Monday, July 11, 2011

Regarding hunger strikes and Suez Canal

In the last two days protesters in Suez , Alexandria and Cairo started to have hunger strike as some sort of protesting escalation. 6th April youth members in Alexandria started a hunger strike and were transferred to the hospital , same thing happened in Cairo and Suez unfortunately with terrible hot weather.
With my all respect this is so wrong because we need all power whether our physical or mental powers in this long quest for democracy and freedom. In a country where millions can’t have a glass of clean water many people will not care for bunch of protesters who are on hunger strike.
Now things went from bad to worse when the protesters at Suez tried to have a sit in at the Suez canal itself, the army set a barbed wire to the protect the canal. The ugly turning point and the clash happened when the protesters crossed the barbed wire and began to set their tents there.
In return and as expected the military police answered violently and attacked the protesters. The MP arrested not less than 9 protesters that were released later. Of course some MP spokesperson from Canal zone denied that anyone tried to break in to the canal and that the army ended the sit in violently.
Believe or not the Suez canal is a red line , a real red line if you read history. Accept this or do not accept it because of revolutionary feelings and thoughts , this is a life fact.
The rights of martyrs will not be restored in this way , the rights of martyrs will be lost if Egyptians shot Egyptians because of the canal. Ahmed Fadel can be sacked from his position so easily with a presidential decree or parliamentary decree but the loss of an Egyptian by another Egyptian can not be restored. The Suez canal has got an international status and Egypt got international obligations , if our so-called activists and politicians think that they should be the one who rule and fear on the country , then they should be the first one keen to keep this old canal untouched. We should not open too many fronts when we are just trying to win our first battle for God sake.Revolutions do not change a whole system built upon 30 years of corruption in just 5 months for God Sake. We need to focus in one thing at time.
Mubarak did not warn only us from chaos but also warned the world from the chaos in Egypt without him , we must show the world that we will not fall in to chaos.
With my all respect some of the activists in Cairo who cheer for these anarchic actions are not losing anything , they are not even blamed in the media or in the street like our people in Suez. Of course the Egyptian street is the silent forgotten factor here and we are so arrogant.
Of course the protesters in Suez must know the consequences of their actions , for every action , there is a reaction and we can lose our rights with simple foolish action. I spoke with the families of the martyrs before and I know that they are more rational than many of our self appointed revolutionaries.
The strike is enough , the sit in is enough , cutting the highways is also enough despite many people are totally against it. Already if you remember people used to cut the highways in Summer because of water shortage and we will supported them , it is the same thing now but for dignity shortage.
I know I will be attacked day and night but before you attack me please think , attack those politicians and self appointed political activists who suddenly remembered the martyrs , their families and the wounded after 5 months . Attack those Cairo politicians and activists who suddenly discovered how great Suez is and how patriotic and revolutionary the Suez people are only now after wasting a lot of Egypt's time in constitution first debate !!
Another thing I will not accept to see the blood of the martyrs being used for cheap political aims , I will not accept to see the blood of the martyrs being used by some activists in dictatorship to shut up anyone speaks against their opinion.
This week is very critical and whatever it will end to , it will be the result of our own making before SCAF or the cabinet.
One day our grandchildren will look to our revolution and they will judge us.


    I am not egyptian and my english is not so good, BUT, as far as there are people like you, I am sure thatthe revolution will succeed with no blood( fromyouth side). I totally agree, some activists, asfarasI can seeviatwitter,they think thatTHEY HAVE THE "WORD", sothe more this page will be shared the betteritis. in only one thing I donotagree with you: hunger strike, I am definetelyconvinced thatid the hunger strike isorganised bylot of people ( not less than 300) andall worldmedia informedon time, this could help a lot. ( I do notknowifI've send you the "Dora Shafik declaration in1957" All the world spoke aboutit. Of course si 5/10 persons go on strike alone...either we like it or not, media are important. and,anyway, everything is better than what people ( certain people) want to explose in Suez.Ok, Zenobia, I've written too much,and I suppose you are very busy, hope to know you one day ina different fantastic eEgypt,the country I love more than mine, ciao

  2. It is possible to hold a press conference in Europe, Egypt the U.S, wherever because there have been many US-Arab Chamber of Commerce and economic meetings, policy meetings etc everyone is aware of the problem and are on the record with promises. Simply state that Egypt is in need of income, on top of the money in foreign accounts, we must raise the fees for use of Suez Canal so can all all have prosperity and stability and Egypt will not murder her people for China's economic benefit or the US military passage, we will be friendly but you must be fair.
    Next, if protestors want to do a hunger strike and you think no one cares, let them proceed and shine the huge bright light on HUNGER in EGYPT in the U.N, Europe and U.S face and let them deal with that and all their words on humanity, democracy etc.
    Egypt,I know you can only see a part of the struggle from where you are but I am telling you from Washington DC, you are the talk of the town! Long live the revolution-


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