Saturday, September 3, 2011

The real Egyptian heroes of the Gulf war

As delegation of 10 Kuwaiti lawyers arrived to Cairo to join the defense team of Honsi Mubarak. These Kuwaiti lawyers hope that they can defend and get Mubarak acquitted from the terrible charges the bad Egyptians are accusing him and his sons of next Monday.

Here is a phone interview from Al Jazeera Misr with the head of the Kuwaiti defense team.

Al Jazeera Mubshar : The head of the Kuwaiti defense team speaks

The Kuwaiti lawyers are defending him to repay him what he had done to Kuwait during the Kuwait liberation war. They were very lucky to be granted a permission to attend the session unlike many of the victims’ lawyers.

There is no news yet if they are going actually to defend him or not because this needs the permission of the bar association in Egypt as well as the approval of the judge himself. The judge can refuse this and hopefully he does to stop this circus !!

This is another move that will create unneeded gap between the Egyptian people and the people in the Gulf especially in Kuwait despite I know that there are people in Kuwait who support us. We had enough from that systematic campaign in the Gulf that we are ungrateful people who are humiliating their president , their fatherly president Hosni Mubarak for months in disgusting way !!

I am afraid that Hosni Mubarak is not Papa Jaba El Sabah. The Kuwaitis claim that they can’t forget or hate Mubarak for his role in the Gulf war and in liberating Kuwait. 

Of course in the same logic one must ask : Are these Kuwaiti lawyers going to defend El Assad as his father Hafez and the Syrian Arab army participated in the Gulf war to liberate Kuwait ?

Now Hosni Mubarak ,the Arab hero of the Kuwait liberation war aka the Gulf war 2 is a myth , a serious myth because the actual hero or rather heroes of that war were the officers and soldiers of the Egyptian armed forces who fought for their brothers and not for money or power like Mubarak.That army which the head of the Mubarak’s Kuwait defense team claimed to be the army of the Arab nation is not owned by the Mubarak but rather is owned by the Egyptian people.

I believe it is more of a media stunt created pathetically by Farid El Diab , the hero of 1973 war is not working thus he will go for the hero of the Kuwait liberation war.

Egypt and Egyptians are open once again to the Arab world ,we do not want to lose the Gulf.


  1. Kuwait! It was part of the province of Basrah for hundreds of years and thus rightfully belongs to Iraq. Their independence is as well a British creation as Israel.

    I remember those "poor" Kuwaiti refugees during the Gulf War, residing in Cairo's 5-star hotels, throwing parties while others lost their lives to fight the Iraqies.

    Really, it would have been no loss to mankind if Saddam had captured this relic of British imperialism.

  2. this is all to destroy the case and create chaos and his lawyer is a very good director and mubarak, his sons and all the lawyers are actors!


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