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Cablegate : Suzanne Mubarak's religion !!

Laura Bush and Suzanne Thabet during that visit
In the new batch of U.S cables by Wikileaks there is cable with reference “05CAIRO3807” dated to 2005 before former U.S first lady Laura Bush visit to Cairo. The cable is an a diplomatic introductory report about former Egypt first Suzanne Thabet whom Laura Bush would meet in her visit to Cairo.
There is nothing interesting or new in the cable we do not know except one thing : U.S ambassador Gordon said in the diplomatic cable that Suzanne Thabat is Christian while her husband is a Muslim !!
Officially Suzanne Mubarak is a Muslim all those years , at least this is what it said in her Wikipedia entry. Despite the fact she was never seen practicing Islamic rituals like praying in Public , nobody though she would not be a Muslim. Officially she is the daughter of a Muslim Egyptian doctor who married a Christian nurse of Wales. According to official documents her full name is Suzanne Saleh Mustafa Thabet. Did she convert ?
Whether she is a Muslim or Christian does not matter to me. Our religion says that Muslim man is allowed to marry a Christian woman and actually I know number of Muslim officers whether in the army or the police force that are married to Christian ladies like for instance Dr. Laila Takla. Yasser Arafat was married to Suha Arafat who did not convert to Islam except after his death if I am not mistaken.
What bothers me really is how this will be used in the media in a sick way. Do not tell me that this will not be used by the radicals in Egypt to attack the family laws in Egypt especially the divorce law despite these laws are originated from the Islamic law and the ban of FGM !! The radicals in Egypt already are claiming that her mother’s family in Wales is Jewish with Freemasonic relations to the end of this talk. “Strangely Freemasonic world experts Oksha , Zpider and Mustafa did not bring this up
Do not tell me that the radicals will not use regardless  and claim that was some devilish hidden agenda for the woman who allegedly hated all signs of religion in the country to attack  Christians in Egypt.
It is not the first time someone claims that she is a Christian,some tabloid claimed that Suzanne Thabet ‘s father complete name is Saleh Thabet Ghobrail in last March and that the “Ghobrial” name was omitted from official documents !! Of course this is untrue because a simple check you will find that her cousin’s name is “Mustafa Thabet”.
By the way Safwan Thabat , the famous businessman and dairy industries tycoon is not related to Suzanne Thabet and her Thabets clan. 
Another thing : Where is Mounir Thabet !?
Whether Muslim or Christian , this woman’s true faith was power or rather the abuse of power.
Expect some official denial from Mubarak’s camp team and do not be surprised to find Suzanne Mubarak wearing a black veil in public holding a Holy Quran.
Updated :
El Wafd newspaper claims that the cable said that Suzanne Mubarak is a Christian and her loyalty is for Christianity !!!! With my all respect the cable is here and available to the whole world and clearly the newspaper added something it is not there and this is what I feared of.
I do not understand the disgusting level El Wafd newspaper has reached to after the revolution , I really do not


  1. IF she converted from Muslima to Christian she must be executed by Shari'ah Law.

  2. I think radicals will not interest in this cable as ElHanem is finished and has no Power

  3. Why is this remotely important?

  4. To put it in a modern context. 'Execution because of conversion' obviously is inhumane. Doesn't it sound like some law that Gadaffi would have made once he realised, his 'subjects' (forgive me Libyans) no longer believe in his authority. It a sign of weakness showing him afraid of losing popularity and he had to rule by fear.

    This fear another reason why extremists of all religions become extreme. Its all just proves their own insecurity and inability to think for themselves. If they did put the "kind" back in the word "humankind".

    The sooner everyone realises certain laws and superstitions were made for certain times in history and that is where they should remain.

    What happened to all our ancestors, thousands of years ago that didn't believe in religion because the religion hadn't been invented. They had superstitions which again is based on human fear. When humans stop fearing each other or frightening each other then peace happens.

    Good point made in this chronicle, Zenobia

  5. "Whoever changed his religion, then kill him" Sahih al-Bukhari, 9:84:57

    Shari'ah does not make any difference whether the apostate has power or not. Thus if she did it, her head must be chopped.

    As for our ancestors: Bad luck for all those who died before 610 CE. Paradise is only open for those who lived after the revelation.

