Tuesday, November 22, 2011

#Tahrir : Day 4 "Live"

@11:39 AM Cairo local time
According to reliable sources SCAF is having talks ElBaradei about the national salvation cabinet.Also according to sources inside the MOI , Eissawy still  rules.
Tweep Steve Nabil says that no one was killed in Asuit.
Reports that helicopters were used to throw tear gas grenades on protesters in Alexandria are unconfirmed so far , nobody saw it more than hearsay. I could not find any photo or video despite the news reports . People are confirming and denying so I can't be sure.
Some revolutionary activists in Sinai published a message to SCAF announcing that they will not accept having  elections in Sinai and their complete rejection to what is taking place in Cairo.

@1:48PM Cairo local time : 
Rumors , rumours , rumors.
No one in Mobinil said anything about communication blockage. No one said that.
There is no CURFEW for God sake !!
ElBaradei did not go to the meeting with SCAF because he believes it is better to become a communication channel between SCAF and political powers from one side and the the Tahrir protesters from another side.
Mustafa El Naggar of El Adl did not go as well.
Al Nor party suspended its electoral campaigns in Alexandria due what happened from the violent clashes in the city.
250 Egyptian diplomats issued a statement demanding SCAF to cease violence against protesters and to presidential elections by April 2012. Among them the spokesperson of MFA
This is the first time in the history of Egyptian diplomacy something like this happens.
There are several marches in Cairo and Giza headed to Tahrir square , from Giza square , from Mostafa Mahmoud , from Ain Shams University and Cairo university.
Thousands of university students have already started their march to Tahrir square.
Regular citizens are bringing medical supplies at several meeting points in Cairo whether Heliopolis or Zamalak
@2:28 PM Cairo local time 
Al Masryeen Ahrar boycotts the meeting with SCAF, it demands a cease for violence and an apology to protesters before any dialogue. 
Egyptian diplomats and MFA employees will have a march to Tahrir at 3:30 PM
Tantawy is going to address the people of Egypt after shot time according to Egyptian TV 
@2:41 PM Cairo local time 
Thousands of Cairo university students have reached to Tahrir square. From Arwa showing the Kasr Al Nil bridge from less than hour ago.
Protesters are heading from Tahrir square to the cabinet HQ and ladies are planning for a protest at Mohamed Mahmoud street as human shield to stop the clashes.
@2:41 PM Cairo local time 
Thousands of Cairo university students have reached to Tahrir square. From Arwa showing the Kasr Al Nil bridge from less than hour ago.
The Ain Shams university protest has reached to Ramsis street in their way to Tahrir square.
Al Hayat 1 channel claims that there is news that SCAF will transfer its political powers to the head of the constitutional court.
Abdel Moneim Abu El Fatouh has boycotted the meeting of SCAF as well.
@3:19PM Cairo local time
News that the journalists' syndication threats not to issue a single newspaper in Egypt as long as the attacks are repeated against the Egyptian journalists. 
3 foreigners were arrested yesterday near Tahrir square and are accused of throwing Molotov cocktails at the police.

These are AUC students who decided to join the protesters at Tahrir square. They will be deported.Of course this is the most stupidest thing to do if you are not a foreign reporter
Al Wasat party boycott the talks with SCAF.
Thousands are protesting in Alexandria, Asuit and Mansoura.
No policeman was spotted in Ismailiya after the terrible clashes last night.
Al Hayat 1 channel claims that there is news that SCAF will transfer its political powers to the head of the constitutional court

@3:19PM Cairo local time
The Tahrir square is full already.
Here is a photo from Mansoura 
From Tanta

@4:12PM Cairo local time
An army officer has joined the protesters at Tahrir square and he looks like Ahmed Shoman so much. I do not know what his rank is but I think he is from the military police.He is carried on the shoulders of the protesters and I think we are the kindest people in the world.
Hamdeen Sabhi has entered Tahrir square from Mohendessin. Abdel Manam Abu El Fatouh is helping in the field hospitals, the famous chairman of Egypt's biggest medical charity association got huge experience.

@4:52 PM Cairo Local time
Another army is said to join the protesters !!
Here is a video for the battle of the day , the battle of Bab El Louq.

I think the old market has been damaged in fire. From Ben Wedeman

Reports that there is a truce in Mohamed Mahmoud street and people are leaving voluntarily. The truce was reached  earlier today between the Military police and a group of political activists including Mamdouh Hamza.
@5:20 PM Cairo Local time
Another army is said to join the protesters !!
Photos from Tahrir square

from Tarek Shalaby
From Mahmoud Gamal El Din

The Egyptian TV is like Al Jazeera , something is fishy.
@5:20 PM Cairo Local time
The meeting between Anan and political powers and parties has finished and here are its results :
  • Presidential elections will be held on June 30,2011 and the president will be sworn on July 1,2011
  • The parliamentary elections will be held on time. 
  • Immediate release to all the detainees who were arrested since last Saturday. 
  • Granting the right of protesting and sit ins. 
  • Forming a national salvation cabinet. 
  • SCAF is ok to have a referendum to see if people want the army back to its barracks or not. 
@10:32 PM Cairo Local time
So after 3 hours of Tantawy's speech , Tahrir square and not only Mohamed Mahmoud street or Falaki square are being showed by tear gas , some are suspecting to be poisonous while other suspect that it is a nerve gas. It was reportedly smelt in Kasr Al Nil bridge so you can imagine.
You can read this statement from Ain Shams university professor about tear gases.
CBC is showing coverage from Mohamed Mahmoud street , again gunshots and tear gases. It is like a small mini war zone.Here are couple screencaps from CBC.
Things are terrible in Mansoura , Ismailiya and Alexandria as well in Asuit Of course terrible is simple word 
I do not know when the CSF and military police will have a true trace with the protesters in Egypt.
There is an armed state security officer arrested at Tahrir square and is being detained beside the Egyptian museum. 

Another army officer has joined the protesters and he claims that Tantawy himself gave order to crack down the protesters violently at Tahrir square.
Ahmed Shoman's talk shocked some. I do not care what he says to be honest.
I am depressed and I am not optimistic anymore for all those curious to know my opinion.


  1. World's eyes are back on Cairo today, I hope successful protest.

  2. Should non-Egyptians actively (yet peacefully) support demonstrations or not? You got my solidarity one ore the other way?

  3. I pray or the agency of the Egyptian people. Thank you for updating on this issue

  4. Friend from Germany11/22/2011 06:35:00 PM

    WOW! If those results would come true (except that it is 2012 rather than 2011) Alf Mabrook ya Misr!!!

  5. Thank you for your reporting of these events. None of this is making it back here in the U.S. to our media. I guess I'll have to start watching CBC again to get news.


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