Sunday, November 20, 2011

#Tahrir : And the Camel Battle goes on "Live updated"

The CSF and military police tried to disperse the Tahrir sit in by extreme force from two hours ago and it was aired on TVs . We saw the tents on fire , we saw the conscripts and stealing the tents. We saw it on TV by our own eyes. After an hour or something the CSF and the military police left again the square and the protesters returned again. There are not less 10 thousands now at Tahrir square chanting against SCAF and the MOI. Here is the Tahrir square from short while ago from Shorouk newspaper.

Not less than 5 are reportedly killed , hundreds are reportedly injured. According to the ministry of health not less than 196 have been injured. The field hospitals in Tahrir square are in desperate need for medical supplies. Live ammunition , rubber bullets and gunshots are reportedly used.
Here is a photo for inside the Omar Makram mosque’s field hospital by friend Mahmoud Gamal El Din.
There are four field hospitals now in Tahrir , one at KFC ,one at Champleon street , One at Omar Makram mosque and one at the Dobra Church hospital
Potential presidential candidate Bothiana Kamel was arrested near the ministry of interior but was later released. Kamel insisted not to be released except with the protesters who were arrested with her. Kamel says that she was harassed by police and her daughter Mariam Abu Ghazi was beaten along with a group of other young protesters.
There were army officer and 4 conscripts from military police captured in Omar Makram Mosque. They have reportedly left the mosque.

The Emam of Omar Makram Mazhar Shahin had talks with the MOI at the ministry HQ to release the protesters and he is not detained.
The Egyptian government denies using live ammunition and is supporting the ministry of interior in securing the elections according to a statement issued from short while ago. I do not know what the MOI thinks of this video showing the CSF conscript pulling the dead body of another Egyptian , another human and threw to a pile of garbage !!!!
Tahrir : After the attack
Emad Abu Ghazi presented his resignation from the minister of culture’s position objecting the dispersing of the sit in in this way. Of course it is worth to mention that Mariam Abu Ghazi and his ex-wife Bothiana Kamel have been detained for a while by the MOI as mentioned earlier.
Actor Tawfik Abdel Hamid has resigned from position in the national theater objecting the attack on the protesters.
Hundreds are currently protesting in Alexandria , Tanta , Suez , Port Said, Mansoura , Gharbia , Behaira , Asuit and Sohag in solidarity with Tahrir square.
April 6th Youth Movement has announced that they will start a sit in at Tahrir square.Here is one of the first tents re-installed once again at Tahrir square.
By Mohamed El Shafy
The Ultras Ahlawy and Ultras White Knights Zamalek have arrived to Tahrir square.
ElBaradei and Abu El Fatouh are going to appear with Mona El Shazly on 10 PM , ElBaradei presented to Anan a statement signed by 87 public personality demanding a national salivation government.
I do not know and I do not have any clue , it is all dark and shady in front of us.
Ahmed Harara has lost his second eye . He is not blind , those who are in power now are the blind. 
Here is another shocking photo by Anjali Kamat "Democracy Now" from couple of hours ago , these are not 5 bodies. I do not know if they are unconscious or dead.
By Anjali Kamat
Al Wasat Party is calling Tantawy to hand over power by April 201.
Reem Maged has shown the video of that dead body dragged by the CSF conscripts , I hope that she and ONTV show that video filmed by Al Masry Al Youm from Tahrir where a young protester is dragged by her hair by military police.

SCAF has issued a statement , short statement that will not solve the situation :
 Of course SCAF's statement will not be the last with all what is taking now and also it is not worse than what the National council has issued.He is the full statement from SCAF's official Facebook page.
If we are going to blame somebody by names from our politicians to what we have reached in Egypt from situation , I will blame by name the head of  National council Mamdouh Hamza and the council's member Tahany El Gabli.
Here is an updated list by the names of the detainees so far.  
Here is another live bullet from one of the victims of tonight's massacre
It is 11:07 PM and there are still people dying in Tahrir , Dr. Heba Raouf says that there was a 13 years old kid that shot and died tonight.
Not less than 11 are reportedly killed.
The Mohamed Mahmoud street is a war zone literally.
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  1. Great post Zenobia.
    For the first time I can understand what you are trying to say and the English is much better!
    Please keep it up.
    The body lying in the photo is the same body that was dragged by the CSF and left in the trash by the way.

