Thursday, September 1, 2011

Regarding Camp David Amendments

Ok logic says that we should focus now on Camp David and forget this useless debate about who pulled down the Israeli flag from the embassy and the battle of the Tahrir square circular garden.

Contradicting statements between Cairo and Tel Aviv

Up till now the Egyptian government has not issued yet its final statement about the Israeli violations to our territories and to Camp David accords and Up till now we are getting contradicting news from Cairo and Tel Aviv. Despite Amos Galid said that there is no agreement on amending the accords nor more Egyptian army or security will be in Sinai and despite Barak said that Israel will not allow Egypt to have more army forces in Sinai explicitly ,we find Ofir Goldman tweeting that it is better for Israel that Egypt sends extra forces to Sinai to combat terrorism !!

#Israel and #Egypt share an interest in sending Egyptian forces into Sinai to combat terrorism, a danger that threatens both countries.Mon Aug 29 17:44:05 via web

Egypt did send extra troops to Zones “B” and “C” , about 1500 soldiers “not clear if they are army or police” there already to fight extremists according to Major General Ismail Etman. Of course this increase is not enough especially that these soldiers are surely not fully equipped with proper weapons.

Israel clearly refuses any talk about amending Camp David accords in a way that allows us to have real army troops in Sinai despite we are not looking for war but rather security. SCAF is between the Israeli American pressure and the street pressure and logically and cleverly its answer will be Camp David accords can be amended through negotiations between Israel and Ministry of foreign affairs , General intelligence and military intelligence as Etman stated. Of course Etman forgot the magical words : The approval of the Egyptian parliament.


There is new party in the equation called the Egyptian people unlike in the past , just like the Israeli government can’t move without the approval of the Israeli parliament , so will the future elected Egyptian government insh Allah. It is better to wait then to the new parliament and the new government. Any future government should not escape from that tough assignment because actually having extra troops in Sinai is a must especially in the future.

Already Sharaf’s government decided to found a new governorate in the Middle zone of Sinai , we will have here 3 governorates and sooner or later there will be urban development and real reclamation in Sinai as people will have to leave the valley with rapid increase in population. 

The zones “B” and “C”

According to Camp David Zone B is the middle zone of Sinai , it is biggest by far. The civil police protects the region with light weapons supported with 4 battalions from the army’s borders guards “not more than 4,000 personnel”

Zone “C” is on our the borders , only multinational observers and the Egyptian police there except Rafah zone where there are army borders units according to an agreement between Egypt and Israel in 2005.

Zone “B” as I hinted is the biggest in Sinai as well as the poorest, it is a gold mine for drugs , for human trafficking due to the lack of both a real development and really security.

How the Egyptians saved Gaza

This is the biggest national security exam not only to SCAF or the government which is an interim government by the end of the day or the potential presidential candidates and new political powers, this is an exam for Egypt and Egyptians after the revolution and I believe the Egyptian people were the only who passed this exam successfully with their anger that made Israel thinks twice before any operation in Gaza. Our ambassador in Ramallah claims that Egypt , the official Egypt interfered and stopped Israel from attacking Gaza. Also Israeli newspaper Maariv allegedly claimed that Netanyahu and the Israeli government hawks wanted to started a new operation in Gaza but decided to halted after the protests at the Israeli embassy in Giza. I think the unofficial Egypt played a bigger role than official Egypt to the level that it supported the official Egypt and gave it a huge power to stop any aggression on Gaza. Ali Abunimah wrote an interesting piece about this in URUK Net.Info

The Israeli government should rethink its actions and positions from Egypt and the Egyptians because just like SCAF took the revolution side against Mubarak, in any further more provocations it will choose the people’s side again to maintain its survival and popularity and at one point it will not listen to the American pressures because it will not be stand and can not stand against angry Egyptian civilians but as well angry Egyptian army officers and soldiers.

The Jinni is out of the bottle and the Egyptian national security is in fact from one of the things that unit us with all our different political powers from right to the left , from north to south , from Tahrir revolutionaries to Roxy protesters. Again we are not looking for war but we are looking for equal relations.

The Shimon Peres’ sorrow is not enough , what is enough official apology from the Israeli state , appropriate compensation and amending the Camp David accords.  Some say that we should stop the export of gas to Israel ,well I believe we should stop the export of gas to the whole world till every thing house in Egypt gets gas access. We are not Qatar for God sake !!

Of course the Israeli investigators claim that the attackers of Eilat operation were wearing an Egyptian army uniform and this is why they got confused and killed our soldiers and officers.

The flag diplomacy follow up :

By the way the Israeli embassy raised the Israeli flag but unlike what Ofir Gendelman said on August 29th,2011 it is not flying high in the sky at the top of the building , it was raised at the balcony of the embassy in the building while the Egyptian flag is still there at the top of the building.

Flag Diplomacy : The Israeli flag at the balcony

Now some average Israeli has sent this message to the Egyptian people.

A message to the Egyptian people from an average Israeli

Well here is a message from average Egyptian and Arab cartoonists led by cartoonist Ashraf Hamdy to the Israeli people like this average Israeli.

Kharabeesh : Stay in your borders

What we want from Tel Aviv

We want an official real documented apology now with proper compensation to the victims’ families as a first step . The second step is amending Camp David accords.

Israel put a big bet that Mubarak , their strategic treasure will leave the throne to his son Gamal who is even more corrupted that him and Israel lost the bet.


  1. My logic is still to get our revolution going. To defend our rights against religious fanatics and Mubarak's children.

    This hackle with Israel is just a distraction - may be just what SCAF wants ...

  2. كما قلت هناك حقيقه جديده علي الارض هي الرأي العام المصري و اعتقد ان الاسرائيليين بدأوا يعوا عذة الحقيقه و سيعتادون عليها و يأخذوها في حساباتهم ، سنعدل شروط كامب ديفيد لنجعلها في صالحنا اكثر و سبيلنا الي هذا الاراده السياسيه للشعب المصري هذه هي يا مصر التي نريدها "انا تاج العلاء في مفرط الشرق و دراته فرائد عقدي"

  3. What was Omar Suleiman doing sitting around the table at the Friends of Libya Conference in Paris today!!!!!

  4. Is it just me, or is that Israeli clip loading faster and smoother than our's???

    If that is genuine from Israel, this moron is father and mother of all stupidity in one package

  5. @anonymous no.2 where was that !?

  6. @Zeinobia, you should have credited me for the Average Israeli video! ;)

  7. @Z
    It seems that you are barking at the wrong tree when you direct the problem towards the relation between Egypt and Israel.
    Islamic terrorist cells have established themselves in the Sinai mountains (which is harder to reach and search out than Afghanistan)and will continue to be a real threat to Egypt and Israel alike. These cells are made up of battle hardened fanatics who fought in Afghanistan, Palestinian and Islamist groups and mean to harm Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel alike.
    This situation is going to become a main source of trouble for the whole region if it is not resolved immediately.

  8. Ahavat Eretz Israel9/03/2011 02:32:00 PM

    @Jason: That video clip is sooo funny!

  9. Regarding the Ashraf Hamdy cartoon. The caricature of the Israeli with a stereotypical Jewish nose is remarkable. In Western countries it would be unacceptable. It resembles Nazi propaganda. In the Arab world there is a different sensibility. To be fair, I have seen incredibly racist depictions of Sudanese in Arab cartoons, so the bigotry is not only against Jews.


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