Saturday, July 23, 2011

SCAF Declares war on April 6th Youth "Updated"

SCAF has just posted a new statement on its official Facebook regarding the clashes between protesters and military police in Suez, Alexandria and Ismailia.
Unsurprisingly in statement 69 SCAF denied that it dispersed the protesters in Suez , Alexandria or Ismailia or any other city but shockingly SCAF officially accuses April 6th Movement of attempting to turn the people against the army !!
SCAF has accused April 6th movement officially !!
This is the most dangerous SCAF statement , alarming SCAF statement ever issued.
I think the only mistake or rather sin the movement did was calling for a march from Tahrir square to the ministry of defense on July 23rd revolution day anniversary.  Knowing the military mindset , I believe this move was too provoking for them and actually I think they believed that the march that is being stopped at Abassiya square was organized by the movement which is totally untrue.
This is not good by all measures , this is just not good. This is just an open invitation to hunt down the April 6th movement and its wonderful youth. I do not need to defend them because if SCAF knows that they are dangerous on our national security why they were let all these months free !?
The only official reaction of the April 6th Movement available online currently was Quran verses on how the believers stand against hardships with their believe in God as their ultimate defender. 
Dear Mohamed Adel “@MrMeit” , the movement official spokesperson announced on Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr that the movement has nothing to do with that stupid protest currently taking place at Abassya and he added that the movement informed SCAF that they were not participating in that strange march.
Update : The movement has issued a statement from short while ago in its official website rejecting the accusation or rather the attempt of the council to defame it  It was short statement but I think balanced and unemotional.
By the way regarding that march to the Ministry of defense "MOD" , well my activist friends at Tahrir square are telling me that it was unplanned and they suddenly found a group of protesters at Tahrir square insisting to have that march late at night in solidarity with the protesters in Alex and Suez despite the planned march tomorrow. 6th April youth representatives at Tahrir square refused to participate at the march
When I think about it , I feel that it was the perfect set up , a real set up especially with the speed of issuing that statement.
All the activists I know from those who are participating in the sit in were actually attending a concert for Sufi singer at the square.
I will not comment on those who are speaking in the media currently because we have heard them before before the ousting of Mubarak.
Potential presidential candidate Bothiana Kamel has declared that she joined the April 6 movement in solidarity while a group of Facebook users have joined Facebook pages called “We are all April 6” and “April 6th are not traitors SCAF
I have in twitter somewhere that the Muslim brotherhood paid the price on July 23rd ,1952 and the April 6th movement paid the price on July 23rd, 2011. Last time MB kept fighting the regime for nearly 60 years till they have become an official recognized group with an official party.
This is a very critical position for April 6th movement. I hope there will be no irresponsible escalation from their side in the upcoming 24 hours. I do not know if they should cancel their march tomorrow but it seems that Nasr City is closed already. I think they did cancel it.
I am worried , too damn worried as this can be the darkest points ever. There are a lot of rumors. I am clueless and I do not feel so hopeful like on January 25th.


  1. اشاركك في مشاعرك هذه، انا اري تسلسلا غريبا للاحداث بدايه اليوم دعوة من بعض الجماعات الاسلاميه و السلفيه لطرد المعتصمين مما ادي الي حاله من التوتر في الميدان و قبلها تلميحات عن بلطجيه الميدان و اموال تدفع في بعض وسائل الاعلام (حديث عمر سليمان حوي تلميحات علي ٦ ابريل) توحهت للميدان مساء و عند خروجي منه رأيت مجموعه تغلق الطريق عند عبد المنعم رياض سألتهم اماذا اجابوا بلطجيه جايين من روكسي اثناء ذهابي للمنزل رايت علي طريق صلاح سالم عربات جيش تحمل جنود حوالي العاشره و الربع تقريبا وصلت المنزل وجدت اخبار المسيره الغير معروف من منظموها و بيان المجلس ضد ٦ ابريل و اود ان انوه عن اراء عن تحركات لمجموعه غريبه في الميدان حذر منها بعض المدونبن ممن اثق في رشد ارائهم منها سمعت بعد ذلك انهم وراء تلك المسيره، تسلسل مريب و الاتهام السريع ل ٦ ابريل اكثر ريبه ، و الان نحن في لحظه بها مزيج غريب من التأمر و الفوضي و الغباء و التهورلكني اثق ان الله يريد لمصرو اهلها خيرا

  2. @Zeinobia

    As I told you many times before, the army is the most corrupted institution in Egypt. They would never allow a change in Egypt. They consider that the country is theirs since 1952.

    Dont people understand that they are the true obstacles to Egypt development?
    They accuse evrybody who opposes them to take money from foreign countries, while they take billions every years from US and other countries (what did they do with these billions all these years??)

    They consider themselves as the "stepfather", since the "father" (Mubarak) is no more "father"

    We need a second revolution against the army

  3. The Egyptian generals and high ranking officers are as corrupt as their previous bosses (Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak) and will not yield their power to anyone lest they loose their comfortable lifestyle.
    Egyptians are fooling themselves by thinking that the people and army are one, after all have they not learned anything by the way they were governed by 'ex-army leaders' since 1952?

  4. Tha army don't know who organises what. They lump together all the young protesters as the "6th April Movement". I was in Tahrir when the protesters left for the Ministry of Defence, they are serious about having a civilian government, they do not want to be ruled by the army. They feel they are powerful enought now to push the army out of politics and they could do it if other people had the guts to support them!

  5. The Egyptian middle class once again betray the revolution, calling on the protesters to withdraw from the Mininstry of Defence at the very moment when they should be there themselves. The army stands in the way of a democratic civilian Egypt and now is the time to put as much pressure on the military as possible,they have held powere for 60 years and want to hold on to it, they must be forced out! The middle class bloggers and tweeters are traitors, only the woprking class have the courage to do what is necessary, the courage to fight for a better future!

  6. But who will listen? The entire nation has been brainwashed!

  7. تعليقا علي اتهام ٦ ابريل بتلقي اموال شاهدت حلقه لاخر كلام منذ اكثر من شهر اتهم فيها اللواء حسام سويلم لحركه بتلقي اموال في مداخله تليفونيه و بعد ذلك اتصل احد عضو المجلس العسكري الذي لا يفصح عن اسمه بالبرنامج و برأ الحركه و شباب الثوره ، ان لن تخني الذاكره ضيوف تلك الحلقه كانوا نواره نجم و وائل خليل ، انا متاكد من مشاهدتي تلك الحلقه ارجو البحث عن تلك الحلقه

  8. ستكمالا للتعليق الحلقه بتاريخ ٢٤مايو الماضي ارجو البحث عن المقطع الذي يحوي دفاع عضو المجلس عن ٦ابريل

  9. loose -> lose

    Sorry for being a grammar Nazi. Pet peeve.


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