Monday, October 31, 2011

Sheikh Ziad Martyr : They recruit sick people indeed "Updated"

Late Moatez 
On the same day Essam Atta died in strange circumstances that make us wonder if he was tortured till death , there was a horrific crime that took place in the morning committed by the hands of two policemen that turn Sheikh Ziad city upside down.
A 24 years old was shot down by police officers in his car. Moatez Anwar , a student in the MSA university was shot down by two police officers while he was in his car with his friends. He was shot 5 times.
As usual the ministry of interior at first stuck with the officers’ story and claimed that Anwar broke the law and did not pull over when the officers ordered him to do so. The police officers claimed that they saw drugs and arms with the boys in the car without license plate.
Already the story of officers did not go with what is in front of us : A young man who was shot 5 times from the front and not from the back when you imagine story in your mind. 
Moatez's friend 
When the public prosecution investigated we found out that Moatez Anwar and his friends did not have any guns or drugs in the car , they had only snacks they had just bought from the supermarket !! We also found that after shooting Anwar and his friends , the police officers took the license plate off the the car in order to make up their sick story. Anwar had a fight with the officers when his car hit theirs , it could be easy thing that would end peacefully but sooner evolved when one of the officers lost his temper and started to insulted like Moatez with bad smears. I do not know how things evolved and ended that Moatez was shot 5 times and killed while his friends ran away from fear in the desert. “One of them was assaulted by the two police officers and had a head injury”
The case turned it upside down when one of the officer confessed in front of the prosecution has his partner shot down Anwar and his friends. The public prosecution ordered drug test as well as psychiatry tests for one of the officers who turned to have big psychological problems and violent past in his duty record in South Sinai where he was stationed before !!
Ok if a person got huge psychological problems and violent trouble in his duty record , why the hell is he still in the police force and is being given a gun and police portal car ??
Already do they have period psychiatric tests for the officers ? well from what I see , nada otherwise what are these sick monsters torturing and abusing people !?
In fact I will dare and ask : Are there any psychiatric evaluations forces on the new recruits heaven forbid for the new recruits in the police academy !?
This time it is not a systematic torture incident but rather a sick man in power that was being given a gun , a patrol car and a power !!!
Now this young man comes from a a family with Bedouin roots that protected compounds and factories with arms during the lack of security in the early days of the revolution. "Did not know that Sheikh Ziad got its Bedounis !!?" Thus it was matter of time when his family turn Sheikh Ziad upside down and cut the road besieging the Sheikh Ziad’s police station for hours till military police arrived and ended that siege.
Essam's friends made a sit in at Sheikh Ziad's entrance
I hate to think that if it were not the family of Anwar and their power , his rights would be lost but some how in our society it is true. Of course now the MOI claims that one of the police officers that shot down Anwar is unstable mentality based to his duty record in South Sinai where he used to be stationed !!
Moatez Anwar was diagnosed shortly with the HCV , the official virus of Egyptians under Mubarak’s rule. He took his elder brother’s car and went around with his friends to cheer him up after knowing about his illness. Moatez Anwar has passed away and joined our martyrs who were not killed by foreign enemies but by the same men who should have protected him.
You should see this public meeting between the family of Anwar and his friends with 4 officers from Sheikh Ziad’s police station.

I do not know if the video appears or not but here is a link to the video just in case. Here is the car of Moatez.

Just in case it does not work , here is the link
The case Anwar should not be neglected by activist because he comes from a wealthy influential family because anyone of us can because anyone can be in his place whether rich or poor.
Here is a Facebook page dedicated to Moatez made by his friends.
Updated : 
For the first time in its history as far as I recall the ministry of interior apologizes to the family of Moatez Anwar last night on air on TV !! The ministry's spokesperson Marwan Mustafa apologized on behalf the ministry and the minister for the Anwars.
Here is the video
 Apology is not enough we need to a real punishment for those sick officers.


  1. Hey.. the videos are not working and the FB page seems to be inaccessible. I wonder if FB took the page down or the page admin added a country restriction to the page settings. (I live in Canada)

  2. I watched the videos and they are working in Egypt.
    Zenobia can you translate the first video so we know what they are saying.

  3. I am very surprised that seyadet el lewa is asking to be given time to prepare his answer!!! Prosecuting the police officer(s) (which should really be done as fast as the military prosecutions currently imposed on Egyptians) who did this is not enough. A system should be established and implemented to psychologically evaluate police officers periodically, especially those given weapons and are roaming around in the streets. Enough is enough of this police nonsense.


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