Monday, September 26, 2011

And State security is still alive and kicking

And the State security is still alive and kicking whether it is named National security or the Mickey Mouse Club.
From two days ago political analyst and researcher Amr El-Shobaki was detained for a while in Cairo international airport after arriving from Beirut. El-Shobaki was detained for a while for no reason by the National security just like the old days when it was the state security. El-Shobaki was released to return home remembering the bad old Mubarak days and how he used to find to be treated in the airport.
Boldly enough the National security is claiming now that El-Shobaki was detained because there was a mix between his name and a name of another person in the airport blacklist !!!!!
The old state security is still in playing around !!
This is not the first incident that reminds that only the state security
We got what happened from sudden and strange thugs’ attacks against the Muslim brotherhood’s Mohamed El Beltagy and Ahmed Abu Baraka. We also got what happened to Mona Salman , Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr from attack.
We also got what happened to Hazem Abdel Azim from couple of months ago when he knew that his mobile phone was bugged. After the disgusting campaign launched against him by Youm 7 , he found out  an old colleague working in his old company calling him and telling him that she was the one who met with the Israeli businessmen after he had left the company and that she was ready to say that on TV channels to clear him from all the silly charges that followed him
In less than 24 that lady called him again and apologized that she could not go to the media because simply she received threatening phone calls if she went to the media.
Nobody would  know about her phones except Abdel Azim and those who are spying on his mobile phone.
Abdel Azim called minister of interior Eissawy and asked him about what the hell was going on and why his mobile phone was wiretapped once again like before the revolution. Unsurprisingly Eissawy denied having any relation with.
That incident was a clear indication that the National security is still our old state security.
Of course we got other incidents including foreigners who are being deported from Egypt , from the airport like Lebanese Blogger Trella B and that French AUC researcher.
The National security will not be working for the real national security of Egypt if it is not purged from all those officers implicated in the torture of citizens and in spying on citizens for years. The mentality of these officers is trained on serving the pharaoh , it is not trained to serve the people. They do not realize that they are civil servants by the end of the day.

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