Thursday, July 7, 2011

#July8 : Why we need to return to the square for real

I am writing these lines and thousands Egyptian are currently at Tahrir square organizing themselves to protect the square , its buildings as well as its field hospital and that big tent installed at the central circular garden at Tahrir square. This tent is set up to protect the protesters from the hot sun thanks to Dr. Mamdouh Hamza. Of course there must be fire extinguishers there because a simple cigarette can turn the day in to disaster. I hope people pay attention to this. 

Now you must know something if we are going to speak about the return to the square , then we must return for real and not for just one weekend. I am not speaking about sit-ins more than I am speaking about unity. Yes we are back to the square but I feel that we are going in teams not as one team as we were in those 18 days. I am speaking about the Muslim brotherhood and how some political parties and groups can’t stomach the brotherhood back again at Tahrir.

Tahrir square is not owned by a certain group or party , Tahrir square is not not exclusive club for anyone. Today some of those who never went to Tahrir during the 18 days are going to the protest.

Tahrir square and all other squares in Egypt made it when we forgot all our differences and fights over power. Our power is in our unity and honestly when I look to it now after 5 months and how we did not achieve all what we want in this time , I blame no one except our spilt. We had an opportunity to stop this split after the referendum yet foolishly we continued to widen it with useless dialogues about the civil state and constitution first vs. elections first … etc. All political powers truly love Egypt “except the NDP” and want the best for the country according to their ideologies. It is natural that all these powers whether right or left or liberal or nationalist seek the rule in a way or another. But this race over power I am afraid it is too early to speak about when the regime is still fooling around. Remember we are speaking about 60 years old regime not just Mubarak’s regime.

Also remember when we forgot our differences and ideologies to meet on one goal we made it.

SCAF does not have so much power when we are united. We have this opportunity now today after few hours and I hope we seize it.

I have fears without doubt , I fear from thugs’ attack , from infiltrators , from rejecting the peacefulness of the revolution , that the turnout would not be as expected. Do not get me wrong but I know many people in the country do not want the revolution to continue.

If we want to go back to Tahrir square and restore back our revolution then we must return back to Tahrir square for real with its true Egyptian ethics , we must return back to its experience that dazzled the whole world and stood as shield against the Mubarak regime.

Hopefully insh Allah I will tweet and blog from Tahrir after few hours, so stay tuned.

Many people believe that what happened in those 18 days was a divine miracle and that the revolution is protected by God because we wanted justice , May God be with us.

It is still long road.


  1. Fools, stop! You ride on into the abyss! You are confronted foreheads like sheep.

  2. God is with you will not..with you will .... hell else you do not deserve, encouraging people to new blood.

  3. You can clearly answer what you want? Army removed, someone put it? A few months you are not satisfied with the new government, once again Tahrir.A what's next? The ultimate goal of what? Aim to destroy your masters Egypt, and you're a pawn, imagined themselves as heroes and arbiters the fate of the people. "export revolution" is valid.

  4. those last 3 comments are super weird, and pretty lame

  5. What the heck do the last three anon posts mean? Seems translated.


    don't forget the Palestine


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