Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mubarak’s trial to be at The police academy

The ministry of justice announced today in Cairo that Mubarak’s trial will be held next August 3rd at the Police Academy in Nasr City as expected. Tomorrow there will be a press conference with more details about the trial of the year , the century and the Egyptian modern history as well.
Mubarak academy for security
"Natural Reserve" 
There is still an irony in the new location of the trial as it was used to be named “The Mubarak academy for security” !!
According to medical sources Mubarak is fine but suffers from depression.
Today the martyrs of the revolutions have been joined by another one , a citizen from Kafr El Sheikh passed away earlier today after 6 months in coma , he was shot on January 28th while he was going to open his shop.
Today Field marshal Tantawy has ordered a raise in for the martyrs’ compensation in the upcoming 72 hours to LE 30,000 from 5,000. He also ordered that the compensations of the injured will be determined based on the degree of the injury.
We are waiting for the historical trial despite many of Egyptians believe that Mubarak will not make it , many Egyptians are expecting more unrests in the country like the unrest in Al Arish the more we are getting close to the trial.

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  1. The police academy is located in New Cairo (Eltagamo3) not in Naser city.


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