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Mubarak Trial : Session “4” {Live Update}


The Mubarak trial 4th session has started , Mubarak arrived earlier wearing dark training suit over his stretcher closing his eyes from the sun light.
Strong face "Egyptian TV"
There is noticeable increase in security measures. There is no sign for Mubarak’s children but the UA showed up as they promised yesterday.
CSF and police at police academy "Farah Saafan"
5 Kuwaiti lawyers have been allowed to attend the trial and to defend Mubarak by a permission from the minister of Justice himself. The Kuwaiti defense team is made of 4 men and one lady.The civil claims rights lawyers attacked them already.


Small clashes between the UA and the security forces. There is also a tension between the defense team in the court room reportedly and the judge is demanding order to the room. The judge is listening to the demands of the civil claims rights lawyers.
A photo by Ahmed Alish


The civil claims rights lawyers are requesting for the testimonies of Hussein Tantawy , Omar Soliman , Sami Anan and Suzanne Thabet “!!!” Already I remember the defendants’ lawyers demanded the testimonies of Tantawy and Soliman before.

@11:18 AM

It seems that the session is suspended as there is chaos again erupted thanks t the circus of the civil claims rights lawyers !! It seems one of the civil claims rights lawyers has insulted Mubarak using bad words and the fight started between him and other lawyers including other civil claims rights lawyers who refused this shameful act !!
Lawyer Sameh Ashour has withdrawn from the court room objecting the chaos along other lawyers from the civil claims rights defense team. They will not return except when other lawyers stop their speeches act as they described it.
The public prosecutor Abdel Magid Mahmoud demands an explanation why the witnesses changed their statements in front of the court last session.
The news websites and networks are highlight the testimony of the 7th witness in the case in front of the public prosecution who said the following :
A police general and 15 officers stormed the AUC building in Tahrir square and shot the protesters from there. “Cherchez for the snipers
This witness is expected to speak today in front of the court.
There is another witness expected to speak today in the court who said in the public prosecution that the MOI sent 3 CSF with live ammunition

@11:36 AM

The trial has been suspended for 15 minutes because of the civil claims rights lawyers. It turns out one of these lawyers interrupted Mubarak after he said “I am here” and demanded him to say “Afandem” !!
It turned out lawyer Sameh Ashour demanded the judge to suspend the trial for 5 minutes to restore order between the civil claims rights lawyers.
Judge Ahmed Rafeat suspended the trial for 15 criticizing the conduct of the civil claims rights according to sources inside the court room. He allegedly said that their conduct has not been seen before in Egyptian courts.
Among the demands of the civil claims rights lawyers : The separation between the corruption case and the shooting of the protesters , the testimony of Hilary Clinton because she got information about the shooting of the protesters , the testimony of LT. General Mohsen El Fangry as well.
Saad El-Din Ibrahim wants us to pardon Mubarak !!

@12:12 PM

The session is resumed and lawyer Sameh Ashor is being delegated to speak on behalf of the civil claims lawyers. 
There is a small number of Mubarak supporters at the court but they are avoiding any clash with the supporters of the families of the martyrs. They are so friendly with the police there. Here is a photo from dear Farah Saafan there. 
Mubarak's supporters "Farah Saafan"

@12:22 PM

The witnesses' hearing has started at last. The 5th witness in our trial is captain Mohamed Abdel Hakim Amar who is an officer in the CSF.

@1:10 PM

The testimony of witness Mohamed Abdel Hakim Amar : 
- According to some sources inside the court he tired to change his testimony but the prosecution stopped him for doing so "Is this legal already !?"
- Major Mohamed Abdel Hakim Amar who supposed to be the prosecution's witness against Mubarak and El Adly claimed that he knew that protesters were shot down by live ammunition from TV only !! The officer working in CSF added that the CSF are not armed with live ammunition giving in details the CSF forms and units.. etc. Answering the judge's question about who shot the protests , Amar said he could not tell !! 

