Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rosa joins Sawt Al Oma "Updated"

The GIS is once again standing against the freedom of press in less than 4 days after confiscating Sawt Al Oma because of an op-ed , now it strikes again and confiscates the issue of Rosa Al Youssef Daily tomorrow because of a whole page.
Yes a whole page was censored because it was related to the GIS. That full page was a report , an explosive report if it is true “again we do not know its authenticity as many things currently in the media ” by journalist Tawhid Magdy.
According to that explosive report Hosni Mubarak let an Israeli spy leave Egypt despite the Egyptian intelligence was going to arrest her in Cairo airport or had actually arrested there in July 1997.
That alleged spy is called D'ivoire Ganani Elad who allegedly was spying on our economic sector and on our businessmen from tycoons. Allegedly Elad’s cover was being the representative of some American company called “World Wide Vision” in the Middle East and she stayed in Egypt for months collecting economic information. The Egyptian intelligence knew about her and decided to arrest her after arrival in July 1997 at Cairo airpot. As soon as she was detained in Cairo airport , Mubarak interfered and gave orders that she would leave the country in Ehud Barak’s jet. “He was visiting Egypt then”
Here is a part scanned from the page that did not make it to the newsstand.
The scanned part by Mohamed El Garhy 
The report which seemed to be presented in series got a first episode that is online and in case it is taken down , you can see it here as in screen caps after the break.

Part "1"
Part "2"
Part "3"
Part "4"
This report is made by Tawhid Magdy , a journalist in Rosa Al Youssef as well as Hebrew issues researcher and translator. Here are his reports he published in Rosa related in a way or another to Israel as well as the scandals of former regime. Magdy admitted that he used to work in the Jewish center in Cairo and that he spent three years in jail because of financial problems. Magdy also claims that he was fired from Rosa Al Youssef by the order of Mubarak’s himself in mid 1990s.
Interestingly enough this is not the first time Tawhid Magdy creates controversy in the Egyptian media related to the Egyptian intelligence . From couple of weeks ago he published an explosive report not in Rosa Al Youssef but rather in Al Ahram’s Al Shabab portal about a huge scandal : Former Rosa Al Youssef magazine and newspaper editor in chief and famous Mubarak’s regime supporter Abdullah Kamal was working for the Israeli Mossad and his mission was to trash the image of Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran according to an Israeli intelligence report online. Rosa Al Youssef newspaper and magazine declined to publish this report to avoid looking bad for their former editor in chief.
In statements to the media Magdy said that the GIS knew about the activities of Kamal and is going to take some important steps in the upcoming days regarding his case. He also stated that he found that report at the Israeli intelligence and terrorism information center online. He also uploaded the whole report in Hebrew in Mega Upload website.Of course one must wonder why the Mossad wants to burn its men in the Egyptian press and why the Mossad put a report like that online.
Of course Kamal was among the journalists the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs praised during the war on Gaza if you remember. From his side Kamal made fun from the whole issue at first and then decided to sue Magdy and all the journalists who published the report. Side Note : Kamal loves his photos so much as he was a movie star !!
Back to what happened today , well I do not understand because from what I read in the report Magdy does not attack the GIS but rather Mubarak. Also ABC in Egyptian Press intelligence info is not leaked like that so simply  , we do not have yet whistleblowers or deep throats yet.
Tawhid Magdy got good sources and information , photos ,dates and names he posted in this report that make me wonder how he got this information like that. No editor in chief in Egypt will not approve to publish something like except when he gets some sort of official approval from GIS. 
According to my trusted sources Rosa was not publishing news and does not publish news like that for freedom of expression , it publishes them just like the old good days in time of Mubarak as it is in the end an official publication owned by the state or rather the regime.
The issue of Rosa Al Youssef will be tomorrow in the newsstand but without this page , without this report.
By the way here is a scans for the original Sawt Al Oma with the headline highlighted in red calling Spy chief Mowafi for purging Omar Soliman’s men in the GIS as well as the report itself.
Sawt Al Oma : The scandal of Omar Soliman
on the right 
The Scandal of intelligence CDs
This is more than freedom of expression issue when I look to it.


  1. .Why Rosa el yosef .??.....Let Us Reflect If we believe that TRUTH is neither ‘religious’ nor ‘secular’ and still hold that knowledge (of truth) could be ‘religious’ and ‘secular’, does it indicate coherence in our ideas OR incoherence?

  2. I am sorry but I do not understand your comment here , nobody spoke about religion or secularism here.


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