  2. Zenobia,
    I just realised that when you just report the facts it is understandable English but when you mix facts with your own views it is very hard to follow what you are saying. Please just give us the facts first then at the end give your view and I can skip that part as I have no idea half the time what your posts mean. Thanks

  3. The poor man in the photo by Anjali Kamat is naked from the waist down. His trousers have been pulled down.
    Maybe that stupid smentally ill AUC girl who posed nude in Facebook thinks this is also a good thing for Egypt to see!Freedom of expression by nudity!
    God rest that poor mans soul and give hope to his poor grieving family : (

  4. Z., the body on the street lying next to the curb is the man you can see being dragged in the video to the garbage pile. That is the same body. He is either dead - or unconscious and in urgent need of medical care! But in the video you can see that the CSF do not care at all for him! If not dead already he can die there for all they care. A horror to see this happen in Tahrir again after ten months! MOI has failed miserably and El Essawy must be removed immediately for this happening! I cry for Egypt seeing this. It rips my heart out!

  5. I don't mean to hijack this thread, but how about that chick Aliaa Maghda ElMahdy, eh? You haven't written about her, Z. Her blog has one, just one post on it and she gets 4393 comments, 18,793 likes, and tons of international newspaper articles about her. The post is فن عاري ("nude art") with a picture of herself naked. (Hence NSFW.) The comments are culturally instructive. In general the ones in European languages are supportive while the ones in Arabic call her a whore etc.

  6. Z, you should blame those who were entrusted with real power but used it to commit even more crimes against the Egyptian people.

    The SCAF assigned itself more power than even Mubarak had -- without even phony elections, they decided to take absolute executive, legislative, and judicial powers. They gave themselves the authority to threaten and shut down media. Not even Mubarak could pull constitutional decrees out of his butt, and then violate them whenever he feels like it, the way the SCAF has done.

    With power comes responsibility. With absolute power comes absolute responsibility. If and when Tantawy and his gang (including not only the SCAF but the so-called "government") are arrested and prosecuted fairly for their crimes against Egypt and the Egyptian people, then I will know that the revolution has really succeeded.

    Only then will we have the luxury of blaming Engineer Mamdouh Hamza and Judge Tahany Gebaly and other people who have NO POWER at all, who love this country and its people with all their heart, and who always stood up for the people against corruption and tyranny.

    And a little reminder, Z: before you blame Mamdouh Hamza and Tehany Gebaly, you might want to explain why you continued to defend and excuse the SCAF, and to believe in their good intentions, long after it was clear that they were engaged in serious criminal violations against Egyptians.

  7. There is no alternative now but to form crisis management committee from wise men not part of any election campaign to ensure neutrality.
    El B should forget his election campaign and head it.
    The cabinet should be disbanded.
    All ex NDP remnants removed no matter where they are.
    The crisis committee should elect all positions of government in the interim including Minister of Interior!!!
    SCAF to return to their own jobs and Tanatawy and Head of MOI arrested and held and charged with complete collapse of the economy, deaths of protestors, and be tried as traitors according to the constitution.
    Egypt MUST stop the USA and Saudi takeover of Egypt for the sake of the Israeli's.
    Egypts security and health and economy and people should now be the focus of every Egyptian not the matters of the Israelis. SCAF is a puppet in the hands of the USA and Saudis. It has to be stopped so that Egyptians can truly be free.

  8. Being an expat in Cairo, I could never understand why Egyptians ever believed that army and people are one hand. Everybody knew that the army controls 30% of the national economy and thus the army was necessarily part of the Mubarak regime or may be even the army is the regime and Mubarak just a puppet that was too easily disposed.

    Who is really behind shooting innocent young people? Is it the army or are we seeing the infamous working of Mubarak's children?

