Tuesday, July 5, 2011

#July 8 : Revolution First indeed

Now it is just matter of days before July 8th protest at Tahrir square
Yesterday the revolution youth coalition had a press to announce their stand from the July 8th protest. The coalition issued two statements , one is actually an official invitation to the Prime minister to join the protesters in an open letter while the second is the list of the demands , it is the list of demands that rules all the other lists. “I write the demands tomorrow insh Allah”
The coalition also made this video to promote the day.
Revolution Youth coalition : The revolution first Friday
6th April statement 
I like the name they chose for the protest : The revolution first Friday , indeed the revolution first Friday.
6th April youth movement is going to participate in the movement as well. It is still calling next Friday protest : The poor first. The movement has issued its first statement about July 8th calling the Egyptian people to participate in the protest. The movement spoke in its statement about that there is a conspiracy by the corrupted in the ministry of interior and the judges from Mubarak’s orphans while SCAF does not do anything about it. The movement is calling the Egyptian people to participate in the protest to fight this conspiracy.
Kolena Khaled Said page is supporting and promoting the protest as it , it asked the political powers to have common demands and to be united.
It is worth to mention that all three groups asked the political powers and protesters to unit everything in the protest including the banners. I once read a tweet asking the protesters to go with the Egyptian flag only.
El Adl party is going to participate in the protest according to a press release issued from short while ago. “El Adl party’s founder Dr. Mustafa El Nagar attended a meeting with General Sami Anan today, the meeting was from 12 PM to 6 PM !!”
El Wafd party is going to participate in the protest as well. I mentioned these two parties as example of liberal centrist parties from the old and new parties.
Most of the parties and movements from the constitution first team are going to participate without their life or death demands and the elections first team said that it is going as long as it is not about the constitution first. I will quote the “Revolution youth coalition
There is nothing yet about the Muslim brotherhood despite the Youth of Muslim brotherhood are going to participate in the protest. I expect that they are going to participate especially it seems that everybody is participating as far as I could tell. Of course it seems that they have other plans for the day because they will have a summer camp in Suez and free medical check up convey at 6th of October on the same day !?
Now there is a Salafist movement called “Salaf Youth” issued a statement that they are going to participate in the protest because of the ministry of interior’s  practices , the slowness in trials and the cleansing of media. Salafyo Costa group has not issued a statement about whether they will join the protest or not but based on their participation last May 27th , I believe they will participate.
The other Salafist movements claimed that July 8th was organized by the pro-constitution first teams , I do not know about what their reaction will be when they know that all parties and groups put aside this debate this Friday and it is about the revolution.
The Islamic group of Aboud and Tarek El-Zomor claimed that the next July 8th protest was a secular plan to sabotage the revolution !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Potential presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabhi is with the protest.
The citizens , the normal citizens are now supporting the protest especially after the provoking decisions and news they are hearing. First you got the shock of not raising the pensions yesterday as it was declared earlier "It was raised today by the orders of the field marshal” then you got the news of the day “Anas El-Fiky and Youssef Ghali are acquitted” This is besides the attack on the martyrs’ families in the past two weeks then what is taking place in Suez. It is just as if someone really wants the people to go to Tahrir next Friday.


  1. Young people therefore calls on Tahrir?Youth fed mom and dad, at the University of holidays, why not play in the revolution? And most people who work, which due to your stupidity to lose their jobs, they have nothing to feed their families? They need your Tahrir? And do not hide behind big words, the poor, for martyrs! Who wants to help and he helps without Tahrir.A you want to play the characters? Ask your parents want them to hell, you staged? Do they want to mourn their stupid tomorrow children? you are attracted by the prospect of becoming yet another martyrs of the revolution? Let people live in peace, and not on Friday to Friday. began to recover tourism, you want to destroy everything again? You do not want to hear and to notice how many people curse you! That is happening now in Egypt to blame YOU! Want to rally? Go,but do not provoke and guide people to the new blood! Or throwing a stone at police or a soldier, you think it will go unpunished? this is your country, do not destroy what is left of it!

  2. peaceful protest is NOT destruction. Many of those who protest Work as well. So what are you trying to say? Stay quiet people. Don't protest.
    The revolution was a mistake. bring back mubarak. There is no time or reason to make demands of the government. just be nice and quiet and everything will work out nicely.

