Friday, September 2, 2011

#Nomiltrials : Why military trials for civilians should stop

I am against the military trials for the civilians , it is not a secret. I believe that in this stage we do not need military trials anymore to restore order and security especially that there is a lack of security and the police is not doing its job as it should , especially that the trials are not intimidating the criminals and people began to take justice by their own hand in the most worst ways every, especially that the trials are turned against protesters.

All what I see that the Military trials failed to restore order , security and ironically stability in Egypt and if some activists believe it is a conspiracy to foil the revolution and scare the revolutionaries' ; well it failed to do so because now the revolutionaries can not stomach SCAF , the army and some of those who were against civilian presidential council think.

Needless to say the campaigns that followed the cases of Loai Nagati and Asmaa Mahfouz contributed positively to the cause and in the past two weeks a first small batch of civilians facing military trials have been pardoned , acquitted and released from military prisons from protesters. Despite it is a small patch yet it brings hope. Of course I hope that the campaign continues in the media not for the famous bloggers , tweeps and activists but rather for the principle itself especially we are seeking the civility of the state.

It is another way to enforce the civil free judiciary after the Mubarak’s era to let it have the last word in the country as independent authority. I remember that the civilian judiciary acquitted the MB’s leaders and this was why Mubarak as a military ruler in the emergency status referred them to military courts.

Difference between revolutionaries or civilians

Some activists in the media say that there are more than 12,000 revolutionaries facing military trials !! Correction: There are more than 12,000 civilians in front of military courts. There are more than 12,000 civilians whom most of them are not revolutionaries or protesters , whom some of them are not really innocent. Already according to this way of thinking former PM Ahmed Nazif is a revolutionary for standing in front of a military court as he accused of stealing of a land originally owned by the army.

We have to be honest and realistic enough to say that there are dangerous civilian criminals who terrorized and killed innocent civilians who were also arrested and were referred to military trials and this is another reason why I want them to be referred to civilian courts to see who is really guilty and who is really innocent despite it takes a longer time than the military court. “Another extreme issue in judiciary system is the slowness of justice in civil courts”

Giving the “Revolutionary” stamp will not make the people support your cause because not all the people are “revolutionary” not to mention that people can’t stomach the “revolutionaries” anymore and they feel that the word is being consumed so much “and it is actually”. It will not make the people hate SCAF either. You want to deliver the message that anyone can face military trial including your non revolutionary neighbor’s son who foolishly used an electric shock against the son of some big policeman rank who beat his friend as he hit his car or you want to deliver the message to the people that if a man stops some corrupted policeman from harassing his neighbors or whatever , that corrupted policeman can pretend that this man attacked him physically and viola the man is sent to a military court for attacking a law enforcement man in his duty. Already this is what happened in the case of Loai Nagati , the state security boys falsified a report against him.

You want to deliver the message that even if you are against the revolution and you are Mubarak’ supporter , you should stand in front of your natural judge according to the current acting constitutional declaration article no.21.

An important demand we should all work on for the next million man protest on September 2011 : To refer all those facing military trials to civilian trials in order to investigate the allegations fairly based on the constitutional declaration article no.21

Side Notes :

I do not like how the Muslim brotherhood ignores such cause when it launched an international campaign against military trials after the prosecution of its leaders in the past in front of military courts. The Muslim brotherhood should be the first to rally for fair civilian trials.

Another thing I do not want Mubarak to stand a military trial except in charges related to the military issues because of two reasons :

  • Western countries made it clear that they will not unfreeze Mubarak’s assets abroad except if he receives a fair civilian trial.
  • I do not want any sympathy to Mubarak after 50 years from now.


  1. How is it possible, that you write a fantastic article on Military trials,and do NOT say a word on Nabil Maikel?????!!!
    If anything will happen to him, the major fault is of Military trial , obviously. He is a civilian!!!!
    Still, (as far as I said on some twitters) I will never understand the "almost" total silence, from a lot of famous Bloggers; and I really do not understand the reason.
    I do not know him, I probably do not know a lot of things, I probably do not agree on what are his convictions, but the only thing I am sure is that he is the first case of young demonstrator of 25th jan, that has been condemned via military trial! ...and again..he is a civilian!!Why this silence? why Zenobia?

  2. Let me evaluate the situation as it is right now:
    • The Revolutionary Movements are being systematically weakened and sub-divided into powerless fractions ideologically and numerically through misleading mass control techniques. Just have a look at the various labels tagging their web-sites to realize the gravity of the damage. (I refer you to my post last week).
    • The Political Parties are being slowly driven towards frontal collisions over political crumbs, sectarian differences and ideological banners, thus shifting their aims from the main demand as claimed from day one by the people’s revolution which is simply: “the complete ‘Purification’ of the entire system in order to establish a whole new one structured to lead the way towards ‘Real’ Freedom and ‘Real’ Democracy”.
    • The Reactionary Forces (The Counter Revolutionary Lobbies) quickly overcame the initial shockwave of February 11th and reorganized their ranks to open a multiple fronts for the counter attack by using their followers still working in media, in municipalities, in governorates, in security forces, in intelligence agencies, on private TV screens and sympathising networks like the Saudi AL ARABEYAH. We have to realize that they are using every mean they have to orchestrate the music according to their tunes.
    • Foreign Intelligence Agencies operating in Egypt are not standing by watching the events, they are steering the wheel.
    History’s teachings are the only lighthouse for those, like us, who are seeking salvation from the darkness of evil and the turbulent storms of life. Unless we would have our “Nuremberg”, the worse may yet be waiting round the corner on the next turn.

  3. Regrettably Hassan is right and to make things worse: those upcoming elections will not be decided in Tahrir but on the country side, where facebook and twitter have no relevance.

    Freedom is going down the tubes and we are sliding into a strange Islamic militariocracy.


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