Friday, August 19, 2011

Sinai Follow up : 7 KM in other world !!

I could not publish anything about Sinai because in the past hours they were no news but rather rumors and news mostly from Israeli TV channels which I can’t trust with my all due respect.
The only things I am sure of now is that 3 Egyptian “1 CSF officer and 2 CSF conscripts have been killed by Israeli fires or rather to be accurate Israeli missiles from Israeli fighter jet near the borders in Rafah while tracking those unknown militants accused of Eilat and Beersheba attacks in the morning in Sinai along with Egyptian troops. The third conscript died in Al Arish hospital may Allah bless his soul.
May Allah bless the souls of these officers and conscripts and insh Allah we will restore back their rights , the days of Mubarak are over.
Another thing I have became 90% sure is that Israel wants temporary control 7 KM in to Taba and Egypt is refusing while the States is trying to convince SCAF that this is temporary !! Several sources are repeating this and not only one.
SCAF will not dare to give them 1 Mile , it will be the end of SCAF from the army before the people , the silent majority as we are speaking here not the revolutionary boys and girls will actually not only return to Tahrir but they will cross the canal to get to the borders. This is like hitting the iron while it is extremely hot .
Third No Israeli patrol has entered Sinai according to Massaad Abu Fagr, the famous Sinai activist whom I trust.
This is the first really test for SCAF when it comes to our sovereignty and Israel. We will not accept anymore of Mubarak’s policies when it comes to the murder of men like that , this is a test either SCAF succeeds or fails.
This is allegedly a photo for what is happening now from a Gaza news Facebook page on the borders
Up till now the internet is full of rumors and the latest rumor I found was that General Sami Anan has already headed to Sinai. Another rumor that the Egyptian paratroopers and 777 are back to Middle zone Sinia “The heart of Sinai” and the young men in North Sinai are back in forming public committees just in case , of course the public committees there are not armed with sticks and sound guns. The army is said to return back to South Sinai tonight for the first time since 1967. The military ruler of Sinai ‘The third army , the Eastern HQ Zone commander” declared alert status in Sinai.
The latest news from Israel say that the #J14 protests in Tel Aviv are called off. Nevertheless this is not a real victory for Stinky Bibi because you got a whole tourism season destroyed co completely in Eilat, a group of the best IDF officers and soldiers were killed today including some legendary sniper “Who for sure killed hundreds of innocent civilians”. Bibi’s ratings are very low already and according from what I understand from Israeli media and websites this can be bad for him. At first they blamed Egypt and Ehud Barak claimed that that happened because Egypt did not control Sinai properly then Amas Glad denied the Egyptian involvement then they blamed Hamas and later Hamas denied any relation with the operation then currently they are attacking Gaza and at the same time they killed 3 Egyptians in extremely critical time in Egypt.
Story is developing….
Updated @3:52 AM
Trivia The Egyptian army announced that it will not participate in the operation bright star this year because it was busy in internal issues in Egypt.
Explosions heard in Gaza , not less than 7 Palestinian civilians have been killed including 2 children from Israeli raids.
More and more rumors and news I do not know which is true and which is not.Some claim the Israeli TV announced that the Egyptian army killed 3 IDF soldiers. "I highly disbelieve"
Here are the names of our martyrs : Osama Galal Emam , Taha Mohamed Ibrahim and Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim. Late Emam and Ibrahim were hit at the borders where as late Ibrahim was hit at Alkontila region at point 79 precisely May Allah bless their souls.
There are news that more army enforcement "allegedly special forces" have arrived to Alkontila at the mountainous region along a VIP aka Anan "!?"
Now here is Sinai's map from the multinational observers and forces in order to know our army's stand from Sinai before the latest developments in the past three weeks. Already I wonder where the multinational observers forces are from what it is taking place currently. hDespite there is no official reaction from SCAF regarding what happened except the answer of Mamdouh Shahin regarding the murder of our soldiers "I do not know" in Al Jazeera. "The man may not have known what happened then to be fair when he was asked".
The cabinet official FB page published a wall status that the Egyptian are combing the borders with Israel after what happened earlier today. 
That was the only official reaction we have got so far.
We knew that there are Egyptian efforts to stop the attack on Gaza
Now our potential presidential candidates or some of them commented on what happened. The strongest and fastest reaction was from Dr. Amre Moussa whto posted three tweets about what happened.
The first tweet was :
My condolences to the people of Egypt and the families of the four martyrs , the martyrs of duty in our Eastern borders
The second tweet was :
The martyrs' blood that was split while doing their scared duty will not be wasted. 
The third tweet was :
Israel and other countries must understand that the day our children get killed without strong and proper reaction has gone forever 
General Magdy Hatata also got an interesting statement on twitter and Facebook :
Considering the violations of Israel in our borders that resulted in the martyrdom of one officer and two soldiers while the injury of two soldiers from the CSF , I warn Israel that the blood of these Egyptians are precious and this crime will not pass without accountability. We are sure that the Egyptian reaction will be on the same level of the incident. May Allah bless the souls of our martyrs and cure our dear injured. 
Dr. Mohamed Salim El Awa claimed on TV that the militants arrested in Sinai got weapons made in Israel.
Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei has not commented yet as he is currently in Germany but I know he is following the matter. Bothiana Kamel has not commented yet either till writing down these lines. Dr. Abdel Manam Abu El Fatouh has not officially commented either.
Bothina Kamel is calling for a coup indirectly in a tweet about the current events in Sinai as far as I see it :
Our great Egyptian army , SCAF has to stay away from politics and leave the rule for a presidential council because our borders are ignored and SCAF is busy in sabotaging the revolution !! 
She did not even mention the martyrs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr. Ahmed Zowail's account posted on twitter posted this tweet :
Where is the dignity of the Egyptian after the revolution ? May Allah bless the souls of our martyrs in Sinai. 
I do not know if this is the official Ahmed Zowail's account though !!
Egyptian activists are calling for million man protest to expel the Israeli Ambassador after Friday's prayer. 


