Monday, November 21, 2011

#Tahrir : on Third day

On the third day the death toll increased to 33 martyrs while the injured have reached.

Tomorrow there will be a million man at 4 PM Cairo local time protested called by Revolution Youth coalition and other 37 political movement and party.

Here is the demands of tomorrow’s million man protest :

  • To dismiss Essam Sharaf’s cabinet.
  • Forming a national salvation cabinet with all the political powers of SCAF.
  • Presidential elections by April 2012
  • Restructuring the ministry of interior
  • Disbanding the CSF.
  • Prosecuting those who killed Egyptians.

SCAF has issued disfranchisement law in Egypt , the concessions will start especially there is a shift in the tune of Egyptian TV and radio. Of course a Nile News reporting team has been shot at Tahrir square by the police CSF , things are different.

@8:43 PM Cairo local time

The cabinet has resigned , the cabinet has presented its resignation and SCAF has not accepted yet. Now there are news that Mansour El Eissawy , the minister of interior has resigned as well. There is contradicting news about both resignations.

@8:49 PM Cairo local time

SCAF has accept the resignation of the cabinet. We do not know what is next and what about the elections that will be held next Sunday. This is the second cabinet the Tahrir square downs , hopefully next time the cabinet will be changed

It is not January 28th or January 25th , there is anger for real but we are not one , Tahrir still needs a lot of support from the silent majority that used to support it in the 18 days. Of course I feel that the shocking videos of the protesters beaten and killed in Tahrir earned a huge sympathy and many people are sending medical supplies to the level that several pharmacies are providing discounts and free delivery to Tahrir field hospitals.

Thousands are currently in the square despite it is cold. There are parallel protests in Alexandria “with clashes” , Suez, Assuit, Sohag, Aswan , Damietta , Tanta and Mansoura since the early morning.

@9:10 PM Cairo Local time

Rumors that SCAF is having negotiations with Mohamed ElBaradei to head a national salvation cabinet. Of course ElBaradei got set of conditions above them full political powers and no intervention what so ever from SCAF , so I do not know how it will go with the generals. Again these are rumors and nothing is confirmed yet.

I think it will not affect Tahrir square now as people are cheering against SCAF and setting tents up.

I will speak for myself and say that this is not enough

  • Presidential elections by April 2011
  • Real National Salvation cabinet with full political and economic powers .

I will not deny that I am not scared on my country now because I am scared on my country.

@10:30 PM Cairo local time

SCAF denied accepting Essam Sharaf’s resignation , it still considers it and it will issue a statement about it later tonight.

The ministry of interior has issued a statement about the events since last Saturday , of course they did nothing wrong and bla bla bla.

There are hundreds of thousands in Tahrir square.

@12:46 PM Cairo local time

A 17 years old boy was killed in the protests in Assuit. There are strong protests in Alex , Ismailiya and Suez. Things are exploding in Qena and that’s scary , I am worried. Not less than 100 protester was injured in Alexandria. A 8 years old girl died in Qena because of tear gas , two protesters were killed in Ismailiya and hundreds were injured.

SCAF again issues a statement where it expresses its sorrow for the victims’ families and asks the political powers for another round of talks . Sources say that we can have a new cabinet..bla bla bla. The strong candidates are Hussam Eissa and Mustafa Abdel Galeel.

The Muslim brotherhood is not going to participate in the Million man protest in order not to jeopardize because they knew that if they participate , SCAF will issue martial laws !! Of course the MB youth will participate as well as Abdem Moneim Abu El Fatouh.

SCAF also denies that it has warned the churches around Tahrir square “actually it is one and is being used as field hospital” that it will evacuate the square by force.

Here are photos from the Zanihom morgue , they are extremely graphics , the government’s officials tried to convince the families of the victims to change the cause of death as natural cause. The coffins finished at Zanihom morgue and people had to bring more coffins.

Of course the photos and footage from Zanihom show the size of the massacre.

The shocking graphic video below shows horrible scenes. Some car ran over one of the bodies and the other one has been exposed to some sort weapon God knows what is.

Cairo : Victims of Mohamed Mahmoud Massacre extremely graphic


  1. La ilaha Illa Allah. Inna lillahi a inna ilaihi' raji'oon (Truely, we are from Allah, and to Him we shall return). very sad and shocking photo and video. Unbelievable!! we thought when mubarak was toppled, we will not see Egyptian people have to fight and die again for voicing for their rights and expressing their anger! why do the military and police have to attack innocent people when they dont run after the thugs and criminals who are roaming the streets and robbing people!! watching how the military/police brutally beating their own people without remorse is really shocking and above all they forget they too are EGYPTIAN!!! I could understand the people frustration when nothing has changed since Jan 25, the people that should be punished is still free, mubarak is still relaxing in his luxury suite at the private hospital, injured Egyptians dont even get help for medical treatments, State TV still practicing the same tactic and concept during mubarak era, no security on the streets and so many things! May Allah swt help Egyptian people to go thru this critical situation and help them to achieve their rights and bring back peace to the country.

  2. It looks SCAF, and Tantawi, didn't absorb the Qadafi alternative. The Qadafi alternative was forced on the people of Libya when the dictator rejected the Ben Ali option. Mubark alternative will be short lived, and the Egyptians has to create an alternative.

  3. la 7awl wala qowata ellah bellah, allah yer7amhom ya rb o ebadel denyathom eb jannat el khold!

    from your brothers & sisters from Kuwait, we only can pray for you this will end soon nshallah!

  4. Egypt is well placed now to make a true difference in the Arab world, The Military, the Security Forces and future Egyptian leaders must be well convinced from now on that their actions will have consequences and that the Egyptians will simply no longer stand aside letting the state officials, the Elite or the military do what they want without consequence. Accountability is the name of the game and the true democratic way. Yes, people must die to get to that point, but get to that point you must.The Military have proven to be the people's true enemies and their bluff has been exposed, now the Egyptian people must irradicate the Military rule over the state and move towards true democracy free from the Military and state corruption into a civil society you can be proud of, the world is watching. God be with you.


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