Friday, July 15, 2011

Egyptian X-Files : The sniper over our rooftop

The ministry of interior is still denying having a snipers unit in the ministry despite there are evidences that began to surface lately.
Naguib Mahfouz started his controversial novel 'Children of Gebelawi' with these words "Our alley's disease is oblivion" , I will start my post regarding the snipers of MOI and the revolution with the same words as we intend to forget too quickly.
In a press conference held by the Fact finding national committee about Jan 25th revolution on last April 19th,2011 the committee admitted that those who sniped the protesters were actually the snipers of counter terrorism unit. Officers in counter terrorism are trained on sniper riffles. 

Nobody cared to read the final report of the Fact finding national committee about Jan 25th revolution thoroughly in last April 2011 because if they did we will find the following : 

  • In the section of Shooting and running over by cars will find the first sentence says : The committee found out that police officers shot the protesters with rubber bullets, gunshots and live ammunition whether directly confrontation with the protesters or through snipping from the rooftops of Tahrir Square surrounding building , AUC buildings and Ramses Hilton. "Ok the word snip in Arabic or even in English does not mean there is an actual snipers unit following the ministry"
  • In Page 11 : Most injuries came in the chest and head which indicates that there were sniping and that the hospitals between January 28th and February 2nd received many injuries in eyes "Because Eissawy says that officers did not shot the protesters after January 28th" 
This is a committee officially commissioned by the cabinet and SCAF , this is a committee that was criticized of being soft and yet it accuses the ministry of interior directly. 

The old school officials like Eissawy as well as SCAF depend that Egyptians are peaceful people who forget quickly but this is the old school that believed we do not revolt against our ruler. Now after the break you will find more clues prove that we have snipers in MOI.

Now despite I do not like to use Omar Afifi's arguments in my posts "despite my all respect to the man who did not come to Tahrir last July 8th" yet I can't ignore his last video about the snipers. Omar Afifi believes that the minister is kept in the dark and he does not know that the snipers of the counter terrorism unit are trained at the unit's camp at Tora.

We also got the leaks of camel battle investigation in Al Ahram newspaper where eye witnesses insist that there were snipers on February 2nd and 3rd  "English translation".
If there were no snipers in the ministry or if the officers did not receive snipers training what these videos from the revolution phase 1 mean !?
This video was shot on January 29th during the famous protest in front of the ministry , many young men were killed and wounded on that day.
This video is from Gharbia , Tanta at the security directorate. It was uploaded February 5th ,2011. You can see snipers over the rooftop. 

Now this video is for Mr. Fouda , a young man who I do not know the rest of his name. Fouda was shot down by the snipers on January 29th ,2011 at the ministry of interior as you can see in the video. Now Fouda managed before being hit to take photos for the snipers over the ministry of interior rooftop. Fouda presented those photos to the public prosecutor. I asked him in comments if he can share these photos online with us.
Ahmed Iskandar is an Egyptian tweep who was wounded in his leg and got a medical report that proves he was shot down by a bullet from a sniper riffle from  the range of 160 meter. 
Despite I know that this will not reach to SCAF but the constant denial of MOI puts the Egyptian army itself in a bad position because some are suspecting the army and the presidential guards currently when it is the MOI's own  doing.We know that the police hates the army and the people thus it will not find a big deal to put the blame on the army if it is not involved.
We want to open a new page with the police , we want a true police force that is from the people and serves the people. We can't achieve this as long as there is a blood over the police force hands.
P.S : I wrote this post before Doaa Sultan's episode from Talk Shows on Tahrir TV.

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