Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2011 : Prince Amber and Princess Sukar {3,4,5}

I will not apologize but seriously it was out of my hand especially with all these updates and news from Egypt , Libya and Syria. Already I do not think that Scheherazade would not be able to make her king awake all night to hear her tales when his kingdom’s neighbor kingdoms face revolutions like Egypt, Libya and Syria. 

Now you missed 3 nights from Prince Amber and Princess Sukar , here they are and they are full of events and lessons. First to be in the loop , you should check the previous nights.

The 3rd night from “Prince Amber and princess Sukar”

Amber and Sukar were taught by the vizier till princess Sukar became a young lady and her father though she was educated enough. As expected Sukar and Amber became lovers and Amber got an amazing gift , he plays the flute wonderfully to the level that he speaks in “flute language” that only his father , the Vizier understands. Now the king’s cousin , king Mansour sent him a message : His kingdom is under attack from “The terror people” who got no home , everybody hates them and were welcomed in his kingdom "The honey kingdom” as guests , now the guests are causing trouble. “Sounds familiar !?”. Amber forms some commandos unit called “The knights of the night” {Stupidest name ever but it is better in Arabic}. 

The 4th night from “Prince Amber and Princess Sukar”

It turns out Amber is a rebel , he heads “The knights of the night” and launch raids against the people of the terror who invaded the neighbor kingdom and got an eye on Amber and Sukar’s kingdom now. It is not only about the raids of Amber and his follow knights because we got the daring radical ideas of Amber that became the talk of the town : He believes at the other of the big blue sea , there is another world ; a new world no one saw before. Amber’s father , the vizier comes and speaks with his son , he is not against the raids but does not like or approve how his son shocks the society with his daring ideas about a new world beyond the big sea despite he thinks it is true yet it is not the right time to shock the world like that. “ Too much light can hurt the eyes of some people”

By the end the old Vizier was killed by “The terror people” and the king appoints Amber as the new vizier despite his the disapproval of the priests.  Amber does want to be a vizier because he wants to avenge for his father and got a daring plan that is different from the king’s plan.

The plan of Amber succeeds but the priests can’t stomach him and his so-called heresy , now after his heroic act some can listen to him and so it is better to hummer the iron while it is hot.

The 5th night from “Prince Amber and Princess Sukar”

The confrontation is hot and the priests wanted to execute Amber for Heresy but the king decided to save him : He has to prove his point , he will take a ship and reaches to that other world beyond the sea. Amber agrees , he gets on a ship and finds out that whenever he plays the flute a whale follows it. Now there is a missing part and we will find ourselves in front of a royal court in the new world where Amber tells its king who the whale saved him.

We can take a lesson or too from these tales for our current time. You will find that Taher Abu Fasha is using live examples about “the neighbors that are attacking King Mansour‘s kingdom” and the priests vs. Amber and the search for the new world plus the ultimate debate of generations

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  1. 1001 nights of the Arab Spring? Could be good way of instilling political awareness in the next generation,Zeinobia. I wonder how many regimes will be left untransformed by 2014?
    The Caliphs are hearing the tales of their own cruelty and demise one by one.


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