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Al Arish On Fire "Updated"

There are huge clashes since today’s afternoon in Al Arish border city. According to what I understood there were militant group that attacked both the police and the army. It started with an attack on Al Arish second precinct by that militant group after the end of the Islamists’ protest in the city that was peaceful.
According to official sources 3 citizens “including 70 years old man and 13 years old boy” were killed and 28 other citizen were injured.  An army captain was reportedly killed in the clashes.
Updated : 
The death toll has increased in to 4 citizens according to Al Ahram Arabic portal , a 18 years old young boy has passed away after being injured in the clashes while Ashraf Al Anay from Sinai says that the death toll increased in to 7 and while there are 23 injured; 17 are currently treated at the army hospital while the rest are being transferred by army medical helicopters to other cities. 
Here is the photo of the 13 years old boy that shot today while riding his bicycle :( 
After the break there is a video allegedly showing the shooting that took place that killed him and how he was announced dead in the street "Graphic" 

The Eastern military region aka The 2nd division has sent already military support to the city. The Egyptian TV announced from short while ago that the army arrested 4 militants while there are sources claiming that the army will send a special force. 
According to some sources that militant group is connected to Mohamed Dahlan while other sources says that they are connected to some militant group called "The Islamic liberation army". 
There is a huge army presence in the region that has not been seen for decades.
Here is a video shot earlier showing those who think that they are the militants. 
Who let these people enter Al Arish not to mention who are they !? They can't be from the tribes !?
All what I hate in this issue is that the racism towards our Sinai locals is on the rise again , you know the people of Cairo must find someone to hate 
The statue 
Some eye witnesses who spoke to media in Cairo claimed that those militant were wearing black clothes and carrying black flags with the Shahada and chanting Islamic slogans. There are witnesses and sources claiming that there are foreign elements within these militants “!!”
The clashes began with the police and militants and sooner it turned in to confrontation between the army and those militants. According from what I understand the clashes are still on.
According to some source the Statue of late President Anwar Sadat was burnt down.
Al Arish second precinct was torched on February 12th ,2011. 
People are extremely concerned and worried in Cairo to the level that some are actually asking the army to impose a curfew and declare martial laws in the famous border city.
I can’t keep what is taking place currently at Al Arish from what happened in Cairo today or the fact that Mubarak’s trial will be held on August 3rd,2011.
Here is a video showing the sounds of gunshots near the police precinct.

According to the information we got these militants start to rally from Al Rafai mosque at 2 PM and that the army started to have a clash with them at 5 PM . According to Ashraf Al Anany those militants wanted to occupy the governor's building and announce Islamist Principality "!!" 
It turns out the Dahlan connection or rumor came from the fact that the police arrested that gang that stole Bank of Alexandria from couple of months ago and among the thieves were two Palestinians who used to work in Dahlan's force.  

Here is another video showing the militants at the Rafai Mosque after Friday prayers.

I know that there are Egyptians who were killed including a child , including an army officer , I know that our sovereignty was truly insulted today , our army was truly insulted today and our police was insulted today when bunch of militants can not be stopped up till now.
I will not speak about the conspiracy theories , I will not speak about the political meaning of this attack but I know in a respectable country the minister of interior should resign
I know there is an army officer that has been killed today while defending his country , I hope SCAF truly understands this because it is insulting when your army is ranked the 10th in the world and can't end a fight with a militant group all these hours !!
Update @ 2 :10 PM
It seems that there was technically a war zone in Al Arish last night.
The name of the army officer that was killed at that small battle was called Hussein Abdel Gazar.
A Police Second Lieutenant was killed yesterday as well.
1 army officer and 2 police officers were injured along 10 soldiers " 2 from the army and 8 from the police"
A Police captain has passed away this morning at Al Arish hospital after being injured  , his name is Youssef Mohamed.
Late Youssef Mohamed 
The gas pipeline has been blown up again.
According to Al Arabiya News network 15 suspects were arrested among them 10 Palestinians while Hamas movement is currently doing its best to secure the borders.
Here is the video of late Gazaar's military funeral earlier today May Allah bless his soul.

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  1. لماذا يحدث هذا اليوم تحديدا مثزامنا مع مشهد القاهره لم اكن يوما من انصار نظريه المؤامره لكن عقلي يموج بافكار كثيره

  2. اعتذر بشده لم ابدا تعليقي بالترحم علي الضحايا رحمهم الله و صبر ذويهم

  3. but why would Dahlan do this for us ,I know he is so corrupted and he has no conscience but how is this action going to benefit his situation ..I'm so confused!!!!


  5. دحلان جيش التحريرنريد تحقيقات و حقائق

  6. Democracy is hypocrisy, men legislating out of their own wimps and desire, and since men are not perfect it automatically leads to tyranny, just like what we have now in our country. the USA is actually and oligarchy ruled by few elite wealthy banker families the rest is sheep, every four years they put a show call election for entertainment so people can think they really have a choice and can make a difference. while in reality their choice is between A and B with the rest of the alphabet out of the picture. Allah the creator of mankind send manual for humans to live by, the divine sharia law, but we humans don't know what is good for us and we run after the glitter shinny things thinking it's the solution, while the trickery iblees and human wolf experts of human mass psychology manipulate us the way they please. wake up Egypt, go for sharia.

  7. yep nice, we've seen what the advocates of Sharia have done in Sinai. Please apply your sharia in your country the USA first, if it works for you then we might consider it.

  8. sinai should never be left alone semi empty place. immediate ownership of land for inhabitants,fallaheen,small and big factories, a start,concentrate on dear sinai before anything else.we cannot afford neglect consequences.

  9. DEBKAfile describes the events this way: Al Qaeda blows up Egyptian-Israeli gas pipeline after killing 7 in El Arish raid

    @Anonymous 08:10:00 AM: Your ideas are intriguing me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  10. DEBKA is so full of facts especially showing an image of Hamas militants in Gaza and claiming it's Qaeda in Arish. The militants in Arish were wearing local bedouin attire not army style, they are Islamists but not anything quasi-military like Debka claims as for light artillery like RBG, they have always existed in Sinai even before Bin Laden was born, it's very unlikely that they have links to Qaeda or special training, they are factions of local tribes who orchesterated that attack on that specific station to free detained relatives who most are held on smuggling and drug charges. Before spreading your rubbish, remember we actually live in the country and seen and know what happened. Anyone who believes bullshit written on Debka needs to get their brain checked, there was actually an article by Brian Whitaker of the Guardian about debka and what a load of rubbish it is based mostly on hearsay and not actual facts and in many cases deliberate on misinformation. Anyways, whatever happened to your bum buddy Naschie, shouldn't you be busy building a shrine or something?

  11. Debka caption:
    Al Qaeda rides into Sinai capital, El Arish

    check this moronic troll:


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