Tuesday, November 1, 2011

RIP Atef Yahia , the living martyr

Atef Yahia , a 22 years Egyptian young man who shot by the security forces “Unclear if it were police or military police” on the May 19th Israeli embassy first clashes has passed away earlier after months in coma. 
He is the latest martyr , the latest protester to die from security forces’ violence with protesters.
Who should be responsible for Yahia’s death for real ? Who is to blame ? Who pulled the trigger ?
I have been thinking since last bloody Sunday October 9th and the current investigation which supposedly that fact finding committee will announce its results tomorrow , strangely in all the incidents and clashes since April 9th the investigations have not finished yet and we do not know the truth for what happened for real.
May Allah bless your soul Atef Yahia.

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  1. Maybe he is to blame for his own death. Had he not been rioting and looking to kill some Jews, he would still be alive today.


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