Monday, October 3, 2011

Syrian Revolution : The River of blood is still flooding “Graphic +18”

Rastan, Homs
I could not write a single post about Syrian revolution all those previous weeks because honestly I felt that I was not shocked anymore seeing children killed and people injured badly as it became a norm , a daily ritual ,I know it sounds strange but this is what I felt. Despite all what it is going on in Egypt , I could not keep myself away from Syria , I had to return back write about Syria and our people in Syria and what they suffer from.
The Syrian revolution is still going on amazingly despite all those months , despite the international silence , despite the daily blood rivers running through the country , it is still on amazingly. The massacres have not stopped yet , there is on going massacre for days now in Rastan , Homs.

Here is a 12 boy was injured in the security crackdown by El Assad troops today at Al Baeda quarter in Homs "a major quarter in the main city that witnessed several violent security crackdown” {Graphic+18}
Homs : A 12 years boy injure 3/10/2011
This is the kind of ammunition used by El Assad gangs in Homs , in city of Talbisah. According to the video info , this is the ammunition of Russian anti-craft weapon.
Homs : The ammunition used against civilians
Talbisah has been a huge bombardment from four days ago , here are clips showing a city that turned in to a war zone.
Talbaish : Shelling the city–1 30/9/2011
Talbasiah : Shelling the city-2 30/9/2011
Talbasiah : The damage left behind by regime troops 30/9/2011
Here is another child tortured by El Assad gangs , he is from and he was tortured because he joined the protesters in Reef Dimshaq
Reef Dimshaq : Traces of torture on the body of a child 3/10/2011
The relatives of the Syrian National council inside Syrian seemed to be the next target of El Assad regime , today a 22 years old girl related to the family of none other than Burhan Ghalioun was kidnapped from her house.
The night protests are still on through the country on a daily basis. Here are protests from Homs.
Homs : A night protest on 3/10/2011
Homs : A night protest on 3/10/2011
Idlib : A protest in solidarity with Doma on 3/10/2011
The constant defections in the Syrian Arab army following the regime are making headlines but one must wonder the truth here for different reasons.The first is that we do not know exactly how many units or numbers we are speaking about and how these numbers can actually affect the balance of power. Second the numbers allegedly coming from there make us feel that sooner there will be a civil war between the two Syrian armies. Third what we know about the Syrian army that its commanders are from the Alawi sect like El Assad dynasty. Fourth I fear that the Syrians will replace a military regime by another one.
I will not speak about the Arab support to the Syrian revolution because honestly since when Arab rulers did support a revolution in the Arab spring genuinely for democracy and human rights without political gains !? Saudi regime only supports the revolution in the media because of its rivalry nothing more while the Qatari position is unclear and nobody understands it fully.
The Arab league from a months ago made an initiative the lest we can say about it is disgraceful when it calls for a presidential elections in 2014 !! “Of course who am I to speak to about presidential elections in 2013 !?”
Nabil Al Arby did not fail in the Palestine state recognition test as much he failed unfortunately in the Syrian revolution test just as he failed in the Yemeni revolution and Bahraini revolution tests , of course one must be fair and consider the fact that currently the league of Arab state is the cemetery of Egyptian diplomacy. Ironically our SCAF acts like a real interim ruling body when it comes to our regional policies , passive neutrality till the end !!
The Syrian community in Egypt , in Cairo is still protesting in front of Syrian embassy , LAS as well as the Russian embassy. The community is keen to participate in our protests at Tahrir square and make the Syrian old flag in the square. The community also got billboards in Cairo and Giza calling the international community to help the country. I will take photos
Now more shocking videos have emerged from the past months.
There are videos coming from Latakia from March 2011 incredibly shocking and extremely graphic. “Viewer discretion +18” That massacre was committed by regime thugs aka Shabiha along with security forces.
Latakia : A massacre on March 30,2011
Latakia : A massacre on March 30,2011
There is another shocking video for a kid working in a bakery who was killed in the bombardment of Talbasiah in July 2011. I am really sorry but the truth must reach to the world , I want this video to be seen by Hugo Chavez and tell me what is that !?
How many kids have been killed by El Assad so far !?

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