Friday, September 2, 2011

Syrian Revolution : It is time for #FeastMassacre !! “Graphic +18”

El Assad criminals started Ramadan with a massacre that continued till the end of the mercy month killing 430 civilians so it is not a surprise that El Assad criminals celebrate the feast with continuing the massacre , there is no surprise at all !!
Once again Hama,Homs, Daraa and Latakia are facing the El Assad death machine since last Monday.
Last Wednesday we found online that the public prosecutor of Hama Adnan Bakur resigned from his position in a recorded video message where he admitted that he witnessed crimes against humanity. In his video message Bakur admitted that he witnessed about 72 execution in the central Hama prison on July 31st including political detainees “I am worried about Tal” that were buried in a mass grave near the Hamadia village.
Hama : The public prosecutor of Hama resigns
Bakur also added he witnessed the burial of not less than 420 civilian in the public gardens by the security forces in the city and that he was ordered to say that these civilians were killed by the militant gangs. He revealed that no less than 320 were tortured till death in security HQs and that the security forces demolished houses while people were inside it at El Hamida neighborhood. Not less than 10,000 were detained in Hama according to Bakur. The former public prosecutor of Hama who should be the public prosecutor of Syria “hopefully he will” listed the names of those officers involved in the mass murder operations. The human rights organizations should write down these names.
Aside from the video resignation messages of army officers and units , this resignation is extremely important because we are speaking here about a testimony of an official civil servant in the judiciary authority about the crimes of the regime.
Needless of say Bakur ‘s place is unknown and the official Syrian authorities following El Assad criminals call that he was abducted by militant gangs from his office last Monday and was forced to do this video. Still Hama News Network on Facebook “HNN” aired another video for Bakur where he denied the news of his abduction and stated that he will reveal more information once he gets out of Syria which means he is not safe in the country. “It is said that he has arrived Turkey already”
Hama : Adanan Bakur fires back at Syrian TV
Bakur stated in the video that he recorded that second video message on August 31st.
Speaking about HNN , the Facebook News page posted a copy from a list allegedly distributed on security forces for wanted protesters. The list includes the names of young , their families as well as the names of their mothers and their date of birth.
We are still in Hama , here is an alleged video shot on August 23 , 2011 for a mass grave found outside the city by the people.
Hama : The discovery of a mass grave outside Hama
Moving from Hama to Hauran in Daraa , well the Feast massacre was officially recorded in camera when a young boy called Moussa El Wadi was shot down by snipers on August 30th “Extremely graphic +18”
Hauran : Mousa El Wadi shot down on August 29th
The little boy had just got his feast pocket money and the man who carried his dead injured bleeding body was his father!!
Here is another video allegedly from Daraa itself showing a man shot down, you can hear the heavy gunshots on August 29th !!
Daraa : Khadr El Darby shot down after the prayer
The following videos were from that same day and for the same person , they are extremely graphic. Here was Mr. Khadr El Darby after he was shot and transferred to the hospital , hardly breathing and losing too much blood. You can hear screams in the background , screams in the first days of the feast !! The second video shows his funeral after couple of hours.
Daraa : A living Martyr “Graphic +18”
Daraa : The funeral of Mr. El Khadr
There is a video that was also uploaded yesterday showing footage allegedly from Daraa , from a rooftop where you can see clearly the army snipers along with the black smoke coming from the city. It is an ugly scene from violent war videogame.
Daraa : army snipers
Now there is a video surfaced online showing El Assad security forces in Daraa torturing detainees allegedly on the feast’s first day, the security forces appear to be wearing army uniforms.
Daraa : Torturing detainees
The night protests in Syria are still on , here is a protest in Homs last September 1st where one of the protester demanded an international intervention.
Homs : A night protest against El Assad
Today Homs witnessed the murder of another young boy, 16 years old Alaa El Farhan. “ Graphic +18”
Homs : Alaa Farhan “Graphic+18”
Here is another video for Alaa at the hospital you can see the shots that killed him. “Graphic+18” You can hear his parents crying in the background.
Homs : late Alaa at the hospital
Late Alaa was not the only one to be killed in Homs , in Al Anshat neighborhood that witnessed a terrible massacre that is not the first or the most brutal in Homs I am afraid.
Here is another martyr , 18 years old Abdel El Rahman El Hakmai who was shot and injured by “Graphic +18”
El Assad used nail bombs against protesters !! used bombs !!
Here are the injured of the massacre.
Homs : The injured of Al Anshat massacre
here is an injured survival recounts what happened yesterday and how the security forces opened its fire against a peaceful protest against El Assad.
Homs : Al Anshat massacre survival
There was reportedly another massacre in the past few day committed by the Security forces in Hula. Here is a video shot and uploaded yesterday September 1,2011 showing the army snipers over the governmental buildings.
Homs : snipers over governmental buildings in Hula
Here is another protest on September 1st from Idlib at night.
Idlib : A night protest
Another night protest on September 1st from Kaswa where protesters sang for the martyr’s mother.
Kaswa : chanting for the martyr’s mother
The internet is terrible in Syria as the authority blocked in certain areas and governorates from time to time. For instance last August 31st there was reportedly no internet nor mobile phone coverage in certain areas in Aleppo. The internet and mobile phone lines have been always reportedly cut in Hama since yesterday , I do not know if they are back like other areas or not. The random house arrests are still carried on to scare the people from participating n the revolution but it is not working , more people are participating as far as I see. Here is a morning protest in Duma to show you what I mean.
Duma : The people want to execute the president.
I think El Assad can be executed for real.
More and more Aleppo is participating heavily in the revolution. Here is a video shot afternoon yesterday at Tal Rafaat in Aleppo where security forces opened its fires against peaceful protesters. You can see the type of ammunition and tear gas grenades used.
Aleppo : Cracking down protest
There is something going on in the society at least in Aleppo as the people in neighborhood began to fight those moles working for the regime.Here is a statement from El Sakhoor neighborhood’s residents who decided to pardon all those moles who used to work for the security forces making clear that this pardon is also a warning to all moles working for the regime. This is the first time I see something like that , may be because Egypt was not a closed police state like Syria where everybody fears that the other is spying on him.
I do not understand this Syrian NTC thing made abroad , Syria is different than Libya but it is close to Egypt when it comes to the so exhausted old politicians as far as I could tell , it is more complicated than Libya by all measures.
Now I found this on the Facebook , a group of Syrians had a protest in the sea , in the red sea to be specific and honestly I wish it is being taken in our part of the red sea.


  1. 7asbi Allah w Ne3m Alwakil :(

  2. Excellent coverage.Horrible events.

  3. I really wish you Egyptians would mind your own business and stop acting like you are now all experts on uprisings and "dictatorships".

    You have no right to speak about Pres.Assad.

    He's not the happy puppet of the US, YOU ARE.

    He's not the one helping Israel starve and murder Palestinians, YOU ARE.

    He's not the one helping the US and NATO in their imperial wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Libya, YOU ARE.

    He's not the one operating secret torture prisons on behalf of the US, YOU ARE.

    Well, actually I can see why you're so against him. When you're a shameless crawling puppet, you hate anyone who has pride and a backbone.

  4. @Dar: luckily NOBODY cares about what you wish. YOUR President and his followers are mass murderers and they all shall hang from the highest trees.


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