Friday, July 15, 2011

Dear RNN respect other people's rights

So I found RNN has taken one of my photos and published in one of their news "Safwat Hegazy will not participate in tomorrow's protest"

Here is the original photo from #Jan25 from Departure Friday photo album
Safwat Hegazy at Tahrir square
Despite all the criticism surrounding RNN, I respect the efforts of its reporters especially its reporters in Libya but if RNN and its affiliated want to be professional news network then they must act like one.

To be honest I do not remember if I uploaded this photo to Demotix service or not but even if I did , RNN is obliged to mention the source of the photo like any other professional news website.
Now regarding Safwat Hegazy , well Tahrir square is an open zone to all Egyptians , we will not make a Tahrir dictatorship republic when we already seek democracy. Democracy means you respect other people's opinion.


  1. There is such a trend to appropriate people's images and turn them into marketing ads too! I am starting to copyright all my photos so that this doesn't happen to me either. I recently found one of my photos on someones webpage without an attribute. There is the now famous photo of a man face upturned and apparently screaming which was his avatar for his flicker account that has been appropriated for tshirts and advertising!

  2. On the good side :
    Your work is very respected to the extend that they copy it. You should (kind of) feel good about it.


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