Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tahrir clashes : Back to sleepless nights

So we were glad that we will not have these sleepless nights of clashes between protesters and security forces or these ugly sectarian clashes but what you know , some people in dark place think we do not deserve anything except Mubarak’s rule !!
There are currently clashes taking place in Tahrir square again between hundreds of protesters and the security forces. There are injured , there are tear gases grenades , there are CSF again and attempts from the protesters to control the square again. There are chants against SCAF now. There are rubber bullets , bullets in the air and the electricity is cut from certain areas in the square.
There was something strange already as there were clashes at Agouza in Giza this afternoon at Balloon theatre. I think you should read Hossam Arabawy’s post along with Gigi Ibrahim’s testimony there.
Tarek Shalaby is already there , you can watch his live stream coverage from there. There is another live stream there
Activists are planning for a big million man protest and a sit in at Tahrir square next 8th of July 2011. It seems that we are heading to Tahrir square again after all. It is our only way to make clear that we were not fooling around in those 18 days.
Update : 
  • According to tweep friends there "there was a tweet up in Downtown" the number of protesters has increased to 2,000
  • The footage on TV is scary. 
  • There are injuries in eyes , people are fainting because of the tear gas grenades 
  • The electricity is reportedly from the Tahrir complex area.  
  • A lot of contradicting stories but from what I see and gathered , there were not martyrs' families alone , there were as well thugs who attacked shops and cars according to eye witnesses including activists like Loai Nagati 
  • Photos from tweeps currently there. 
Tear gas grenades from Al Jazeera Mubshar 
One of the tear gas grenades 'Al Jazeera Mubshar"
From Mahmoud Ahmed 
From Mohamed Abdel Fatah
  • MOI has issued a Statement and it is just too bad blaming troublemakers for starting the whole matter , it is too bad in a way you can't imagine. It is provoking and it has just pissed off. 
  • The number of injured is exceeding , according to AFP not less than 10 were injured. Doctors are required. Radio Misr says that 25 were injured. 
  • The tear gas grenades are being fired on ambulances !! 
Transferring injured by Mohamed Abdel Fatah
  • According editor in chief Wael Kandeel not less than 90 have been injured so far at Tahrir square !!
  • Judge Zakaria Abdel Aziz has arrived to Tahrir square. 
  • More live streaming link : http://bambuser.com/channel/emadmubarak/broadcast/1778550
  • Security forces and protesters are hurling stones at each other. The tear gas grenades are showering the protesters


  1. I've been touting this a while: Tahrir should be left as a place where people can peacefully protest without fear (or police).

    If the reports are true that police stormed the center of Tahrir then it was simply foolish. They just fueled the anger of even those who was peaceful - there is no good reason to do this! If the people were allowed to protest peacefully in Tahrir without conflicts it would have stayed civilized.

    Second of all why is SCAF so hasty on coming to conclusion? Why they didn't ask the people protesting what or how it happened? Especially before making up these conspiracy statements.

  2. So these were martyrs' families?

  3. And of course the SCAF come prepared with their propaganda WAKI3A! Hehe! this is really beyond hilarious.
    There's is really no hope for this country, is there?

  4. What I Want "family of the martyrs"? Former bad power dispersed the crowd, the new bad back Tahrir .... what next? May crowd Tahrir will run the country? The youth ran tests and nothing better to do? Brains No!


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