Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SCAF on TV : What they will say now ? "Live Update"

This post is being written while I am extremely exhausted , it is an attempt to write down the questions of Eissa and Shazly and the answers of the SCAF representatives in English in that big TV show of its kind so the whole world would know what is going on.
@10:04 PM 
Mona El Shazly started its show with an introduction saying that it has been 3 months since the last appearance for SCAF member on TV.
There will be two major generals with Mona and Ibrahim on air so forget about Anan , in fact thank God it is not Anan.
The TV shows received 3,000 questions. Most of the questions came through the Facebook while the SMS received suggestions. Not all the questions will be asked on air.
The episode will start after the commercial break which is long :(
There is a hashtag for the show already #SCAFShow.
@10:14 PM 
Another introduction to reminds with "The people and the army" are one hand and the first statement of Etman to the latest development of this relation between the army and the people especially SCAF's political powers. The relation was ok till the black Sunday. It is a good introduction , it mentions the anti-strikes law , how Rasha  Azab was summoned because of what she wrote about virginity tests to the Black April 9th clashes to Abassaiya incidents to the Israeli embassy clashes to the bloody Black Sunday on October 9th.
@10:22 PM
El Assar and Hegazy.
Ibrahim Eissa's first question is about Black Sunday.
El Assar starts his answer with condolences to the families of martyrs and sympathy to the families of the injured. The major general is accusing a third party who tried to turn Muslims against Christians and the people against the people and army.
His face is serious.
El Shazly says that the Christians are badly affected
The army is still searching for those behind those for real behind the attack. They did not find them yet
Eissa is asking about the military police and the vehicle that crashed the protesters , Eissa asking if SCAF was part in the attack.
El Assar brought up SCAF's presser which he says that it was not made to accuse the protesters , he says that some outsiders attacked the MP.
El Assar is still speaking , the MP were not armed by live ammunition
The armed forces will not allow this attack to happen this again against its forces.
El Assar turned serious when Eissa brought up the outsiders , "We do not speak about it sarcastically" and Eissa says he did not meant that.
El Assar asks people to testify/
@10:33 PM 
El Assar spoke about the army Vehicles again , saying it was unintentionally.
Eissa speaks that this neglect.
Hegazy speaks and shares his condolences to the martyrs families and recovery wishes to the injured. He will answer Eissa's question.
Hegazy : The enemies of this revolution will be sectarian division. There is independent investigation committee and Mona will wonder if the army will appear as guilty in the finding of this committee. Ibrahim asks whether the existence of victims mean that the army was guilty.
Hegazy : I care that this disaster does not happen again.
@10:41 PM
Hegazy : We respect the protesting right but why people do not respect the rules and guidelines of protesting It is about protesting now.
Eissa : It is not the mission of military police to secure protesters.
For five minutes he is speaking about big protests.
There is no people without army and the army is owned by the people Hegazy says.
He is insisting that the ammunition with the MP conscript was blank.
Eissa reminds us with the anniversary of Ibrahim Rafai's martyrdom.
Hegazy speaks about the six days defeat and 1973 war.
@10:58 PM 
The core beliefs of the army have not changed according to El Assar but now we got enemies for this nation and this revolution.
The MP was attacked just like the Christians according to El Assar.
Mona saves the days when Eissa pushes the generals to the corner
Eissa asks about the independent committee but I could not hear the answer.
A commercial break.
They are defending themselves. Twitter world do not like it but I do not know yet about the street.
@11:11 PM 
We are back Mona El Shazly is speaking about political mistakes.
Ibrahim Eissa is speaking with Hegazy about the government , I am losing focus actually. It is not the government .
and El Assar says that our economy is bad. They convinced with the demands of the people but they can't meet these demands because there is no tourism, no FDI , no security , strikes affecting production ..etc.
Eissa is asking why SCAF trusts Sharaf and El Assar how the government will act in front of 20 strikes.
Mona asks about how their families see the government.
It is not the best interview at all. Again they do not know now to help themselves.
@11:29 PM
El Assar speaks about the lack of security and says it is a natural thing.
Hegazy says that the people is suffering from mistrust due to the past fiasco and they do not blame it.
Not a single answer for a single question
It is headache , I am losing focus , no order.
@11:52 PM 
After commercial break we got the questions of the viewers and they are great.
People asking :
Why does the army leave the thugs ?
Are Egyptians abroad going to have vote ?
Who is responsible for changing the people and army one hand to down with the field marshal?
The questions are great.
Hegazy speaking about security , thousands of fugitives , thousands of uncontrolled arms , MOI was shaken on January ..etc
@12:04 AM
They are speaking about the police and its restructure .. etc.
Eissa is speaking about the military police's mission and how it failed
El Assar : The army will not appoint a minister of interior from the military.
@12:21 AM
They are speaking about the parliamentary elections which they are promised to be the first transparent and secured as long as they are no strikes.
They moved about universities.
They expect that the voting turnout will be 80% to 90%.
The political isolation law will be implemented on those who even will be a MP. It will be implemented before the elections.
The new liberal parties opposed the political isolation law according to El Assar
@12:34 AM
They chose these programs because they criticized them , well Fel Midan does criticize SCAF but El Shazly !? Well I have not seen this show for months now regularly as I used before
They will speak about the timetable of democratic transition.
@12:50 AM 
El Assar is speaking about the the timetable. To down SCAF is to down the state according to him and if this wanted the power ,they do not want power because it is a burden. If they did , they would have taken it since February and people would have welcomed it.
The presidential elections will not be in 2013 as the constitution can take two months in 2012.
Hegazy is calling the people to vote. 


