Thursday, August 25, 2011

An Egyptian Police officer : El Adly secret’s cell responsible for Soad Hosni death and Reda Halal’s disappearance "Updated"

An Egyptian police officer Mahmoud Abdel El Naby came forward to the Egyptian media with very interesting set of documents he claims to be from the former State security. These documents are allegedly related to the secret cell or vanguard made by Habib El Adly from inside the State security in late 2000 and worked for Mubarak and his son or to be accurate for Gamal Mubarak and his men including Habib El Adly. Allegedly very few knew about this vanguard despite it seems that it was using the sources of the ministry of interior.
It is not the first we hear something like that , on the contrary but this is the first time we hear that there are documents and reports about and from this cell available like that. The most important three things mentioned in these alleged documents are :
According to the alleged documents the former managing editor of Al Ahram newspaper was going to meet his friend and his friend did not show up then he got a phone call telling him that his friend made an accident and he was in hospital “X”.
Of course Halal allegedly hurried to his friend to be abducted in the way. Allegedly that phone call was a trap and the journalist was transferred in to the State security at Jabr Ibn Hayin street where he was tortured and unfortunately killed by an air injection. Allegedly Halal told the officers to send a message to El Adly that he “Halal” gave his friends a copy of documents that incriminated the former minister of interior and that his friends would present those documents to the public prosecutor. Of course his friends presented nothing after his disappearance as we all  know. It seems that there is a woman involved in the case and if I am not mistaken that woman is none other than Elham Sharshar , Habib El Adly’s wife who used to work and write in Al Ahram with Halal. These documents should be investigated ASAP , at least for the sake of Halal’s family that still believes he is alive and kept in one of the jails under another name. Here is an alleged copy from that document or that report or memo.
It is allegedly a memo to El Adly about what happened.
Of course I can't ignore certain remarks about that document :
  1. This is supposedly a secret vanguard so I find it hard to find the insignia at the document's right says " The Secret political vanguard" under the name of the ministry of interior !?
  2. This is a lot of paper work considering the fact that this was supposedly a secret vanguard very few knew about in the ministry of interior. 
Because I do love my country so much , I have to share these remarks because I know any lawyer will raise them in any court.
Anyhow Abdel Naby believes that he was killed as I said and that his body was disposed in acid. 
  • That cell is behind the murder of Soad Hosni !!! “I can’t believe that activity reached to beyond Egypt , this means we are speaking about an apparatus inside an apparatus that is capable of doing operations beyond sea !!” Here is another copy of a memo to El Adly about Hosni's murder or the plan to get rid of her. 

"The target suffers from psychological and neurological problems thus she could be thrown off the balcony from her residence in London as the distance is enough to kill to her and it would look like suicide." The report goes on that records from 7 to 12 were confiscated. The copy does not show what records the memo was speaking about it but I am guessing the records of her memories !? 
  • The secret vanguard is responsible for the two saints church explosion !! Well according to its memo , it was done to teach Pope Shnouad III a lesson and that one of the secret terrorist groups called "The Soldiers of Allah" was assigend to do it. 
Abdel Naby
Abdel Naby claims that he got them through some citizens who found them by their turn at the state security HQ when it fell and people stormed it. Now Abdel El Naby said that he sent a copy of these files to none other than Omar Afify in case that something bad happens to him, well I advise him to do like the Navajo Indians “as I have read” and share his documents with trusted 40 men inside and outside Egypt. Abdel Naby approached the media at the end of last month and spoke about these document. This week he found himself referred to early retirement by the orders of the minister of interior Mansour Eissawy because of his constant absence. Abdel Naby says that already he got a permission for his absence due to his medical condition approved by the police hospital doctors themselves. He believes that he was referred to early retirement because he exposed the El Adly’s cell in the media. Abdel Naby has won the supporters of Netizens already in Egypt as he got a support from Egyptian tweeps as Egyptian Facebookers who made Solidarity Facebook Fan pages for him like “We are all Lt.Mahmoud Abdel Naby” and “Together to support Lt. Mhamoud Abdel  Naby” Here is a phone call between Abdel Naby and Mahmoud Saad last Tuesday on Tahrir TV "In Arabic"
Here is another video or direct interview with Mahmoud Abdel Naby and Mahmoud Saad


  1. I wonder if these are the men responsible for raping Lara Logan on February 11th.

  2. Come on! Lara Logan was not raped. She made this story up to gain attention.

  3. @Anonymous "I wonder if these are the men responsible for raping Lara Logan" No, that was done by rank-and-file anti-Mubarak protestors.

  4. She did not make up the story to get attention. That's absurd. This has hurt her career rather than furthering it. She was one of the most well-known journalists in the world. Saying she did it for attention is absurd.

    Watch her interview:

    Jason, that's your theory and it's as good as any other but don't state it as fact. It's just as likely secret police were involved.


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