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Syrian Revolution : Hama Massacre 2011 edition “Extremely Graphic”

There is an on going massacre taken place currently in Hama , Deir Zor and Daraa.
According to early estimations not less than 45 civilians have been killed by the Syrian troops since early morning in the three cities. Hama got the most casualties with fears that today will be a rewind for the infamous Hama Massacre. Not less than 30 have been killed so far were killed in Hama where most gunshots are in the head and chest while dozens have been injured.
This attack takes place after weeks of besieging the city with army tanks. There are news that some army troops have defected in the North of Hama and that these troops are currently protecting the city there , there are also rumors that those who are killing the civilians are not actually Syrians but rather foreign elements.
The videos are extremely , extremely graphic.
Here are videos showing tanks in the heart of the city with heavy gunshots. The tanks entered the city yesterday.
Hama : Heavy gunfire
Hama : Heavy Gunfire
Hama : Tanks and gunfire since yesterday 30th July
Hama : Heavy gunfire
Hama : Tanks attack Hama
Now the video I am show is extremely graphic, I warn you as it is extremely “+18”
A martyr from Hama
An Injured from Hama
Hama : A tank ran over a man’s leg in Hama
From Hama , army enters the city
Here is a list of names with the victims of attack so far. Here is also another link for a live broadcast from Hama , it is not working currently but it can work at any time
Here is a list of Der El Zor’s victims as well.
There were arrests in Damascus last night , not less than 100 have been arrested yesterday last night. There were also arrests in Daraa , not less than 200 were have been arrested since last night.
Update :
  • @11:29 AM
The death toll has increased in to not less than 60 in Hama while not less than 200 were injured .The injured are being treated in the corridors
55 soldiers and 2 offices have defected in Deir El Zor.
220 detainees from Damascus.
  • @11:42 AM 
More than 300 are injured so far in Hama. I want to cry literally 
Not less 100 tanks are currently at Deir El Zor.Tanks and troops are reportedly approaching for a mosque in the city where there are injured. The regime thugs are terrorizing the citizens , opening their fire and destroying properties
The Syrian Observatory for human rights says that the death toll is more than 100 !! "Well I am afraid in this way , we can have more than 100 just today in this way."
There are protests in soldiarity with Hama today across several cities and towns in Syria.
More videos from Hama

@12:02 PM
More shocking shots from one of the hospitals in Hama.

The tanks are reportedly entering towns and cities in the governorates along quarters.
A petition for Syrian missing , since the breakout of the revolution not less than 3000 citizens have been missing.
@1:07 PM
6 April youth movement is organizing a protest in solidarity with the Syrian embassy in Cairo at 5 PM Cairo local.
The army has entered the city of Boukamal in Deir El Zor, there is an expected on going massacre taking place
There are protests currently in Reef Dimshaq , Latakia, Daraa and Homs along other cities in solidarity with Hama.
Mosques are being attack as usual in Hama. The hospitals in Hama need blood donations.
Now the people are having their doubts about the army defects in Hama , they believe that some of these defects or actually most of them are fake as these soldiers facilities the entrance of thugs or as they called in Syria "Shabiha" to the quarters of the towns.
There are women and children among the casualties as snipers all over the rooftops of the main city. Here are more martyrs' names from Hama '1 and 2 '
The regime gunmen/Shabiha are vandalizing the city and burning down public and private properties.
@1:31 PM
A shocking video from today's massacre that is being labelled online as #RamadanMassacre. 
Heavy artillery is being used currently in the city against civilians.
According to AFP not less than 121 have been killed today so far in Syria.
19 civilians are reportedly killed in Deir El Zor , 6 in El Harak and 1 in Al Bukamel
The army is reportedly attacking the city of Suran in Hama.
Here is a video showing the defected soldiers showing the citizens in south of Hama

@2:10 PM 
Not less than 95 are officially killed in Hama. 
Here is a photo for one of the youngest victims of Al Assad's killing machine today at El Harak in Hauran. This baby girl has joined not less than 100 boy and girl killed in Syria since the start of the revolution.

Here is a video showing baby Layal and her mother mourning her. "Graphic" 

Baby layal
Egyptians are calling for a protest next Friday to expel Syrian ambassador from Cairo.
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  1. I'd like to translate one pointed comment in Finnish newspaper commentary section:

    "According to activists Assad's socialistregime has killed over 1500, 3000 has disappeared and 12600 apprehended.

    Where is international human shields, where is solidarity flotillas? Arabs friends does not even demand a UN emergency meeting. Why citizens of the world is silenced?"

    I think this is very sad, Arabs (especially Egypt) does not show solidarity in streets which means Arab league does not act.

    Egypt, act now! Show solidarity in streets!


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