  1. SCAF right now is telling the people to stay calm and work together, but they dont realise that there cannot be calm while there is an untrustworthy relationship between the people and SCAF especially when there are too many "mistakes" and carelessness. How can SCAF expect us to trust them when they still have pre-revolution reminants? Its only natural for us to keep them on their toes


  2. Z, both Hegazy and Assar were very, very careful never to refer to the unarmed demonstrators murdered by the army in the streets of Cairo on Black Sunday as "martyrs".

    Assar & Hegazy mentioned the "martyrs" of the army, the "martyrs" of the January 25th revolution, but they referred to the martyrs of Black Sunday as "victims". They did this repeatedly and without exception, so it was very intentional and deliberately provocative.

    I turned off the show after an hour -- how could a discussion be so boring and yet so infuriating at the same time? They babbled on and on, but all their answers could be summed up in five phrases:

    1) The revolution and mysterious unnamed "infiltrators" are to blame for all Egypt's troubles.

    2) The army is perfect and blameless. Our duty is to believe all their claims even when these contradict the evidence of our own eyes and ears.

    3) The government is doing the best job possible and nobody could do better.

    4) The people are demanding and selfish and ungrateful and need to be controlled.

    5) All Egypt's problems will magically be solved after the parliamentary and presidential elections, which will somehow be free of violence and corruption and fraud.

    They were like robots programmed by Mubarak -- what they displayed was his stubborn refusal to face reality or take responsibility for abuse of power, his contempt and barely-concealed hatred for the Egyptian people, his self-pity and self-praise.

    I turned off the tv before I involuntarily spit on it (after all, unlike the SCAF, I am accountable and have to clean up my own messes).

  3. عند انسحاب الشرطه تخوف البعض من وجود الجيش وقالوا انه سيفعل كيت وكيت وكيت وان ديدن العسكر معروف وانه وانه ولكن كان عندي احساس داخلي لاأعرف كنهه ان جيشنا لن يضرب أحدا ولن يعتدي علي مصري وفي الايام الاولي للثوره وبعد الخلع تأكد احساسي وكانت فرحتي بجيشنا كبيره ومرت أيام الثوره وصاحبتها الفوضي التي تكلم عنها المخلوع (الذي يبحث الان عن مخرج قانوني في العالم الغربي ليثبت انه لم يتنازل عن ملك مصر وانه مازال الملك ) بدأت اشعر بنوع من الخيبه خاصه وانا أعرف ان الجيش يقدر علي كثير ليحمي مصر من الفوضي والفوضويين وتداعي الامر في نفسي برغم يقيني أن الله ناصر ثوره مصر ان شاء الله الاانه يعز علي مايتردد عن تصرفات بعض ممن يمثلون الجيش ويرجعون لذاكرتي أيام سوداء عاشها الناس في السجون الحربيه بالاضافه لكثير مما يحتاج الي توضيح بلا مناورات ولا تخبئه لم يعد هنالك وقت لكل هذا حقيقي اسرائيل تنتظر وقوعنا في هذا وأكثر واذانسيتم تذكروا قول جولدا مائير(سنضرب المسيحي بالمسيحي والمسلم بالمسلم والمسيحي بالمسلم وهذا ليس بذكاء منا ولكنه بغباء من الطرف الاخر) انتهي كلام جولدا وبدأوا العمل بلبنان مزقوها والعراق شرذموها ودخلوا السعوديه وسوريا ومصر وعلت نغمه ونغمات لم تكن موجوده من قبل هذا سلفي وهذا جماعات وهذا قرآني وهذا شيعي ووووكذلك تشدد المسيحيين ونغمه الكفر التي كفرنا بها البعض والحاكم الفاسد الي قدم خير مصر برخيص التمن لاسرائيل وكأنه يقدم هديه لاصدقائه الصدوقين وبعد ذلك تطبق الاحكام العسكريه علي الثوار والبلطجيه الغلابه المؤتمرين والي متي آه لغايه ماييجئ الشخص الذي يرضي عنه أعضاء المجلس ويرضي عنه الناس ولكن الناس لن يرضيها من كان عسكريا أبدا جربنا 60سنه دعونا نجرب من ليس له بالعسكريه الا التجنيد الاجباري اتركوا الامر لله من قبل ومن بعد انتم خير أجناد الارض ليوم القيامه جربوا معنا الحريه ولن تندموا وافرحوا ان شاء الله بنصر الله لكم يوم تزيحوا اسرائيل من الدنيا وسيحدث بأمر الله متي يوم يتحد شعبنا وجيشنا قلبا وقالباولله الامر من قبل ومن بعد


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