  6. It does not matter if she is a Muslim or a Christian, what does Religion have to do when you come to evaluate a person, will belonging to a specific religion add to them in the evaluation? will belonging to a religion make us better doctors, engineers or chemists?
    I think we should evaluate what is within despite the religion

    secondly is anyone reading Al Wafd newspaper??

  7. انا كل يوم باتنقط من حزب الوفد اكتر
    الحزب ده كان شريك لمبارك في فساده
    و دلوقتي بيفسد علينا ثورتنا

  8. who the fuck cares? she's a powerhungry woman and neither a good christian nor muslim.

  9. @ the islamist

    please tell me you are a guy who is trying to be funny. if not, may god and democracy protect us from people like u.

  10. @ The Islamist

    Before making such bold ( Fatwas ) like that you should go read and research the topic , there is NOTHING in the Quran that supports that claim . In fact if you do read up on the subject , you'll find that there is no earthly punishment for apostasy and executing leavers of the faith is based on the opinion of some Sunni scholars .

    It's people like you that make non-muslims view our religion as an intolerant and blood-thirsty religion , then you whine about how the west views Islam with negativity . People like you make me sick ...

  11. Who cares? The saying goes, "When you put out the light, there is no muslim or christian."

  12. What happens after you put out the light is a different matter and should not be elaborated upon on a board which is open for reading by minors too.

    It is correct that the Holy Qur'an does not impose earthly punishment on apostasy, however, there are other sources for Shari'ah and Fatwas based there upon. For ex:

    The shari’a refers to the mouse as ‘little corrupter,’ and says it is permissible to kill it in all cases. It says that mice set fire to the house, and are steered by Satan. The mouse is one of Satan’s soldiers.

    Consequently a Fatwa can be issued to kill Mickey Mouse, which qualifies as a mouse too, and it was in fact placed:

    As Mickey Mouse is more famous/more popular than Suzanne, a Fatwa on Suzanne's head should be a minor issue (always provided she is guilty of apostasy)

  13. Why your religion allow guys to marry non Muslims while disallow women??

  14. if she is Muslim or Christian for me nothing change about her I miss her too much she did too many things for the women and children please don't forget this never, never!

  15. Anonymous 11:36:00 AM raises a good point about Islamo-gynophobic sexism. What about it, Z? And in the same vein, why do you almost never talk about Egypt's elephant in the living room, female genital mutilation? Please consider dedicating a post to that subject.

  16. One shall not marry one's daughter to a kafeer, because then the children will likely follow the father's religion and become kafereen too.

    Religions come with rules. The Yahuds wrote a 'holy' book pretending that God gave them the promised land on a silver plate; because of this thousands have been killed (so far) - it is the very same.

    @Jason: there are far more important issues right now than female genital mutilation. One should consider what happens if Turkey as NATO ally goes to war against Israel.

    Finally: Suzanne just spent the money she stole from the Egyptian people. She did not do anything good. She is a she-devil, a most horrible rula. Luckily she could be stopped and her nefarious plan to install her son as incoming President be thwarted. Now she needs to be destroyed, regardless of her religion.

    1. Screw all such as you "The Islamist". This is exactly why people such as yourself must be permanently eradicated from the face of this our sacred planet. Beings such as you have no right to exist within Creation. You came into existence solely as harmful residue byproduct of creation. You and your primitive harmful religious beliefs are in the lowest maggot category, most of whom are far superior to you and your co-religionists.

  17. wow...
    The guy/girl named themselves "The Islamist" the only people that use that term are people who don't like Muslims with certain views. I've never heard someone come out and say "I'm an Islamist". It doesn't even make sense in arabic.

    So that person is a troll and everyone got dragged into it (yes on some level even I did).
    And THAT is what's wrong with Egypt today. People are "abusing" freedom of speech and we see the spread of rumors. These rumors are then acted upon before being checked and we get a little problems or simple miscommunications become huge issues. In some cases these miscommunications were actually lies with the intent of sowing discourse.

    Finally, don't expect accurate fatwas on blog posts. hatha-waAllahoua3lam

    As salamou3alykoum.

  18. Screw all such as you "The Islamist". This is exactly why people such as yourself must be permanently eradicated from the face of this our sacred planet. Beings such as you have no right to exist within Creation. You came into existence solely as harmful residue byproduct of creation. You and your primitive harmful religious beliefs are in the lowest maggot category, most of whom are far superior to you and your co-religionists.


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