Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dear Glamour our girl is more important than J.LO

Essra in Cairo
"Glamour Magazine"
Famous U.S Glamour magazine has chosen Esraa Abdel Fatah among the women of the year in 2011 and our Facebook girl is featured in the magazine’s website as well as its printed issue. I am so happy for her.
Now amazingly when I check the list of the Women of the year in 2011 , I found out that Jennifer Lopez is on the top of the list !? What did J.Lo do for real to deserve becoming the woman of the year 2011 let alone to be featured in the list except being an American Idol judge and separated from Marc Anthony this years. This is so mixed up message you are trying to send. I can’t understand how Laura Bush and her daughters are being honored “The worst photo ever” in the same list with Arianna Huffington not to mention the life achievement award goes this year to none other than famous feminist Gloria Steinem. “You can read about her in Wikipedia.”
It seems that Glamour is trying to please everybody , the liberals and the conservatives in the States at the same time there is nothing wrong to celebrate women’s achievement abroad using the major event of the year : The Arab Spring.
Now there are many ladies in the world not only in Egypt or the Arab world who deserve to be featured in the Women of the year 2011, still in my list for Women in the year 2011 I will choose the following ladies randomly : Laila Marzouk “Khaled Said’s mom” , Mona Seif , Dr. Mona Mina , Reem Magued , Noha El Zeiny. I know there are others but I can’t remember them now.
From the Arab world I will choose these ladies : Tal Malhoui and Suhair Atasi from Syria , the ladies who raped in Libya by Qaddafi’s troops , the women doctors in Bahrain and the women activists in Yemen and for sure special achievement award to the women of Sidi Bou Zid.Ahh and Manal El Sharif from Saudi Arabia, how do I dare to forget what she had done !?
Please share with me your list of Women of the year 2011 where ever you are.


  1. I love it when your feminist side comes out! :))

  2. i think i'd name Reem magued , khaled's mother for sure , i also think i'll consider naming bothaina kamel , of course mona mina , and i think in Egypt u deserve to be in that list too

    p.s : i'm akram alnagdy if u havent notice :)

  3. @Z "What did J.Lo do for real to deserve becoming the woman of the year 2011 let alone to be featured in the list except being an American Idol judge and separated from Marc Anthony this years." J.Lo's ass is nicer than Esraa's.

  4. You are my women of the year.. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

  5. Some have nice asses, some are just asses, like Jason.....

  6. maybe Basma Abdel Aziz as well...

  7. We do not have government press control in the US. Glamour magaine is published once a month and purchased by 2.5 million people in America. The total population of the US is 330 million officially, plus another perhaps 20 million illegals. 2.5 million is less than 1% of the population. How do the half-dozen women who make the decisions at Glamour choose the Woman of the Year? Why would anyone care? Glamour exists to sell lipstick and botox, primarily.

  8. Gloria Steinem is Yahud. Where is Alice? Asleep on the watch.


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