for peace". Last year the Egyptian historians and literature followers were surprised and thrilled to find the memories of late former Tahia Abdel Nasser. Dr. Huda Abdel Nasser gathered her mother's memories and decided to publish them. Of course Mrs. Nasser's memories are quite interesting because they gave us a glimpse to the private life of Nasser for the first time.
Suzanne Thabet used to introduce the books of Zahi Hawass like Egyptian treasures from Egyptian museum ,Silent Images : Women in Pharaonic Egypt,  The treasures of the pyramids and Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the pharaohs 
Suzanne Thabet and Zahi Hawass are currently facing allegation of trading in our ancient artifacts by the way.
I found a book by Suzanne Thabet called "Peace , development and women in Egypt" and there is no info about it. It seems that it is a book she issued while heading this fake organization for peace.

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  1. "It turns out Suzanne Mubarak was preparing to publish a book this year but what you know , God is merciful !!"

    I LOVED that intro :)


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