Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tahrir Flotilla : Israel’s girl gay in Damascus !!

And Flotilla 2 is ready for another round , for another battle in the sea in the war to break the illegal blockade on Gaza. This year things are quite different because we got Arab spring effect , we got angry Turks , we got warnings from the West as if the blockade in Gaza is not a crime against humanity , we got the memories of Flotilla 1 and we got Israel launching warning and ready for battle in every possible way.
The Israeli government already sent a warning statement to the journalists and reporters accompanying the flotilla
From Hassan Ghani 
They know how bad to have media on the flotilla , just imagine having no cameras or journalists on the flotilla 2010. No one would have known or believed the activists.
Of course the Israeli press as well as the worldwide Zionist press are having this campaign against the flotilla.
The Israeli hasbara is mobilizing in full force but as we know in our culture , it is about intention. If your intentions are good , you will succeed and if your intentions are bad , you will simply fail. Electronic Intifada found out that Israeli hasbara boys got their own gay girl in Damascus. 
BY the way Israeli journalist Joseph Dana is currently in Greece and will accompany Flotilla. Of course as any professional journalist he could not ignore what is happening in Greece itself now.
I am so interested in knowing what Egypt’s official reaction will be , it will mean a lot. I hope that there are Egyptian activists in the flotilla this year. Anyhow the Egyptian revolution is there , even in symbolic way. Canadian activists have already called their ship : Tahrir flotilla.
You know I like the name of the Canadian ship and I will call flotilla 2 as Tahrir flotilla.  


  1. You're out of date. Israel has retracted the threat, and the Turkish government isn't going to allow the Turkish ship to sail.

  2. The blockade of Gaza is illegal according to the United Nations. If anyone is still unsure, please read the Geneva Conventions on Human Rights to appreciate the difference between a legal blockade against an enemy with whom you are at war in order to secure your borders and population, and the collective punishment of a civilian population of 1.6 million unarmed people as an act of deliberate oppression by a heavily armed expansionist regime who will kill at will.

    ENDING ISRAEL'S FREE ACCESS to EU markets will end the illegal blockade of Gaza

    Israeli law does not, and cannot, extend either to Gaza or to international waters. The blockade is a 'collective punishment' that is according to the UN illegal under the Geneva Conventions and international law.

    This Israeli siege, now in its 5th year of punishing over a half a million Muslim families, is only able to be implemented as a result of the extraordinary economic benefits of having being afforded the privilege, as a non European state, of being given access to the combined markets of the 27 member states of the EU. This privilege should be immediately withdrawn by the EU, whereupon Israel will once again revert to being just a somewhat small and insignificant Mediterranean state of just 8m - unable to mount any illegal blockade against an innocent indigenous people.

    The IDF killed 1400 in Gaza in three bloody weeks commencing December 2008. The majority were civilian non-combatants including 326 children under the age of 16 and 112 of their mothers, as substantiated by the UN fact finding mission, the report of which has been accepted. It was the worst kind of collective punishment - innocent children and women, plus the destruction of schools, hospitals and power installations, by the use of banned white phosphorus, missiles, cluster bombs, rockets, tank shells and machine guns.

    All this horrendous killing by a heavily armed militia against a mainly unarmed civilian population - unless you count the stone-throwing youths intent on demonstrating against their oppressors who humiliate them daily at every crossing point and deny them essential supplies including medicines. An army who used civilians as human shields and to cover this war crime alleged the opposite. The UN report obtained the evidence which the Israeli government then tried, unsuccessfully, to discredit. These are facts, not propaganda. All of the above is public domain information available at the click of a mouse.

    It is also public domain information that a Palestinian splinter group has for years fired home-made missiles at the nearest point in Israel, Sderot, in order to vent their anger at the illegal settlements and their treatment at the hands of the Israeli state. The vast majority of such missiles land harmlessly, but some cause injuries and in one or two instances, death. That has to be put into context of an extremist, expansionist state giving financial inducements to tens of thousands of its citizens to leave their homes in Israel and to settle on Palestinian land in Jerusalem and the West Bank. The killings in Gaza were a war crime and to date no one has yet been apprehended and brought before the ICC.

    colindale / london

  3. @colingdale: thank you for setting the record straight. Only one quibble, please: "Sderot", along with the racist Jewish settlement of Or ha-Ner are the Zionist names given to the ethnically cleansed Palestinian village of "Najd" by the Jewish colonists who forced out the legal inhabitants at gunpoint on May 13, 1948.

    Many of those legal inhabitants and their children and grandchildren are now trapped and besieged in Gaza.

    It is Najd, not "Sderot".

  4. @Anonymous 12:57 AM

    You wrote: "to appreciate the difference between a legal blockade against an enemy with whom you are at war in order to secure your borders and population"

    Is there any doubt that the Israelies and the Palestinians are at war? Israel pulled out of the Gaza strip (which now has an open border with Egypt), and now the two sides keep shooting at each other across the fence like idiots.

    Why the Palestinians keep doing it, although they're obviously the weaker side, is beyond my comprehension. Probably because they are being encouraged by people like Alice...

  5. Gilad Shalit......oh wait, Palestinians don't have to follow International Kufir Law.

    If the blockade were in fact "illegal" there would be shrill denunciations by Djibouti and Pakistan and demands for UN action. Perfectly legal.

    Don't remember a lot of opposition in Egypt to the May 1967 Egyptian blockade of Eilat. More like a lot of dire threats about the streets of Tel Aviv running red with the blood of the Jews.


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