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Breaking News : Qaddafi is arrested !? "Updated and graphic""

OK Al Jazeera says that there is news El Qaddafi has been arrested in Sirte after its official fall.
Now Reuters officially reports that sources in NTC says that he was arrested after he was injured in both legs
AFP says that Abu Bakr Younis was found dead in some morgue.
We do not know if it is the big news of the week or not.
Story is developing
Now we got news that NTC will show a footage for Qaddafi at 7 PM.
AJE reports that Moussa Ibrahim was arrested with him
Like Andy Carvin asked could not someone post a photo with camera phone now ?
There is unconfirmed news about his arrest from Sirte now , some sources says that he was killed.
Al Arabiya says that he was transferred to the Misrata as a dead body. The U.S state department is still looking for confirmation.
According to ONTV correspondent in Libya Tarek Abdel Gaber , the NTC arrested for real Moastem Qaddafi.
Now One of the field commanders , Mohamed El Lathy is saying that he saw Qaddafi who is badly wounded and this is why it is believed now that he was killed.
@2:04 PM CLT
Now more news coming that Qaddafi was killed according to NATO's confirmation now and more eye witnesses accounts.Allegedly he was shot in his head now according to one eye witness !!
Abdel Galil Mustafa will address the Libyan people in a short time.
It seems that today is the day Qaddafi died !!
It is believed that his body has reached to Misrata
@2:26 PM CLT 
Belhaj has confirmed officially that Qaddafi is killed and he is being transferred to Misrata
People are overwhelmed and happy in Libya.
I have seen in topics trending in twitter like that from one Arab country in one hour

@2:30 PM CLT
AFP has announced that it got a photo for Qaddafi injured. Here is the photo which is actually a screen cap from a Handcam with the date of today 20/10 at 12:23 PM. He seemed to be a dead person not alive."Graphic"

AFP exclusive 
Sources to AJA said that Qaddafi was alive when he was captured , he was wounded and died in his way to Misrata.
The Guardian says that two NATO air crafts hit the convey of Qaddafi at 6 GMT.
AJA showed shocking footage for Qaddafi's minister of interior Abu Bakr Younis's dead body on a truck being poked by soldier."Graphic"

Abu Bakr Youns with blue  color 
The last thing we have now is that the body of Qaddafi will be transferred secretly to some where in Misrata
One of the
@3:40 PM CLT
Some soldiers spoke to ONTV and said that Qaddafi was actually executed by 9mm gun.
Al Arabiya reports that Seif  Al Islam Qaddafi escaped from Bani Walid to the South while there are unconfirmed news about his brother Mutassim.
Al Arabiya showed horrible photos for what is believed to be where Qaddafi was captured. There were several dead bodied whose faces are covered with blue color !!
Here is a screen
The tunnels !! 
Al Arabiya also announced that its reporters will be allowed to see and film the Qaddafi's dead body. According to some sources Qaddafi was shot once in his head and in his stomach !!
@3:57 PM CLT
Al Jazeera international showing another shocking photo for Qaddafi as a dead man. "Graphic"

Here is the video showing Qaddafi killed "Graphic"

Now the NTC will hold its press conference after receiving the DNA test results.
@6:12 PM
Mutassim Qaddafi was killed after he was captured while there is unconfirmed reported that Seif Al Islam Qaddafi was captured after
In the past hour a new video showing Qaddafi alive captured by the fighters was aired in Al Jazeera. New photos emerged as well.

A shot from the clip
The body of Qaddafi is said to be in some mosque. Here is a photo showing the head shot "graphic"
From Al Arabiya
Here is an interview in Arabic with the man that killed Qaddafi.
The man who killed Qaddafi , the young man who pulled the trigger is 18 years old Ahmed El Shabiny. It is an irony because Qaddafi overthrew the Libyan Royal family while he was young in age. I think El Shabiny shot after that video.
El Shabiny with golden gun of Qaddafi "AFP"
The Libyans in Egypt are having a party in their embassy , I think they are celebrating in Matrouh and Alexandria as well.
Of course in Syria Qaddafi is alive and these are only rumors.
An official source denies the murder of Qaddafi
The photos spread are fake !!
@6:47 PM CLT 
According to news from Libya Seif Al Islam was arrested at check point in Zantin. He asked for food as he did not eat for two days.
Now there is a debate in Egypt and it is not about whether we should have a Libyan style revolution but rather now we should not show the photos of Qaddafi's dead corpse not to mention POWs should not treated like that !!
In 1970s Qaddafi launched mass executions for students opposing him in the stadium and forced the people to watch there and on TV.
What goes around , comes around.
@7:03 PM CLT 
Now we got reports from Al Arabiya that Seif Al Islam was killed , may be he was executed like his dad.
The Egyptian government congratulated the NTC while AP says that he is currently in the hospital.
The NTC will issue a constitutional declaration soon.
Here is a longer and clear video for Qaddafi's capture.
Qaddafi was hiding like a rat !!
@7:29 PM CLT
Al Arabiya and BBC Arabic aired the photo of Mutassim Qaddafi after he was killed. "Graphic"
Here is a better image

Seif Al Islam Qaddafi is killed , it is a fact and his corpse has reached to Misrata airport already.
Obama to make statement at White House about killing of Gadhafi at 2 p.m. EDT
Another photo for Qaddafi surfaced showing him in the morgue where his hair is shorter than the video , his corpse at Mall Africa in Misrata !! "Graphic"

I know it is full of Irony, the king of kings of Africa ends as a dead corpse at Mall Africa !!
Not only the Syrian TV believes that Qaddafi is alive but people in South Africa believe that he is alive too and this is completely fabrication.  Strangely the first photo they showed is the one that looks fake , of course we got a video. Also Burhan Ghalion is still alive , Ghalion is the man that blogger claims to be killed instead of Qaddafi !!
@8:13 PM CLT
More photos and videos coming from Misrata showing the dead body of Mutassim Qaddafi "Graphic"

The golden pistol of Momar Qaddafi has some Arabic words on it.
I can't read it 
Now some trivial info about Qaddafi : 
  • He was born in 1942 and ruled Libya for 42 years.
  • He made his coup in 1969 and in the age of 69 he was killed. 
  • He was born and captured in Sirte. 
  • He named the month of July as Nasser and month of  August as Hannibal. 
@10:24 PM CLT 
This video clip did not make it to the TV channels , it is graphic from the morgue in Misrata showing the people around Qaddafi's corpse
Some are saying that the last words Qaddafi said after his capture were "You are my children , you are my children" in a scene that reminded me with the execution of Ceausescu 
Officially the NTC says that Qaddafi was killed during a cross fire between the revolutionaries and his troops after he was injured and captured


  1. Or shot at legs. Or critically injured.

    Unable to know yet, I wouldn't be too unhappy either case! Great victory for Libyans. Now everyone should focus to Syria again!

  2. the theory of Creative Destruction at work.

  3. Basheer Assad! You are next!

    Great job Libya! This is, how it should be done!

    However, let us remember, how much the people had to suffer and that the way to this victory was paved with blood and sorrow.

  4. He called his people "Rats". Isn't it an irony of history, that he died like one in a sewerage pipe?!

  5. I don't know if you remember Zeinab that you were the first to predict that Qaddafi will not get out of Libya alive.You were right. Check one of your posts after the start of the Libyan revolution.

  6. Now the question is who will rule Libya?

  7. The world has lost a great Haloween clothes designer!

  8. What difference has Saddams & Gaddafi's death made to the Arabs? you will still remain the dogs & slaves of western powers except your masters have changed.


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