Wednesday, July 6, 2011

#Cairo Explosion : Please Wait and See

From short while ago there were sounds of explosions that were heard across Cairo and Giza in various areas from Maadi to Zamalak to Mohendessin to Al Ahram to New Cairo.
Currently I am sick and at home , I do not know what is going on except I have heard a strong sound from short time ago while resting but when I logged in twitter I found panic , rumors and as usual humors. The #Cairoexplosion is already internationally trending.
Some people say that it is a supersonic jets show as the air forces academy is having its graduation today or tomorrow and they are getting ready for the big show. It is more logic but we are not yet sure.
Now to the the rumors which I beg you not spread except when we get something solid :
  • A rumor that there is a terrorist attack in Khan El Khalil which is completely untrue
  • A rumor that there is an explosion in the quarries
  • A rumor that there is a shooting near Maadi military hospital which I high disbelieve , people will not hear it in Zamalak for God sake !! Eye witnesses however say there is a crowd at the hospital.
  • A rumor that a bridge just collapsed in Maadi and 4 workers were injured. That bridge is under construction.
It seems that there is something in Maadi , I will try to know from our relatives there what is going there.
Updated : 
  • According to police general Ramzy , the head of Cairo's security directorate , it is a phantom jet !! Oh yes the air forces academy is having its graduation tomorrow and it was having a rehearsal for the show they will present to the distinguished guests. 
  • Still it turns out that there was indeed a bridge under construction that was collapsed killed 4 workers. 
  • That bridge under construction was in a club owned by the army and actually when the 4 workers drowned in the Nile ,their families came at the scene angry and cut the corniche road for few hours. 
  • Here are photos from the scene , it is sad and terrible. 
At the entrance of the club by @haider Ghaleb

The people at the club by @haider Ghaleb
The sunken bridge by
Hossam Eid 
The sunken bridge by @haider Ghaleb


  1. My work is right behind the military hospital in Maadi. I heard a loud sound this morning (didn't seem to be explosive though). I went down to see the situation, and I was told that a bridge under construction collapsed and the 4 people on top of it died. The relatives of those 4 arrived in front of the hospital and blocked the Corniche.
    It's completely calm now though, the military police is surrounding the hospital and the Supreme Court and traffic in the Corniche is now normal.

  2. ماس كهربائي

  3. Egyptian bloggers brought into trends Twitter message about the explosion in Cairo, which was not.

  4. Everyone is busy revolution, to work once ..... soon collapses, not only bridge.Thus are born the legend of the martyrs of the revolution Mubarak bridge destroyed ...?

  5. You do a fantastic service - I also posted on my blog, as attracts more foreign readers but link to yours so interested parties can keep up to date.
    Kudos to you. Egypt Hints and Quirks


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