Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Sniper over our rooftop : Snipers from Outer space

Despite all the evidence mounting in front of our eyes that there are snipers in ministry of interior , the minister of interior Mansour Eissawy is insisting that there is no snipers unit working in the ministry.
Here is a new photo showing that there is something called snipers unit we dedicated to Mansour Eissawy.
A CSF Major officer  "Snipers !!" 
You can see in the highlighted black circle the word "SNIPERS"
This photo allegedly taken in 2009.
This is not an a sniper from outer space.
This is not the first photo of its kind to emerge proving that we had snipers in the ministry of interior.

The ninth witness in the Mubarak’s trial former police General Hassan Abdel Hamid whose testimony turned upside down the case at least for Habib El Adly stated in court there are snipers units following the state security. 
It is true the Snipers unit used to be under the supervision of the state security “Currently National security” among the Anti-International Terrorism  and special forces department. According former police generals and security experts who were brave enough to spell more details to the media about the legendary unit every year 16 students or even less are selected from the students of the police academy to be trained as snipers. The snipers of MOI reportedly are pampered compared to other units in the police.
Aside from fighting terrorists the snipers are assigned to protect the prime minister and minister of interior !! It seems that Eissawy does not know that he is being protected by snipers !!!
It was one of the strangest coincidence ever from couple of months ago that the official and final autopsy report of late Police General Mohamed El Batran proved that he was killed by a sniper rifle according to gunshot that killed him.
Al Masry Al Youm’s investigative journalism team Ahmed Ragab and Mostafa Al Marsfawy made in last September 2011 a very interesting report that proved that there are snipers n the ministry of interior thanks to documents they found showing the payroll of the officers and the places of their training during the days of Habib El Adly.
The locations of snipers "Al Masry Al Youm"
By the way El Wafd weekly “August 11th issue” had a very bold claim that Gamal Mubarak hired snipers from the infamous “Black water” or rather to kill the protesters !! It is no longer Hezbollah snipers but Black water snipers !!
Journalist Mohamed Badawy demanded the Egyptian authority to arrest Prince through the Interpol to investigate the matter !!
Still there is no smoke without fire because I know from personal sources that Gamal Mubarak once met with “Black water” officials during one of the visits to Washington. I do not recall the year though but it was before 2010 for sure. One must imagine what that weasel was planning for.


  1. I don't think there is a "Snipers Unit" affiliated to the police; it would rather be officers who had a special training "Snipers Training". I think it is more like the "Sa3qa", it is more a training session than a unit, of course we still have the special forces unit which is composed of army officers that had the "Sa3qa training", but there are a lot of army officers who passed this training and are not members of the special forces unit (and they have the word Sa3qa written on the sleeve too)

    I think in police it is the same case. I heard that most of them were then incorporated into the Republican Guards.


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