Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Sister of the first martyr in Alexandria joins him

Yesterday Huda Tantawy , the sister of the first martyr in Alexandria Ibrahim Tantawy passed away and joined her brother. 17 years old Huda was trying to protect her brother Ibrahim after he was shot by security forces when she was shot in her chest.

For 6 months Huda suffered from huge medical neglect , the bullet was left in her chest till her chest was decayed from the bullet. Whole 6 months !! Only from a week ago and doctor from Cairo saw her in Alexandria and decided to transfer her to Cairo to receive treatment where she died yesterday.

I believe Huda was not killed by the Mubarak’s regime forces only but also by every doctor who passed by her bed and knew he could help her as a human before anything and did not.

Walid Tantawy speaks about his siblings

Huda and Ibrahim were not protesting on January 28th , they were heading to the medical international center.

Huda Tantawy’s family is a poor family and has been chased and blackmailed by the police officer called Mustafa El Damy. “Ironically this name in English means Mustafa the bloody !!”

Yesterday SCAF announced that it was going to protect Huda and Ibrahim’s family especially that El Damy hired thugs that burned down the small home of Tantawys in Alexandria. Walid Tantawy , their brother is being threatened day and night if he does not give up the case against El Damy

Mustafa El Damy is not your ordinary badass policeman , already he is not accused of killing the Tantawy’s siblings only but there are also other victims including members of the Muslim brotherhood and he is trying to use their poverty and blackmail them in order to give up their rights.

El Damy is originally from El Behaira governorate and his father El Damy Abdel Aziz El Damy was the NDP long time member of parliament of Dilingat city in El Behaira since 1970s. Interestingly enough a video surfaced in 2000 showing Abdel Aziz El Damy while he was trading in ancient artifacts. Here is the video.

Abdel Aziz El Damy

Abdel Aziz El Damy’s brother Abdel Hady and also his cousin Idris were convicted in drugs related cases in 1970s. The El Damys got too much influence as far as I understand in Diligant.

El Damy is believed to be currently at the North Coast enjoying the summer vacation , I do not know how he would enjoy now and Huda is being buried at the current time.

Justice in end prevails insh Allah

May Allah bless their souls and this country.


  1. This is shameful. My sympathies are with the family to have lost two brave young people.

  2. isnt it Tahtawy not Tantawy?


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