Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2011 : Princess Badr Al Budur and the sultan of gypsies “6”

And here is the 6th night with “Princess Badr Al Budur and the Sultan of Gypsies” or the tale of “princess Nasin and prince Ramsh El Ain”.

Now Prince Ramsh El Ain’s second encounter with Princess Nasin , the missing part we did not get was actually a magical encounter as she visited him as a curlew bird with beautiful voice in his palace. The curlew took from his scarf and flew away. He did not know what the story of that bird that enchanted him with its voice and at the same time he went mad about Nasin that he knew nothing about her. As expected the prince got sick and depressed and his father , the king could not find a doctor to help him. While he was depressed and felt hopeless an old woman went to the palace and told the guards she got an interesting tale to cheer up the prince. “It was spread in the Kingdom that the prince was sick and probably was going nuts”
The old lady would tell the prince her tale that night when she went to sell flex with her young neighbor and heard the sound of beautiful amazing curlew that stood over pots over strange camel. The old lady continues her story and says that she saw the bird acting as if it were sitting on the camel giving him order adding that she saw the camel leaving and decided to follow it with her young neighbor. “Who was nearly shitting in her pants !!” The old lady swore that the camel went to some deserted place and opened a hatch underground to descend to the unknown. Needless to say the prince felt that she was speaking about his curlew and decided to go with her to see where the curlew went or rather where Nasin went. He went to the deserted place , opened the hatch and descended or rather transferred to another world , the world of Jinn…….. To be continued
Taher Abu Fasha 
If you do not know what I am talking about and interested in knowing it or if you missed last night’s tale , you should click here then.
Thanks to Mohamed Adel Hassan I found out that there is possibility that this tale , that this night is actually made by up by late genius Taher Abu Fasha himself. In an old interview with Abu Fasha , he stated that he only took between 50-60 tales from the original book “From the censored version” while the he presented about 800 Radio nights !! He used to write tales from his imagination based on folklore tales , his grandma tales and even tales inspired from the book itself.
800 radio Arabian nights !! Do you know that Taher Abu Fasha used to take LE 5 per episode when the series started in 1950s !?
May Allah bless your soul Abu Fasha and bless your art.

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