Saturday, July 30, 2011

Okasha and Mortada reach to Brazil

Carlos Latuff is our lost Egyptian cousin in Brazil , I feel that this is a lost fact. Mr. Latuff “Originally from Levant”, his dad left Egypt after the nationalization to Brazil and his son Carlos became a cartoonist who is happy to be featured on the same page with Abdel Nasser.
Carlos Latuff’s latest work includes none other than our Tawfik Okasha and Mortada Mansour.
Conspiracy " Carlos Latuff" 

Blackmail , Mortada for presidency
"Carlos Latuff" 
 Okasha and Mortada  are now  international figures , their fame has reached to Brazil !!
I am waiting for Zpider’s cartoon or even better Somia and Fifi !!
Agree or disagree with some of Latuff’s cartoons yet you know that man is more Egyptian than some of the Egyptian cartoonists who are too afraid from expressing their opinion and the opinion of the public freely.
By the way we should not make fun from Okasha because there are people who watch his show and his channel in the country , there are people who believe him like for instance in the country side. Same thing should be said about Ahmed Zpider and the sports channels and programs. Do not underestimate the power of the media or TV and do not think that we can push further the revolution.
I hope that serious talk shows hosts like Reem Maged , Yosri Fouda , Ibrahim Eissa and Belal Fedal host Zpider and Okasha to put an end for their claims before someone gets hurt or even killed. I will not even speak about the Salafist channels because I think we should include these channels to the foreign funding investigation currently taking place in the country.
Of course our Egyptian people are much wiser and it is enough that they did not believe that the Mubarak media and went to the streets in those 18 days but I just fear on our simple people who are being ignored and despised by the elite revolutionaries. These people are the true Egyptians we need to reach for a real democratic transitional support. 
Anyhow let’s cheer you a little bit.
Here is the latest on air confrontation between Mortada Mansour , the potential presidential candidate and currently suspect in the camel’s battle and Khaled El Ghandour “another NDP/ Alaa Mubarak’s friend
Mansour claims that he will run for the Zamalak sports club chairman’s elections and El Ghandour wonders how he will run for the Zamalak elections if he will run for the presidential elections !!?
Mansour Vs. El Ghandour
Mansour :
I will run for the presidency , for Zamalak’s chairman , for the bar association’s election , for the parliament !!
And here are Tawfik Okasha’s best of the best clips. “Actually it is the worst of the worst”
Oksaha speaks -1
Okasha speaks-2

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