  1. Neither SCAF nor Israel cares about what some Egyptians think about Egypt's sovereignty. Al-Ahram just published it: "...Western diplomats in Cairo concerned with monitoring the bilateral Egyptian-Israeli relationship say they have not been reporting any significant change. In the words of one, "Members of the Israeli embassy in Egypt have still been meeting with the same people they had been meeting with before the revolution, although they might complain about an increased sense of public resentment..."

  2. رحم الله شهداءنا , بالتاكيد المجلس العسكري سيرفض الاقتراح الاسرائيلي لأنه مهين و ينتهك سيادتنا الان كيف نتعامل مع هذا الموقف؟ بالتأكيدلن نلغي كامب ديفيد ونعلن الحرب كما يطالب السذج لكننا نريد موقفا يناسب مصر الثوره ، علي الاسرائليين ان يعلموا ان ايام مبارك انتهت و ان علينا ان نري اجراءات و تعهدات تضمن بعدم التكرار الاعتذار لا يكفي علينا ان نتشدد في هذا ، واذا كانوا هم و الامريكان يتهموننا اننا لا نسيطر علي سيناء فعلينا ان نستغل ذلك بالضغط عليهم لتعديل كامب ديفيد لنزيد من اعداد قواتنا في سيناءعليهم ان يعرفوا ان مصر الثوره اختلفت ، اخيرا اشكرك علي مجهودك في جمع المعلومات وعلي طلبك من الناس الهدوء و ان يكونوا علي مستوي الحدث كثيرا ، شكرا جزيلا واكثر الله من امثالك

  3. The facts of the matter is that people as dressed as Egyptian soldiers went into Israeli teriroty, attacked civilian busses and killed some civilians, and then went back into Sinai. My guess is that those are terrorists disguised as Egyptian soldiers, as the Egyptian army does not have good control in northern Sinai, and its full of terrorists, and that's a fact. If you want this bunch of terrorists to control Egypt then go ahead and ignore those attacks and blame Israel (again and again and again ...). If you think that any country can accept such incidents, you're crazy.

    Also, in the international and Israeli press there is no reports of this 7km issue, so my guess its a baseless rumour spread by someone in Egypt.


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