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Syrian Revolution : It has reached Damascus at last "Graphic +18"

The Syrian revolution has reached at last Damascus, the Sham revolting after months of the start of the revolution.
Last Friday night Syrian security forces stormed El Rafai Mosque killing not less than 3 and injuring 10s , of course the mosque was stormed and the El Baath regime desecrated the Holy Quran in one of the holist night in the Muslim world , the eve of Ramadan 27th. Here are videos from the mosque.
Here is a video from inside the mosque
Damascus : Inside the Rafai Mosque on August 26th
The Mosque after the attack 
The second video was shot from outside the mosque , you can see its yard and how the security forces and their thugs stormed it.
Damascus : The attack on the mosque on August 26th
Damascus : A security forces thug arrested in the mosque
The Emam of the mosque of the mosque Sheikh Osama El Rafai was beaten and transferred to the hospital. Ironically enough the regime media wanted him to speak and to claim that the militant gangs attacking Syria from no where but he refused to do so. Here is Sheikh Osama in the hospital
Damascus : Sheikh Osama in the hospital 
Yesterday Thursday the security forces were scared literally from protests in the heart of Sham especially there were calls for protests in the Umayyad and the Abbasids squares , the Syrian security forces blocked the ways to both squares where as the Syrian TV aired clips on air for the free protests square all day long !! The ministry of interior called the citizens not to follow the calls for protests from social networks.
Still there were protests all over the country all day long especially now late night and the security forces are doing its usual : cracking them violently. Currently there are violent crack downs for protests in Aleppo , Homs , Daraa and Damascus especially at mosques.
It is not a surprise again for me because we are speaking here about the  Baath regime , already people were killed in mosques in Daraa and we saw  it even in worse ways when Hafez El Assed used to attack mosques with tanks. I remember the first attack on mosques in Syria by the Baath regime was in 1964 in Hama when tanks stormed one of the the old mosques there killing not less than 50 civilian there then in 1965 the Umayyad mosque witnessed another attack by the Arab Syrian Baath army.
Yesterday there was an emergency meeting for  the Arab foreign ministers in the league of Arab states while tens of Syrians were protesting outside the LAS HQ against El Assad in Cairo. The Arab foreign ministers demanded El Assad to cease his fire immediately and to start his reforms ASAP. Unfortunately this statement or demand was the strongest condemnation issued by the LAS and the Arab foreign ministers to an Arab president in the past 10 years. 
The Syrian minister of foreign affairs Walid El Mollama  did not attend unsurprisingly but the envoy of the Syrian delegation to LAS Yousef El Ahmed “the Syrian ambassador to Cairo as well and he seems to be back in town again” spoke on behalf of his regime defending its practices against his own people. Despite the recognition of the Libyan NTC and the new short republic name of Libya are important yet Syria was the main hot topic.
Nabil El Araby , the LAS secretary general whom Syrians attacked outside the HQ in their protest said that :
The events on the real world proved that the uselessness of using violence to deal with political peaceful movements.
El Araby will travel to Damascus to deliver a message to El Assad by the request of the Arab FM council based on the statement issued in the end of the last night meeting. According to the statement the council will be following the updates and development in Syria. The government in Syria rejects the statement and considers that it was not issued at all. Nabil El Araby has a tough mission as now he seems that he will not be welcomed in the country.
Now regarding Ali Ferzat’s condition well from few moments ago , I found a Syrian FB page claims that he is going to have a surgery today and his condition has been deteriorating after the attack.
His official Facebook Fan club page published photo for the Shirt he was wearing during the attack full of blood.

Now there was a cartoon made spread online as it was the first cartoon made by Ali Ferzat while it was not his , the man can’t draw anything now.

There are videos coming from Hama showing allegedly the Shabiha and the security gangs forcing the people there to get the dead bodies of their relatives out of the tombs. The vide is uploaded on August 28th.
Hama : Bringing back the dead from the tombs !!
I do not understand the reason but I assume that the security forces want to get rid from the dead bodies of the as they are the smoking gun to prove that they killed these people. In Latakia the Syrian army used to throw the dead bodies in the sea and to burn them.
Here is a new cartoon from WikiSham making fun from El Assad and his gang

According to Sham Human studies and rights center the latest numbers of injured and killed during the revolution are :
  • 3642 martyr 
  • 278 from them are in Latakia alone "The Ramadan Massacre"
  • 19,650 injured 
  • 23,000 detainees. 
Now the video below is the testimony of a little girl from Hama who recounts how the security forces set the cars on fire and killed the people while Bashar was speaking on TV.
From Latakia: 
Ok videos began to surface from Latakia , from El Raml's massacre on August 14th and 16th.
Now there is something alarming , do you remember late Ola , the young Syrian girl Ola who was killed by the snipers in the city , well guess what they took her dead body from her grave according to that alleged video !!

They are hiding their crimes or rather destroying it !!
Here is another video which is extremely graphic , it was allegedly filmed on August 14th at Raml in Latakia. The man in the video passed away , his name is Ahmed El Sufi. :(
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  1. I know this area of Kafar Souseh in Damascus. This part of city is near to administrative buildings as Ministry of Foreign Affairs and i have friends there. Our part - Old Damascus - is full with protests, Barzeh too [down in Qasioun mountain]. But other big parts of Damascus are totally clear and no protests there - too many Security Forces...


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