Tuesday, November 1, 2011

RIP Ahmed Al-Hawan “1937-2011”

Ahmed Al-Hawan "1937-2011"
Ahmed Abdel Rahman Al-Hawan aka Gomaa Al Shawn “1937-2011” has passed from couple of hours ago in Cairo today , Tuesday November 1,2011.
I do not know what to write about this man except that I spoke to him twice on the phone to check on his health and each time he was more than kind. I am very shy person and calling someone I did not know at all personally to check on him last year was a big thing for me but I think he broke the ice with his kindness and sweetness in the first time in 2010.
I checked on him after the revolution when it was said that he was sick and he was just sweet. May Allah bless his soul
May Allah bless both Wael Ghonim and Abdel Rahman Mansour for publishing his telephone number on the Kolena Khaled Said page.

I remember at the same time we had January 28th Day of Rage preparations , I found a small news in Dostor News that Al Hawan was endorsing Mohamed ElBaradei.
Al-Hawan left Egypt after the 1967 defeat like hundreds or even thousands of Egyptian youth who tried to search for a better future in Europe away from the terrible economic and political circumstances at that time. The Mossad tried to recruit Al-Hawan but he chose Egypt’s side and became our double agent who screwed them with his Port Saidi smartness and patriotism. Al-Hawan was a true hero when I see how the icons of Mubarak’s regime sold our country ,how they betrayed us in a way our enemies would not have imagine.
May Allah bless your soul Ahmed El Hawan aka Gomaa El Shawn. You were an inspiration for all of us.
The funeral of Ahmed El Hawan will be held tomorrow afternoon from Al Wafaa Mosque near something called “The National defense council” at Hadeek El Kobaa “ I will assume that this council follows the intelligence based on its location and the fact that Al-Hawan was from our intelligence heroes”.
I wonder if Abdel Salam Mahgoub will attend the funeral , Mahgoub was the intelligence officer in charge of his case.

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