  3. to this who commented angrily , being angry is very easy btw. be rational or keep ur anger to ur self

  4. 1-really good point of view Zeinobia

    2- pirooz looks like u did not read it well, or u have some problems with ur English.
    I recommend to read it again

  5. To Anonymous
    it is really sad that you feel that way ... I guess that's what makes you "Anonymous"

  6. Anonymous my friend you want to live in an inactive community of slaves who would do anything for a piece of food and some unreal safety even if you deserve more, why don't you accept that there is a price to be paid to regain our freedom some paid it money others with their eyes and others with their kids. You suggest quitting a fight we are already in it and many sacrificed themselves in it, really do you expect this from Egyptians?!?! no buddy we will keep fighting until we win for Egypt or die trying

  7. @Anonymous, please keep your ignorance to yourself. Its obvious that already you dont understand the difference between understanding what is happening in a country, and just believing what is being told to you. You seem to work on the concept of fear, when you yourself are not even afraid, yet you wish to scare others from asking from their GOD-GIVEN rights. If you have let go of the rights of Egyptians. Many of us have not. If you think justice is already being served. Then you are obviously naiive. Protesting is not what will drive away tourism, continuing to live in a corruption filled society is what will. Unfortunately, its people like you that when others hear about outside of Egypt, they realize maybe Egyptians that they are proud of (the ones in the revolution) are not real. Its people like you who needs to use their brain and stop haraassing other people. Get a life. El balad makherbetsh, el balad kanet kharabana ALREADY. We lazem tetnadaf. Salam.

  8. I agree with some of Mr. Anonymous comments that there are some people who are striving for survival, and I do agree that they need help to feed and shelter them.

    In my opinion, However, we should work in parallel, both working on feeding them, and working on liberating them. We do that all the time in our lives, we work, study, eat, seek protection, seek status, seek dignity, etc. and the bottom line is to have a balanced life.

    So yes, we should go to Tahrir Square, demand their and our rights to live in dignity, and then go home, read, contemplate and write about a better Egypt, then we go to work, to contribute to a better economy, to feed our little ones and to feed those close to us.

    What is important and I find missing during this revolution, is the focusing on charity and ethics; we need to give more to the needy, feed them, shelter them, talk to them, educate them, smile at them. meanwhile, we need to seek higher ethical standards, starting with ourselves, and our loved ones, then the ones we meet. we need to avoid filthy words, we need to drive with manners, we need to respect others we need to seek ethics all the time.

  9. To the first commentator yes this revolution is stalling the industry if you consider low quality baby diapers that costs more than Turkish imported ones an "industry", Yes i can see that Ezz steel is in danger thanks to his monopoly our steel is more expensive than the imported variety AFTER shipping and taxes. Also this disgusting revolution is interrupting our useless ineffective education, why do we want to throw a stone at the friendly police man ? Just for murdering us, stealing our properties or killing our dignity ? Nah they are nice folk like you sir. Bottom line it is lowly insects like you who made Mubarak and his men do this to us, people like you who rather live like cockroaches than human beings. You sir are a disgrace, your kind should be abolished from new Egypt. Live under a rock and close your door tight and let those young brave men and women go fight for your dignity. @mibrah

  10. Hey Anonymous,

    I already know that it is a very long shot to change your mind about anything!
    But I have to speak anyways.
    you know, a week before the 27th of May, I was sitting was a 30 years old friend of mine who works for City Bank.
    I was telling him that we must go to the streets on the 27th of may because we have a myriad of demands not satisfied.
    He didn't concur,
    he said "things are down already (economically) and you will end up making it worse. I work near Tahrir, and because of your protest I will be working in Tagamo khames ( If I remember it right) for the whole week .. we shut the whole branch, and that's only me there are thousands of other people who are affected by this and its affecting their lives gravely and you are only making it worse for them!"

    That didn't surprise me, that's a cliche I hear every now and then, what surprised me is when I asked him "do you think that the country is good now or not? are you satisfied with what the SCAF is doing (absolutely suspicious actions and if you have a problem with that or you don't already know them we will discuss them in a different post!), with the criminals going unpunished, with the cops getting a raise and the poor not getting a minimum wage, with the current political scene? and here comes the surprise

    He thought that the SCAF is doing a bluff and trying to get the political forces to fight in order to reign over them, he thought Tantawy will never prosecute Mubarak and his gang, and he thought that KSA is been giving massive loads of money to the Salafis and that Israel is trying to find its best player among the candidates or rather the SCAF!!!!!!!!

    That was a killer to tell you the truth, why I am saying this .. because normally people who disagree with protests are 2 kinds,
    the one who stopped following the updates and got back to his normal life and stopped giving a damn about the scene!
    Or those, who know that things aren't alright but they are in denial, and applying as much as defense mechanisms as they can to protect themselves from the necessity and the difficulty of the reality that we must PROTEST! and go on with our demands and go on with Tahrir!
    these people, I don't want to judge them, but some of them are already self-centric, they didn't give a damn before to give it now! or, they were hurt and they are afraid. but that doesn't mean .. if they are afraid that they should back off from doing the right thing.

    My friend was a third kind that I've just met by then, a weird contradicting one, who knew EXACTLY what the hell was going on and still didn't do a thing!

