Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2011 : Prince Amber and Princess Sukar {2}

Here is the second part of Prince Amber and Princess Sukar tale.

Ok there are missing parts here but there is no problem.

Now the King of Nahan kingdom and his Vizier had to enter that gate in nowhere to find their way according to that strange small creature they found in the endless desert. Both men entered that gate to find themselves in another world “as if it were a star gate” . That world was like a big forest in front of them where they found a strange scene : a deer chased by two snakes. As two true knights the men killed the snakes and saved the deer who unsurprisingly turned to be a Jinn princess and these snakes were from the evil Jinn that wanted to capture here. It turns out of course that the strange creature that led them to the gate was a Jinn himself and he led them to the gate in order to save her. The princess will not forget how they saved her and tells to return back through the gate as he will lead them to the right way back home.

The story jumps now to the King of Nahan’s court where he meets his brother , the king of the Honey Land “yes this is its name” who complains from his kingdom’s neighbors. “I found it interesting to the level that I wonder if Taher Abu Fasha reflected some political events in the tale indirectly , of course if we know at what year this radio tale was recorded , we will understand it better”

Then the story jumps to the request of King to his trusted Vizier to tutor his daughter princess Sukar instead of the high priest after being impressed by the knowledge of the Vizier’s son knowledge Amber. Oh yes Sukar and Amber will be taught together by the Vizier and I think we will assume from now they will fall in love.

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