Thursday, July 21, 2011

Get a new nationality in three months only : An offer for the runaways !!

This ad has been published in Al Ahram newspaper in the first half of the third page yesterday. “My mom spotted it”
For Egyptian investors/runaways get a new nationality
Saint Kitts and Nevis federation in the Caribbean  offers its citizenship and its passport for investors “without a stay” if the investor is ready to contribute to its economy sum of money starting from $200,000 “aside from legal fees” or to own a property that worth no less than $350,000.
If you think that Saint Kitts and Nevis is too far away and unknown , you get a Canadian passport through the investor program. Update : You will not get the Canadian citizenship even if you are investor except if you stay in Canada for 3 years at least.
Of course there was a rumor that Rashid Mohamed Rashid has waived his Egyptian nationality to get a Canadian passport but it is completely untrue. 
I think our Canadian friends will be insulted with this ad or rather those investors from corrupted businessmen this ads targets. I believe also that the beautiful Saint Kitts and Nevis Island should not be stained with these corrupted businessmen whose natural place is in Porto Tora.
Saint Kitts and Nevis "Flickr"
Ironically enough today I read news in Al Wafd portal that Youssef Boutres Ghali is going to get the Israeli nationality after transferring $ 500 million to Bank Leumi. The newspaper allegedly claims that the news of Ghali was announced by the Israeli ministry of interior through the Israeli embassy in London. Well I checked both the official website of the Israeli embassy in London and its official Facebook page and found nothing related to Ghali from near and far. The portal claimed that the Israelis published official documents , well I hope someone show me these documents in order to expose this man.  The newspaper claimed that the Israeli National bank “Bank Leumi” published documents showing the money transfers !! The National bank of Israel is not Bank Leumi , Bank Leumi is a private bank.
There is nothing in Bank Leumi’s official website whether in English or in Hebrew about Ghali.
Still I did it a little research and found that Ghali among other Arab financers and bankers are members in the Bretton Woods committee along with Bank of Israel’s governor and the CEO of Bank Leumi and this is the only official thing online relating Ghali to Leumi Bank and Bank of Israel!! Ghali is still recognized in the official Bretton Woods committee as the Arab Republic of Egypt’s minister of finance.
Another thing stopped in Al Wafd Report , Ghali and his family were going to live in Ma’ale Adumim settlement in the West bank !! Ghali and his family who lived in A Class palaces whether in Egypt or Lebanon are going to live in a settlement !! Ghali and his family who is trying to hide from the eyes of Interpol are going to live in illegal disputed settlement in the West bank !!? For God sake the man is pumping $500 million in the Israeli banking system not to mention all the financial secrets of Egypt in Mubarak’s era !?
Why would Israel already publish such information if it is true !? To tease us !? Well I do not think Ghali is sane enough to announce this move publicly as it will destroy the Ghali history for ever more than it was destroyed before with the shameful history of his great grandfather during the British occupation. Another thing you must bear in mind that Youssef Ghali’s wife is Lebanese and officially she can’t return back to country forever if she gets an Israeli passport.
Last week Rosa Al Youssef Daily claimed that Ghali converted to Judaism after being brainwashed by Rabbis in Bevis Marks synagogue in order to immigrate to Israel !!  The daily newspaper claimed that Ghali used to visit frequently Bevis Marks synagogue branch in New York City !? I do not know if Bevis Marks synagogue got affiliated synagogues in New York City.
Still there is no smoke without fire , among these rumors there must be something true. Ghali headed the Egyptian side’s negotiations of the QIZ treatment. Interestingly enough Israeli right wing website Arutz Sheva published the news of how the American ambassador in London blocked the arrest of Ghali in London based on Youm 7 report. “The American ambassador in Cairo should explain this if it is true” Arutz Sheva likes to highlight all the news concerning Arab Christians in a way to show how they suffer, of course they forget to mention that Ghali took over a palace in Zamalak originally a Church property !!
I do not read Rosa Daily in order to know that they published documents that prove so or not. Rosa Daily and Al Wafd are competing Youm 7 currently in their own way.
I am not biased or heavens forbid defend this man but I hate lies and rumors. Already Ghali did so much in this country against its people to the level we do not need this news to hate him. Already I did this little search in order to expose this man and the hypocrisy of the Mubarak regime to find nothing is official. I wanted to find something for real , real documents that say this big thief escaped to Israel , I really wanted to.
I fear that these set ups are made in order to create sympathy afterwards.
Nevertheless we must ask ourselves on how very important ministry like finance was left to some like Ghali all those years !? If we are going play the treason game with each , you will find this revolution has been so merciful on those who have been raping a whole nation for 30 years.


  1. Yes, by the way, your canadian friends would be insulted if you think they would accept any old fraudster or business vagabond as citizens for the paltry sum of $250k. They say money has no smell(in Switzerland anyway).Depends who you ask. Actually , it has an aroma - (thats what I hear).

  2. I think that israel is now the "ringing word" among people, hence everyone is trying to use it to show how patriotic they are. This is being used by yellow journalism to publicize that they are patriotic. yet they used the same word/stance against Hazem Abdulazim.

  3. Egyptian-American7/23/2011 10:26:00 AM

    Are you seriously this uncritical and ignorant? Do you actually believe that Ghali took the Israeli citizenship? Do you actually believe he converted to Judaism? Do you actually believe he even has $500 million? HOW? You yourself said there was ZERO proof of any of these allegations that were made in the Wafd paper, and yet you, beyond all semblance of reason, continue to believe it simply by saying "where there is smoke there is fire." I am simply astounded by how ignorant you are being right now. I am shocked that the Egyptian media will spread such baseless rumours against someone who is from one of the most respectable families in Egypt's history. He did the least of all Mubarak's cronies and yet got the most attention and the longest jail sentence. I wonder why...

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