    My answer to him was very short and sweet, I told him that this country will never grow as long as his like exist!
    Because I thought when the revolution started, we were done with this passivity and "free riding" problem!
    Because when we gave them up for 11 days, we toppled a 30 years old dictator, one, who totally screwed up everything in Egypt, the social patterns have changed in these 30 years by an epidemic rate to the worse, there is a decadence of values that grew IN us, I thought that these values and these patterns are associated with his presence and the loss of hope that it contributed, so I thought that .. everything will be fixed in us by his going! but obviously that didn't happen!

    Now I don't know exactly which one of those are you!
    But if you don't know that is necessary to protest! then I'd give you a humble advise to check what was happening! (the true version of things) in the last month!

    And if you know already but don't want to face it! then sir, it's about time if you really give a damn about this country

    But if you're the third kind, then this conversation is over.

  11. The emblem of a white fist on a black background, which is found in almost every country in the youth movements, again confirms version of the "revolution for export." You are the dolls in large game .A activists of all revolutions ended a school of the "revolutionaries" did not want to admit it?

  12. So I guess everyone is a hero now. Well, heroes don’t get paid for their heroism, they don't get political points for being patriotic. People are just selfish. Everyone is just thinking about themselves. No one is thinking about the greater good. Everyone wants to be famous. Everyone wants to be a president. Everyone wants to be on tv. Everyone wants to be on top. And when I say everyone I mean EVERYONE; politicians, singers, actors, talk show hosts, the list of liars is endless. So yeah, let's write a new song about the revolution, this will solve everything!!! Everyone wants a piece of the cake. And who suffers in the end? The little guy; the poor guy who just wants to feed his family and educate his kids. Did we need a revolution? Definitely… Is this what we've been waiting for? Certainly NOT… They lied to us, they promised us something and did something else entirely. And now we've replaced one dictator with fifty thousand dictators. The millions who took to the streets and made the revolution possible are not the ones in charge, instead there are those young selfish wannabees who are now either travelling all over the world having fun or fighting amongst themselves. What's with all the political parties? Unity is what we need. Things are worse than ever. Unemployment rate is through the roof. We are living in anarchy and we are so close to total chaos. Wake up people; wake up before it's too late. Those youngsters are going to ruin everything. They aren't rebels; they are more like celebrities, hypocrites NOT patriots. They all have their own hidden agendas and they might be just puppets doing someone else’s bidding without even knowing it. The true rebels and the real youth in revolt are the millions who invaded the streets of Egypt during the revolution NOT the few who lied to them and encouraged them to take to the streets for their own personal gains and who are trying to control everything now in order to get what they want. And now they are clashing with each other, each wants a bigger piece of the cake. Those aren't rebels; they are celebrities, hypocrites not patriots. I've seen their true colors; I've seen what they are really made of. But do not despair my fellow Egyptians. Their day will come. When all is said and done and when the dust clears, they will all get what they deserve. What about the little guy? When will his demands be met? In a big club like the politicians' club they tend to forget all about him, or worse, step on him. And don't even get me started on the media, I can write books about those news anchors and talk show hosts. They are all hypocrites. All they care about is the ratings and the money and the ads. But no worries, their time will come too and they will get their just desserts. It's beginning to look more and more like a popularity contest not a revolution. Wake up people. Save the revolution. Save Egypt from the vultures and from anyone who wants to benefit from people's hopes and dreams. Enough hiding behind big words and made up slogans and fake tears. We are on the brink of utter destruction. Wake up before it's too late. Enough songs, enough shows, enough lies, enough talk, enough hypocrisy and for the love of God ENOUGH PROTESTS,enough of these peaceful demonstrations. Let's work really hard instead. Enough is enough. This path leads to darkness and believe me everyone's life will be ruined and our futures gone. This is a dead end................ LESS TALK. MORE WORK. And always remember “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”

  13. Well, Mr.Anonymous. I have to post again because I don't understand your criticism. Enough protests? Enough peaceful demos? Why are you blogging and commenting right now? You should be WORKING! Aren't you taking time out from your job? Don't you understand this is WORK! This is the job! Make people aware they can raise their heads ,raise their voices, thnk and decide. There is a very important decision coming up. Who to entrust with your vote. Make the wrong choice and it could be a long time before you get another chance. The Egyptians woke up in January otherwise they could have kept working under Mubarak Jr. for the next 20yrs. You don't like any of the candidates? Because they are all selfish, all fame-seekers.
    Before you can work, you have know what the job is, you have to talk about it. I work in construction and you have to spend a lot of time talking about what you are doing,how you are going to do it, time constraints,co-workers, material,etc.etc. Without this, you can't build anything. Otherwise you might as well shut up, say Inshaallah, put your head down and stumble blindly on. Your last statement is correct but the question is Are the needs of the many met by not protesting,not thinking,not arguing? Sorry, I won't allow anyone to do my thinking for me.

  14. ANONYMOUS COWARD7/09/2011 05:36:00 PM



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