Monday, October 31, 2011

Breaking News : Palestine gets a seat in UNESCO

And this is the news of the day.
Palestine has officially won a seat in the UNESCO with 107 votes.
107 countries voted for Palestine’s full membership while 14 voted against it where as 47 abstained in the general conference of the UNESCO today in Paris in one of the biggest diplomatic so belated victories for Palestinian cause.
It is worth to mention that the US issued allegedly a law in 1990s that accordingly it would cut funding to any UN body that admitted Palestine as full membership. We do not know yet if the US will cut funding to the UNESCO or not.
Israel does not like the decision of course and decided to withdraw from the conference in objection.
The story is developing.
This is the first real official recognition for Palestine by UN organization since the end of the British mandate in 1948. 
Hopefully insh Allah next time will be a full membership for the Palestinian state.
Ok here is the video from the Guardian showing the voting process in the general conference.

Israel , U.S , Canada and Germany were among the 14 countries that voted against the decision while UK and Switzerland as well as most of the EU countries.
Only 11 EU countries voted in favor of the decision : Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Malta, Slovenia, Spain
Ironically yesterday was the 20th anniversary of Madrid conference if you remember it.
Israel is extremely angry from the decision. It refuses the decision because Bibi believes that Palestinians should take the order from him to go to the UN and ask if they can have a recognition !!

PM #Netanyahu: Instead of negotiating with us, the PA made a pact w/ Hamas and acted unilaterally at the UN. We won't sit idly by.Mon Oct 31 15:38:39 via web
The October 31st , 2011 is an important date we will not forget.
I thank all the countries of the world that voted for decision even if it is symbolic.
Update : 
The White house cuts funds "$ 60 million" for UNESCO after the vote. 
Now I believe the Arab Gulf countries can provide this sum so easily , Kuwait sent an aid bigger than that to the U.S after hurricane Katrina
The 14 countries that voted against Palestine are :  Australia , Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Israel Lithuania, Holland , Palau , Panama,  Samoa ,Solomon Islands, Sweden ,US ,Vanuatu
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  1. BEST NEWS I heard today!!!!!! : )


  2. It would be great if Saudi Arabia and Qatar could take a fraction of the billion$ that they're pouring into Egypt to sabotage the revolution and stifle democracy, and use it instead to make up for the UNESCO deficit caused by the US' blackmail.

    But that would mean that they actually represent Arab interests rather than those of the US and Israel, so there's not much chance of that.

    Besides, Saudi Arabia is too busy destroying Islamic heritage sites in Saudi Arabia to bother with those in Palestine:

  3. Free Palestine? are you kidding?

  4. @Alice "the UNESCO deficit caused by the US' blackmail" You call that blackmail? Typical entitlement mentality you've got Alice. To what organizations the US gives money is up to the US, not you. Moreover, this was entirely predictable. The New York Times says: "Legislation dating from 1990 and 1994 mandates a complete cutoff of American financing to any United Nations agency that accepts the Palestinians as a full member. State Department lawyers see no leeway in the legislation, and no possibility of a waiver."

  5. The USSR used to assert that the UN was a tool of US and Western imperialism. The Soviets believed that they could exploit the desire of the West to have a UN by engaging in confrontation. After all, the worst that could happen, was that the UN would fail and come to an end.

    Now, the Palestinians have inherited the Soviet view and tactics. The problem is, that Palestine only exists as a UN project. UNWRA provides the Palestinian economy. The General Assembly spends a good part of every session, issuing useless reports about Palestine. Every Palestinian gangster is endorsed as a statesman by the UN.

    No one else really cares if the Palestinians cause the collapse of UNESCO, or of any other UN agency. The citizens of First World democracies have long ago realized that the inclusion, as equals, of Third World mafia states was a fatal mistake. The serious business of international relations has moved elsewhere.

  6. The current Arab media pretense, is that Israel has been preventing the emergence of an Arab state in Palestine. In fact, the Arab League has been fighting for sixty years to undo the Israeli state that emerged in 1948, and to give Israeli territory to some Syria or Lebanon-like confederation of hostile Arab feudal clans. The Palestinian leader has not yet been born, who could admit that the Big Brave Entitled Arabs have lost territory to the hated deserve-nothing Yahud. Think of Sadat.

    Neither Hamas nor the PA can sign a peace treaty with Israel, that recognizes Israeli authority over Israeli territory. So long as there is no enforcable peace treaty, there will be war. The Israelis and Palestinians understand that, better than anyone.

  7. Oh yeah, another round of hasbarian trash talk bashing the UN for even caring about the Palestinians.
    Help me out, which organisation gave you douches a piece of land after WWII?
    Hint: It wasn't the criminal IDF and neither AIPAC.

  8. The traitorous Egyptians under Mohammad Ali, fighting against the Caliph in Istanbul, invaded Palestine several times and destroyed and depopulated the country, during the first and second Egyptian-Turkish wars. The Egyptians also provoked the first Palestinian revolt in 1838, which resulted in the shelling of Nablus by the Egyptian army. They had already levelled Acre. When the Egyptian invasions were finished, and the Egyptians expelled, the Turks invited refugees to settle in and rebuild the country, including Jewish and Circassian refugees, among others. The Turks were, by then, not fond of Arabs, nor much inclined to trust them. The Jews and Circassions built modern societies. The Arabs built nothing and called it tradition, religion, virtue. By 1948, the Jewish towns and farms in Palestine had formed a voluntary association, the Yishuv, which built schools and hospitals, provided seed money for farms, and provided for defense from Arab raids. It was, and remains, the only fuctioning national goverment in Palestine, a fact recognized by the UN in 1948. The Arabs of Palestine have still not arrived at this level of national development, and therefore have no state.

  9. Mr Anonymous, no surprise in your standard issue historic account. Veeeery predictable.

  10. You must not be a reader of the Arab press. In the Arab press, Palestinian Arabs are people who ingest sunshine, excrete rainbows, and never think of themselves, but only of the good deeds that they live to do for others. The Yahud are also far from any resemblance to humans, only in the other direction. There is no reason to attempt to understand their actions in human terms. No Arab ever had an unkind thought or perpetuated an unkind act against a Yahud. No Yahud ever thought about anything, except to consider what might be stolen from an Arab.

    Add to that the improbable claims to Arab Land, Arab Air and etc, and you've seen it all.

    There, now I've saved you from the trouble of reading al Ahram for the next fifty years.


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