Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Copts’ Demands in the new Sit in

Not less than 1000  Angry Angry Egyptian Christians are currently having a sit in in front of Maspero Building “National TV and Radio” cutting the Corniche road.
They are protesting after the sectarian tensions took place in a village in Edku , Aswan earlier this week over Church under construction, it is usual problem radical Muslims attack the church claiming that it is unauthorized while the Christians got the authorization from the governorate. What made things even worse the governor of Aswan denied giving the permission to build this church despite there are documents that say otherwise.
Why did the governor lie !? Of course the timing of the problem is more than suspicious concerning all the talk about the emergency talk.
Angry Christians are having a sit in again in front of the Egyptian TV building demanding the following :
  • Sacking off the governor of Aswan.
  • Assigning the army to rebuild the church and to compensate the Christians in Edku.
  • Reopen closed churches.
  • To punish the churches’ attackers.
The Egyptian Nubians demanded the dismissal of Mustafa El Sayid who has been Aswan’s governor since the days of Mubarak from couple of weeks ago.
There have been rumors tonight that El Sayid has resigned but I have not seen confirmation so far.
FYI Maspero is now protected by iron security doors , actually these doors have been installed to protect the building or rather its on air studios from angry TV employees and angry protesters. They have been just installed from two weeks if I am not mistaken.
Some protesters were planning to to have a protest in front of Maspero this Friday October 7,2011 to purge the media and liberated from the old Mubarak’s policy.
Currently the security forces are around the sit in , I will try to get better image for the sit in tomorrow insh Allah.
It seems that the sit in was ended by force , the military police and CSF have dispersed and arrested some of the protesters


  1. In my own opinion, religion is a private affair. No reason to impeach a church or a mosque when they not damage the environment.

    I know, because I was many times in Egypt, that this matter is always a problem, but copts are more than 10 millions.

    It is important to resolve these conflicts pacificly. The true problems are elsewhere.

    Julio de Magalhaes
    Lisboa - Portugal

  2. Sudanese Observer10/12/2011 03:17:00 PM

    So the 'real' grievances of the 'organic' peoples of Aswan, the Nubians, are now going to be overshadowed by this comparatively minor problem..?
    Copts held prominent positions in both pre and post Revolutionary Egypt and their collective position and political prestige is incomparable to how Egypt's Nubians fit into the Cairene mould.
    As a Nubian from across the border I am mildly incensed by the Coptic demand, which is jumping on the original Nubian bandwagon which called for the governor to be changed for some time now.


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