    I know Egyptians as one of the most cordial and friendly people. How is it possible that so many are killed by their own brothers and the army is issuing a lukewarm apology and that's it?

    Enlighten me please.Thank you.

  9. People are being killed by dozens in the streets, and obviously sexually frustrated Jason is more interested in one nude picture?
    how dare......

  10. @11:04:00 AM "Egypt MUST stop the USA and Saudi takeover of Egypt for the sake of the Israeli's." You are a parody of yourself.

    @08:56:00 PM I'm not making light of the people dying. It's terrible.

  11. @11:04:00, it's too late to stop the USA and Saudi and Israeli takeover of Egypt -- that has been happening since right after the 1973 War.

    We need to reverse it and KICK THE BASTARDS OUT.

    Under the cover of "aid" and "investments" they've been systematically sabotaging Egypt's agricultural and manufacturing industries, promoting fanaticism and sectarian divisions, embedding traitors to Egypt in influential positions, and supplying the weapons and equipment that are used to oppress and kill Egyptians.

    Our tyrants and their gang stay in power only because their foreign backers keep them there. Cut the strings and they will quickly collapse like the puppets they are.

  12. The Arab spring is about China, if you did not get it by now, you never will.

  13. What alternative can the people of Egypt follow? Well, forget about fighting the Military, they will shoot all of you without any second thought. Remember the F16 fly over Cairo before Mubarak gave up, this time there will be dropping bombs just like the Libyan air force, But here there will be no imposing of a no fly zone over Egypt to protect the Egyptian people from the Military, the Egyptian air force is Nato. So, do not follow other alternatives like the Syrian option which means the destruction of Egypt by its people and military just like Libya and Iraq, doing so will be playing into their hands and all they have to do is later on when Egypt has been reduced to a cinder, is to move in and plunder the reconstruction contracts, as Libya and Iraq demonstrates. The best option is to sit it out, no violence, no arms, no street fighting, no stupid shooting in the air, no shouting and raising arms in the street, its a war of silent attrition and civil disobedience, but beware, the Army will shoot on sight, just like most armies, to them the people don’t count, just like Syria, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc...
    My advice is to follow the Israeli model most recently or perhaps the Indian liberation Model decades ago, a model of intelligent and peaceful demonstration with banners and cameras, intelligent commentary and debate, clear goals and persistence; it’s your only chance. By the way, the worst model is the Tunisian as the so called democracy was followed and they ended up with an Islamic client state like Turkey, again part of NATO, no Islamists should highjack Egypt, you must vote in a civilian government with no link to Islamists or the old regime, If you win then redefine the role of the military and the security forces within a new constitution. Re you capable of that? I dont know.

  14. I know Egyptians as one of the most cordial and friendly people. How is it possible that so many are killed by their own brothers and the army is issuing a lukewarm apology and that's it?

  15. What are you talking about, Arabs have been killing each other for centuries for one reason or another. Arab armies waging wars against the people is just business as usual. The difference now is that Imperialism is on the move again wanting to extend its reach in the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe so that it could get to China and Russia quickly Either through Eastern Europe, the Pacific or the Indian Ocean. The prize? well apart from modern strategic and economic colonialism there is energy like Oil and Gas pipelines, routing it through the East to the straight of Homouz (hence the problem with Iran) to ship it to the west and denying it to China (the Iraq war).
    Before that could happen however the whole of the Middle East and North Africa must be tamed and managed, key to that goal are the native armies. Native armies like the Egyptian, Saudi, Qatari, Iraqi etc.. are being used to do the job domestically through persuasion when possible like in Tunisia and early Egypt January 2011, or through force like Syria, Yemen and Bahrain and killing the people is part of the deal. So don’t sound surprised that Arabs are killing Arabs, In fact Arabs have been killing each other since the 7th century they never had a problem with that, and nothing has changed, and the west knows it and is banking and cashing in on it right now, thank you very much.
    Why don’t you study a little history.

  16. @Anonymous 6:12PM: how stupid and ignorant you sound. "Arabas have been killing each other since the 7th century". Why "Arabs"? Could not the same be said about "people"?

