Sunday, August 21, 2011

Breaking News : Egypt Recalls the Ambassador

The Egyptian embassy in Tel Aviv "Reuters"
Egypt has decided to recall its ambassador in Tel Aviv for deliberation. This is the latest thing we heard so far after a day full of uncertainty. This time it is Reuters and Dr. Ali El Salmi that said so.
Do not blame me if it turns out it is untrue in the morning.
There is a huge protest in front of the Israeli embassy also tonight as not less than 6000 protesters are there. The Muslim brotherhood has joined the protest.
Again the protesters want to kick out the Israeli ambassador. As you know there is currently a sit in in front of the embassy and today protesters and army forces broke their fast together.
Breakfast time 
Some want to protest at the Israeli ambassador’s residence in Maadi. There are other protests across the country like in Sharkia where its governor Azazzi Ali Azazzi “Nationalist Nassite” joined the protesters.
Here is a photo for the current protest in front of the Israeli embassy in Giza tonight by Jonathan Rashad
By Jonathan Rashad
BY the way I found couple of photos from late Ahmed Galal’s funeral in Asuit.
Here is a very interesting analysis by Reuters you should read.
Updated @12:4 PM CLT
Dr. Ali El Salmi announced that minister of information Heikal will announce a new statement on National TV.


  1. "Cairo agreed not to recall the Egyptian ambassador from Israel" according to DebkaFile.

  2. Somehow I don't get it. There is only talking about the innocent Egyptians, who were shot. yes that is unacceptable. However that prior to this equally innocent Israelis were shot by Palestinians who operated freely from Egypt is ignored. Egypt failed to control its border and is responsible for those Israeli casualties too.

    Egyptians are always very fast pointing their fingers at others. To live up to their own duties is unknown to them. Criminals rule the streets, the home territory is out of control, SCAF plays war games - it is tragic and hilarious!

  3. I have to wonder when diplomacy breaks down and nations take up arms.Egypt is in a rather strange position. On the one hand receiving aid from the U.S and on the other supporting Palestine.Then there's the issue of the Sinai My advice is to follow the money and that should tell you how the leaders will act.

  4. there is something i don't understand,obviously the Egyptian solders where hurt by mistake since the Egyptian and the Israeli forces where fighting together against the the two forces have many years of cooperation on this boarder. of course there has to be an investigation of what happened,hopefully a joint one,Israeli and Egyptian. but when i see the Egyptian demonstration and reaction, i brings me to the sad conclusion that i seems that Egyptians don't really like the peace with Israel.. i have never seen an Egyptian tourist in tel aviv..

  5. ma7deshe yerode 3ala aie min elkilab alsahioneen welad elweskha el bi7abou awy elblog dah we yeego yedaf3o 3an elkelab elzeeohoum. seeboho yehawhawo lewa7dohom.

  6. @peace: what you see as demonstrations are the uneducated and ignorants among the Egyptians. Go ask those Egyptians who work with Israeli tourist groups, they have no problems with Israel. Go ask those Egyptians who are working in qualified industrial zones in cooperation with Israeli investors. They have no quarrel with Israel.

    The others, who have no clue that millions of jobs in Egypt are depending on relations with Israel, make noise right now, however, these few don't count. There are 82 millions of Egyptians and most of them want to go on with their lives.

    Having said this: Israel should by all means rethink their policies. These ongoing settlements will do no good and will lead only to international alienation. If Israel wants true peace, people like Bibi and Liebermann must go.

  7. @peace: Do not despair. Read this and you know what really is going on in Sinai:,7340,L-4111513,00.html

  8. The question is, have the Egyptian forces in Sinai gone from assisting in the smuggling of weaponry into Gaza, to providing direct military support for Hamas attacks against Israeli targets?


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