Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The video of the day : Listening to the public’s complaints !!

Here is a video showing the result of having military whether police or army in civil position !!

Vice governor of Alexandria

Ladies and gentlemen ,may I introduce to you Mahmoud El-Atik the vice governor of Alexandria who is a former general , I do not know if he is from the army or the police but I do not know that this man can’t be a civil servant and should be punished for pulling his gun like that.

There is a sit in for teachers in Alexandria and they wanted to meet with the governor but failed to do so and thus they went to the vice governor’s office to see that scene. The vice governor claims that he used his gun to call for the army and the police to save him from the attack of the teachers !! Last time I check telephones and mobile phones do the same thing even better !! The vice governor accused the teachers of attacking him while the teachers are denying this completely.

Even if the teachers attacked “which I highly doubt” , this is not wrong but it needs punishment as well.

This is why we must have elected governors and not appointed governors , this is why we should stop this culture of appointed military in such positions after pension as a reward because it is not a reward at all. This culture of the trustworthy in the place of the experienced should be ended. We hope to achieve this as Egyptians in the revolution but we know that it Is not an easy job.

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