Monday, October 31, 2011

Road to Civil State : Regarding the opera house meeting tomorrow

Deputy Prime minister for political affairs Ali El Salmi announced today in a meeting with the cabinet’s correspondents that he invited all political powers , parties and personalities to discuss the upcoming constitution’s main principles  and the principles of provisional assembly elected by upcoming parliament.
This big meeting or dialogue or whatever will be held tomorrow at the Cairo Opera house and it will be attended by General Sami Anan of SCAF.
It is not the first meeting of its kind to discuss the supra constitutional principles or the principles for choosing the members of the provisional assembly to be held and attended by Anan and El Salmi.
As usual the Islamist forces are angry from the idea of having supra constitutional principles or general principles or anything they considered  that would limit their power of shaping the constitution as they want. The Islamists have a strange confidence that will win the majority of the parliament and thus will have their own constitution. This confidence that reached to arrogance makes me as Muslim personally  feel that they will not get it.
The Islamic group is not going to the meeting , we do not need them around because actually I can’t go past the terrorism years despite I know how cruel the Mubarak regime was and human rights crimes committed against them and their families , may because I can’t ignore their ideas
I do not know if the Muslim brotherhood and their affiliated party will attend the meeting or not , there is unclear news about it. I do not know about the Salafists bloc either.
Some leftist parties and politicians announced that they will boycott the meeting as refusal for SCAF’s intervene in the constitution as well as to object SCAF’s policies towards activists like Alaa Abdel Fatah.
Now we must understand how the military junta thinks in order to have proper strategy especially we are entering officially a new political phase.
Why does the military interfere in the constitution ?
For two clear reasons :
  • To preserve the army status as they know that they are facing the unknown in the future
  • To preserve the constitution from Islamists control
Let’s be clear here and admit that many people are worried from the Islamists in Egypt and fear from the upcoming constitution. I am not worried from the second reason but I am worried from the first reason because it summarizes our own problem in Egypt. Aside from the safe exist , we got the position of the army in upcoming 5th republic of Egypt which many fears to turn in to Turkey pre 2011 and AKP.
AKP won the military by public support and true political negotiation skills which actually almost everybody including the Islamists themselves lack.
People, the normal people whom the activists call them the couch party are aware that the military may continue in rule as it has done in the past 60 years but they do not like yet they will not turn against the army as some hope and pray because they prefer stability and peaceful transition.
Even if we do not have all that jazz , even if the SCAF is not messing up and were like the Sawar El Dahab in Sudan , one day our representatives will sit and negotiate with the military or the army about its position in the constitution. 
The big problem is that if SCAF lacks political skills , our political powers from left to right lacks negotiations skills.


  1. Muslim Brotherhood is not attending, neither Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya.
    This will not be the fifth republic, but rather the third. The term republic equals new constitution, and the next one will be the third after 1956 and 1971 versions.
    AKP's main strategy against the military was their intention to join the European Union, which insists their member countries does not have a non-elected group(The army in the Turkish case) having control over an elected government.

  2. Hey Z, remember when you voted YES in the referendum because you didn't want your beloved army to rule you for more than 6 months.


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