    In fact, as history shows, freedom is never given but must be prised at great cost from the iron grip of tyrants, and tyranny wears many masks, including the mask of democracy itself.

    People willing to settle for the cheap tinsel illusion of freedom are slaves. Those who fight and pay the price for real freedom are already free.

    An American once asked me what he could do to help liberate Palestine and Egyptians; I answered him, "The only thing you can do to liberate us, is to liberate yourselves."

    I think most Americans, given a choice, want their rulers to run their affairs to provide citizens with good health care, education and to safeguard their environment and develop their infrastructure, rather than depleting their economy to destroy these things in our country.

    But most Americans are part of the "99%" who are lied to, exploited, and have no ability to influence their country's domestic policies, let alone its foreign policies.

    While idiots divide people into "Arabs" and non-Arabs, those brave, free Americans who are now rising up against the predators who feed on them and us are joining hands with their brothers and sisters around the world who are heroically fighting for their and our freedom.

  17. I am not Muslim or a Muslim supporter,I but I studied Islam and Arab history for a long period. You know, one of the Arabs worst weaknesses is predictability. Yes, that is how they lost war after war then lost their civilization, freedom riches and land. Your answer is so predictable, so unrelated to the issue, so needlessly emotionally charged yet so predictably wrong as usual. As of your comment, well, you live in denial, in an unreal world like most Arabs, A short history lesson then is in order. The Arab bloodshed started with the conquest, then after the death of the prophet, most caliphs were assassinated by other Muslims. Then the arabs contradicted the prophet in his message of unity and split, each Muslim rule started fighting other Muslim rule and took its place. Firstly, the Rashidoun then the Umayyad and then the Abbasid, followed by the Mmluk and so on until they destroyed their own great civilization in Spain. Then the Othman came, another Muslim rule, and did its share of killing and weakening other Muslims from the Middle East to North Africa. But perhaps what is worst was that as soon as the prophet Mohammed died, though he was clear as to exactly how the succession would take place by merit and thus rejecting inheritance something that was not followed by Muslims since, Muslims immediately turned on each other after his death and started killing each other for power and leadership splitting the Islamic faith into two, destroying the Islamic message of unity of faith and creating political factions Sunni and Shia who till this day are bitter enemies as Iraq tells us. What was misunderstood was that the reason Islam came in the first place was to turn ignorant tribes into civilized human beings. The failure of the Arabs and splitting the faith owes its debt to the question of poor leadership rather then a point in faith. What Muslims do not realize is that their god will not be pleased with the splitting of the faith, of the killing, of the torture and terrorism. Your god will not be pleased to see the very faith the prophet spent so much time unifying amongst Muslims and raising to greatness during his life caused to be split after his death by the issue of succession. Did you stop and think maybe from there on Muslims were punished until the modern days for doing that, for the more they killed each other, the more they weakened themselves and suffered for it in common. Today we see rulers killing their own subjects for one reason or another from Gamal abdul Nasser who banished the brotherhood and tortured those who disagreed with him then destroyed Egypt to Mubarak who was just as destructive, we witnessed the same in Iraq with Saddam, Syria with Assad , Tunisia with Ben Ali, Yemen, Algeria, Iran etc.. Only today we saw Bahrain kill and torture its own people in an international report, the same is reported in Egypt with the Military rule and Syria too, all common knowledge. The list goes on. This makes me sick, I am sick of hearing about Arabs being killed and tortured especially by their own leaders. As of the West, I did not say anything about the west, the point here is about the Arabs so stick with the issue, nobody claimed that the west is free and as we know the west has a good torture track record of its own particularly in torturing Arabs, but that came about because the west saw Arab leaders killing their own as a matter of course so they enhanced the tradition. Do me a favor man, stop losing your temper like every Arab always does when the argument gets heated up then start being abusive and violent, learn to cool down when you need to, think clearly, separate the issues, read your history and document the events and don’t stay in denial, the sooner you educate your mind and soul the better for your country, your brothers and your once great but long lost civilization and that is what your Islam asked you to do, remember?.May your god bless you.


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