@1:21 PM

The prosecution has accused major Mohamed Abdel Hakim Amar of perjury. The witness is being asked by the civil claims lawyers or rather delegated lawyer Sameh Ashour. 
Farid El Deeb, Mubarak's lawyer has left the court room !?

@1:41 PM

The court has ordered the arrest of Captain Mohamed Abdel Hakim Amar for perjury. Judge Ahmed Rafeat suspends the session.

@2:32 PM

Judge Ahmed Rafeat resumes the session.

@2:45 PM

The court is currently hearing the testimony of the 6th witness police sergeant Abdel Hamid Ibrahim from weapons department in Bassateen sector "Cairo" who has not changed his testimony yet. 
TV host and journalist Wael Al Abrashi claims that there are pressures being practiced on the witnesses.
According to the law , the penalty of perjury is jail sentence for not more than 2 years.

@2:58 PM

The 6th witness ends his testimony that incriminates the 5th witness. The 6th witness allegedly said that he got orders on January 27th to replace the spray shots with shotgun cartridges that kill protesters.  "I am sorry if I did not translate it correctly from Arabic". He also added that the CSF conscript was armed with a helmet , a stick , 100 rubber bullets and 100 shotgun cartridge !!!!!

@3:38 PM

The 7th witness starts his testimony. The 7th witness is former police officer Tarek Abdel Manam who was injured during the revolution with a shotgun. The former police officer attended the protests at Mustafa Mahmoud mosque and was shot by the security forces at Kasr Al Nil bridge. Abdel Manam claimed that he witnessed the death of Agouza's martyr Mustafa El Sawy. Abdel Manam said that he did not see any live ammunition or sniper rifles or automatic guns. He added that only saw shotguns and that shotguns can kill a person if they are shot from short range.

@4:18 PM

The hearings are finished and the session is suspended for the deliberation. For sure the case will be adjourned . The Kuwaiti lawyers only attended in the trial as attendants not as lawyers.

@6:08 PM

After nearly an hour the judge resumed the session to announce these important , very important sessions : 
  • He adjourned the trial to tomorrow Thursday. 
  • The judge has called Field Marshal Hussein Tantawy , General Sami Anan , former vice president Omar Soliman , former minister of interior Mahmoud Wagdy and current minister of interior Mansour Eissawy to testify in one of the biggest surprises of the day. 
  • The sessions will be held on a daily basis started from next Sunday August 11,2011
  • The testimonies of Tantawy , Anan and Soliman will be in secret sessions for national security reasons. 
  • There will be a gag order on the sessions of Tantawy , Anan and Soliman online. 
  • Tantawy will testify insh Allah next Sunday while Anan on Monday and Soliman on Tuesday. 
  • Tomorrow more people will testify, I think police officers. 
  • The court decided to acquit the 5th witness due to his small age and rank, it was a lesson for everybody that the court knows who is l
This is a major leap in the trial, of course all people are anticipating what Tantawy and Anan are going to say , of course we all remember that Tantawy said in the police academy's graduation "in the same place of the trial that the army was given the orders to shot the protesters and they did not do it. 

Also I remember current minister of interior "who should resign" Mansour Eissawy before denying having snipers said on TV before being a minister that El Adly could not issue an order to shoot the protesters with live ammunition without direct order from Hosni Mubarak himself. 
Now I am more than worried about 9/9 as well as the testimonies of the big shots , anyhow many Egyptian tweeps think that they will not confess against Mubarak. To be honest everything can happen but SCAF needs more popularity. 
By the way for the first time Gamal and Alaa Mubarak are not greeted by officers in their way out. Despite reporters did not have a clear view for Mubarak , they heard his voice three times.


  1. What a joke... really sad.

  2. If I were a judge and got so unpredictable witness statements, I'd order the security of the Court house be switched. (Preferably so that each day had different people on the security)

    Clearly they are too good friends with accused Mubarak and CSF.

  3. "he got orders on January 27th to replace the spray shots with shotgun cartridges that kill protesters. "I am sorry if I did not translate it correctly from Arabic".
    you translated it good :)
    if you would like to change it i suggest
    "they got orders to use Live ammunition" but i am no good translator so


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