Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#Jun 28th Follow Up : Day oF Rage indeed "Graphic"

  • Forget about July 8 because we have got Jun 28
  • The ministry of health stated officially that only 72 were injured in the events including 34 CSF soldiers. Of course unofficially people are speaking about bigger number , about 200 in different hospitals. Updated : According to MOH's official statement : 590 were injured in the clashes, 75 of them are still in the hospitals !! Some sources are speaking about more than 600. Update @4:02PM The number increased to 1096 already !!Not less than 15 ambulance at KFC Tahrir are transferring the injured . The injured are also being transported on motorcycles. Medical supplies are required in the field hospital. The Omar Makram Sheikh has opened the mosque as a field hospital and asked people reportedly to have a sit in.
  • According to Dostor portal a young man was killed at 6 AM today !! 
  • Here is a photo for a protest shot in his back by allegedly rubber bullets
Are these rubber bullets !?
  • Here is a video showing how the CSF officer in the speaker telling the protesters “We will F*ck you bastards !!”
Classy CSF as usual
According to this lady at Maspero from the martyrs' families , thugs pretended to be from the families of Martyrs and went to Balloon theater and clashed with the police then they returned back to Maspero telling the families of the martyrs that martyrs' mothers were arrested and taken to the MOI HQ at Tahrir square. 
  •  This video posted by RNN shows that man she claimed that he was a thug pretending to be related to her brother.
From Mohamed El Gerhay 
By Mohamed , the traveler with in
  • News that the prime minister's speech was cancelled and it will be substituted with a statement issued by the cabinet after his meeting with the governors. 
  • The people in Suez are going to have a sit in as well , they are having protests currently at Al Arabin district
  • Here is a video from today's protests at Mahamed Mahmoud street , I apologize for the insults
  • Another video showing angry protesters carrying candles chanting against Field Marshal Tantawy 
  • Amnesty International said that its team in Cairo saw no thugs clashing with security forces but rather martyrs' families and the activists. The Amnesty international team is still there in Tahrir square , you can follow them on that twitter account. 
  • Unconfirmed news that a young 14 years old boy was died from his injuries. Here is the photo of the boy , I can't be sure though 
  • Rumor that Eissawy , the minister of interior has been heard on BBC Arabic radio service , another rumor that he will attend the derby game tonight !! There is news that Major General Etman will attend the game as well. Update : The ministry of interior has denied the news officially on ON TV from short while ago. 
  • A new video from Tahrir square by Lilian Wagdy 
  • Lilian has also published a great photo gallery in Flickr from Tahrir today. 
  • According to the statements or rather Wall note updates issued by MOI in its official page the security forces were only protecting the ministry of interior from the thugs attempts to break in out the ministry's HQ !!  The MOI says that its forces were working according the orders of the ministry when it comes to deal with peaceful protesting  !! The officers restrained themselves indeed !!?
  • The best statement published by a potential presidential candidate was the statement of Dr. Abdel Manam Abu El Fatouh where he demanded the resignation of Eissawy and purifying the ministry of interior from Mubarak's era traces. The statement was more than a great and balanced. Abu El Fatouh wins a lot of points with it without a doubt. 
  • Photos from RNN with terrible provoking comments 
  • Ok now it is 9:03 PM Cairo local time where the Debry is on between Ahly and Zamalak , millions are watching the game with a lot of anticipation on what will take place after the game. 
  • Protesters in Tahrir square have already set tents in the square , the sit in is back in. The number of protesters there is small considering the fact that all people are watching the football match. Of course we are expecting more 
  • Almost all TV night talk shows are speaking about the matter , of course as someone who followed it since yesterday I feel that there is nothing left to say except that the ministry of interior needs a stand.
  • More videos from last night 

  • Should not that solider be punished for breaking military laws !? It is interesting that they are hiring thugs in CSF now !!?
  •  That video below is allegedly for one of the dead in the clashes today , I am still not sure though. It is graphic , I repeat again. 


    1. How about some proof of these "saboteurs"? Government officials and the army have been using this excuse for far to long to cover up their incompetence, what a farce!

    2. from the testimony of the Mohamed saber's sister..this was a set up...clearly after dissolving the local councils yesterday..the thing is what is all this fight about? it is really a mess..
      i saw contradicting videos here i can't understand clearly what's your point of all this mess happening ?

    3. Tired? What do you live again the way? Summer vacation is not something to do?

    4. The point? have you been living in Egypt recently? the point you brainwashed twat is the trial of Adly and 6 top officers for the murder of over 1000 civilians have been postponed for the third time without any reasons given by the judge. The point is the trials are not televised. The point is the criminal pigs are being treated like royalty when they arrive at the court and the martyrs' families are treated like trash and shoved outside the courtroom. You see the point now?


    6. Well done and thank you for all these links, videos, and information. Keep safe...

    7. Maybe all this is staged so there can be another prison breakout to free mubarak's sons...

    8. OK I am a foreigner and this is not my fight; although somehow it is becoming my fight too. How can someone stay silent watching such injustice done to brave, honest people, who are demanding freedom and not much more than a decent living?
      I can understand the families of those who got murdered by Mubarak and his henchmen demanding justice.
      It is too obvious that the old regime plays a game here. Just some scapegoats, who get ridiculous exaggerated sentences, while murderers enjoy a happy life in Sharm El Sheikh or in luxury apartments in Tora.

      While there are endless empty talks about the constitution, money is laundered into Swiss bank accounts and religious fanatics are playing with the minds of the honest.

      I wish you Egyptians all the best from the bottom of my heart! My deepest condolences to the families of all victims for their terrible loss.
      I must close this by admitting that I feel so much ashamed of my government and all those hypocrite Western politicians who were feeding puppet rulers like Mubarak, Ben Ali for such a long time at the expense of their people.

    9. Herd rolling into the abyss .....


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