Monday, June 6, 2011

Khaled Said : One Year searching for lost right leads to a revolution "Updated"

Today is the anniversary of Khaled Said’s murder , on that day after noon he was stalked by these two detective and was beaten to death by them in the street. After couple of days we began to hear his story from Alexandria from Dr. Ayman Nour in his column in Dostor then after few days we saw the shocking pictures of Khaled. On 10/6/ I wrote the first chronicle about Khaled Said’s case chronicles after hesitation of publishing his photos.
Today Khaled’s mom Mrs. Laila visited his tomb in the morning in Alexandria. I can’t hold my tears when I see this lady or any martyr’s mom now.
Khaled Said tomb in Alexandria.
To be honest I am looking for a miracle in Khaled Said’s case and we find some video clip showing the crime as it was taking place , I still remember there were news that the police was searching video clips showing the crime taking place in the street as people were filming it. I remember that and I wish some one in that street in Cleopatra , Alexandria hided that clip all that year and decided that it is time to show the truth.
 Khaled Said has got many brothers and sisters in Egypt who were killed for no reason by the Mubarak’s regime men
Khaled means immortal in Arabic and Said means happy , we believe that martyrs are immortal , they are not dead but they are alive with their spirits with us living happy ever after. I think Khaled and all our martyrs are with us , guiding us.
Today insh Allah we will have a silent stand for Khaled , the first after the revolution across the country at the sea and Nile corniche from 5 PM to 8 PM. The silent stands of Khaled were the turning point in our political history , the silent stand of the silent class. Khaled touched something in us all , some will claim that his murder was like a slap to the silent middle class that this could happen to your son too , it could happen to you too. The stands were silent but their echo was huge and loud.
We will be having also a protest in front of the ministry of interior , the first protest in solidarity with Khaled in Cairo was at the ministry of interior and this how it looked like from a year ago.
From a year ago in Cairo
Amazingly Al Ahram portal’s banner features Khaled Said !! It is amazing considering the amount of lies this newspaper used to publish about Khaled and his family to justify his murder.

Wait insh Allah for more coverage.
Updated : 
  • Khaled Said's mom Mrs. Laila Marzouk did not only visit Khaled's tomb but she visited also the tombs of Alexandria's martyrs of the revolution including a police officer that was killed by thieves looting a mall.Yes Mrs. Laila visited the tomb of a police officer . 

  • A group of Egyptian activists and protesters went and protested in front of the Egyptian ministry of interior from 4 PM but they were not encircled like last year. In fact they managed to paint the stencils of Khaled Said all over the walls of MOI for the first time in our modern history. It started as a small protest then it got larger and larger , at one point there 200 protesters in front of the ministry people used to be scared from passing by or just standing by from a year ago. The protesters chanted for hours anti-police chants. The Zamalak Ultras White Knights came and chanted their offensive chants as well and nobody came near to them despite there were a lot of officers and soldiers standing and watching. "I do not want to guess how they felt" According to what I understood the officers were watching from their windows as well taking pictures just like the old days.
  • Now the protesters at MOI as I hinted above managed to paint the stencils and graffiti all over its walls with the face and name of Khaled Said , it is priceless. Of course I know tomorrow all this will be removed and the wall will be repainted but the moment was priceless. 
  • Dear Maggie Osama took these beautiful photos from this protest 
  • The silent stands were successful as far as you know across the country , I think I will write a new post because its coverage is huge 


  1. They didn't justify the murder, they never justified a murder they smear the victim to make him sound unworthy. they published the official coroners forensic which meant it wasn't a murder and was an accident. what they do is they try to make it trivial matter like a drug addict or has a criminal murder because unfortunately to many sick Egyptians with no sense of justice, to them only victims with a clean record deserve justice- as witnessed in some of the stupid comments on your blog and your blog itself following the murder of a bus driver. He is not middle class, he might have a criminal record, he might have slapped a policeman so who cares if he was murdered or died from a heart attack? he's not someone of your ilk then he deserves no justice just like the many working class who geot murdered by the police before and after Khaled Said. Hey whatever happened to Ahmed Shabaan? do you follow up on his case? do you even remember him... why should you? he's a nobody from a poor family in a working class neighbourhood.

  2. To anonymous above.
    It's got nothing to do with wealth or class. Zenobia should not be attacked in this way!!!! She covers every class and does not treat anyone any different in her chronicles.
    I however live in Cairo and I see every day the stupid ignorant dangerous microbus drivers and curse them every day. They care nothing for safety or their passengers and many times I have got off after one stop because they drive so insanely!
    They should all have their licences removed and proper double deck buses should be on the streets instead. The microbus drivers are the worst drivers in the country!!!! Thats a fact!


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