Monday, July 11, 2011

Shall we wait and see !?

PM Sharaf gave these promises to the a delegation of political movements and protesters he met yesterday.
  • Not less 1400 police officers including police generals and captains including those accused of killing of protesters will be laid off by next July 15th. “Shorouk newspaper published the name of 150 officers to be fired from police force today
  • There will be ministerial reshuffle that will include 1/3 of the cabinet  by July 17th. “According to some sources it will not include the minister of interior nor minister of foreign affairs !!”
  • Cleaning the official media whether TV or radio or press from Mubarak’s corrupted orphans by July 30th
  • A New governors movement by July 31st.
This is the first time we got a real timeline for reforms in Egypt since the revolution.Sharaf promised that he does not fulfill his promises , he will resign. I hope that he will be a man of his word and tries to fulfill these promises or to resign. This is the last chance of Sharaf by all measures.
Sharaf is currently under huge attack from the media as if he runs the show alone or even has got enough powers. I am not angry from the criticism of the opposition or the revolutionaries but I am more bothered by the criticism of the infamous media transformers from old regime hypocrites. These hypocrites can’t stomach him from day one and are so happy that he is failing in his job , they are ridding the wave for real.
I can’t forget Mofid Fawzy when he said from several months ago that we should mark his words because Sharaf would not continue in his position because of Tahrir square.
I pray that Sharaf will be a man of his word this time only to prove Fawzy is wrong.
Update : 
It seems that the ministerial reshuffle will be so soon , it seems that it will be today after all. There are news that Sharaf is currently having a meeting with SCAF and there will be a reshuffle that will include 11 ministers. Among the ministers that will be included in this reshuffle according to Al Ahram Arabic Portal : The minister of interior , the minister of justice , the minister of civil aviation , the minister of electricity , the minister of transportation , the minister of manpower and believe or not the minister of military production !!
According to some sources Sharaf can present his resignation if the reshuffle is not accepted.
Based on what I know a group of protesters at Tahrir square presented a list with suggested names to Essam Sharaf during their meeting yesterday.

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  1. Let's hope for the best.
    I hope Sharaf succeed rather than resign.


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